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Exercise Podcasts for Beginners

Exercise Podcasts for Beginners That Helps You to Lead a Healthy Life

Welcome to the world of exercise podcasts, where your determination to exercise meets success. Whether you are just starting your fitness journey or looking to add exercise to your routine, exercise podcasts for beginners are your perfect companion on the road to success. The expert hosts of these podcasts guide you through effective workouts and provide valuable tips and insights on all things health and wellness.

So get ready to sweat and show your determination by lacing up your sneakers, grabbing your water bottle, putting your earbuds in, and starting to move. Exercise podcasts for beginners are here to help you achieve your fitness goals.

Many exercise podcasts are available for you to must-listen-to in health, fitness, and wellness. The hosts are knowledgeable, entertaining, and thought-provoking and provide a unique perspective on many subjects that are missing from other health and fitness media. So whether you are a beginner or a seasoned fitness enthusiast, this blog is perfect for getting information.

Dive into the 7 Best exercise podcasts for beginners

If you are a beginner and looking to get started on your fitness journey, then give these best exercise Podcasts for beginners exercise a try. Where you will get the support, knowledge, and motivation you need to reach your goals

Mind Pump podcast

If you are looking for one of the best exercise podcasts for beginners, then Mind Pump is a popular podcast focusing on health, fitness, and wellness. The podcast has gained a large following among people interested in learning about the exercise. The hosts of Mind Pump are Sal Di Stefano, Adam Schafer & Justin Andrews.


This exercise podcasts for beginners is best for its informative, entertaining, and sometimes controversial content. Om this platform, the hosts come up with a new topic on every new episode and discuss a wide range of subjects related to health, fitness, and wellness, from the latest scientific research to their personal experiences and opinions. They also interview guests who are experts in their respective fields, including trainers, nutritionists, and medical professionals.


One of the unique aspects of Mind Pump is the hosts’ willingness to challenge conventional wisdom and question commonly held beliefs about health and fitness. In addition, they are not afraid to take a contrarian view on specific topics and to present evidence that contradicts popular opinions. This approach often leads to lively debates and thought-provoking discussions.

RP Strength Podcast

RP Strength Podcast is one one the popular exercise podcasts for beginners focusing on strength training, fitness, and nutrition topics. The show is hosted by Nick Andori shaw. Each episode features leading experts on various aspects of strength training. The podcast educates and empowers listeners to achieve their fitness goals.


The expert guests delve into various topics, including exercise science, powerlifting sports performance, and other related topics to the fitness industry.  Here are some topics which are covered in this Podcast:


  • Strength training techniques and programs
  • Nutrition and diet strategies for optimal performance.
  • Injury prevention and rehabilitation.
  • Mindset and motivation for success in fitness and life.
  • Current research and trends in the fitness industry.


Listeners of the RP Strength Podcast can expect to learn from some of the best minds in the fitness industry, gain practical and actionable advice, and be entertained with engaging and thought-provoking discussions. This podcast is perfect for improving your strength, fitness, and overall health.

The Revive Stronger Podcast

The Revive Stronger Podcast is a popular podcast that covers a wide range of topics related to personal development wellness, powerlifting, and other related topics. Hosted by Steve Hall, the podcast features in-depth conversations with some of the most influential people in the health and fitness industry.


Each episode of the podcast is different from the others. The host invites guests who share their unique perspectives and experiences, offering valuable insights and advice for listeners who are looking to work on their selves. So no matter what type you are, if you are interested in fitness, nutrition, mindfulness, or goal-setting, you will find something that Will catch your interest on the Revive Stronger Podcast.


One of the best things that makes this podcast stand out is the host, a highly successful and leading voice in the world of endurance sports. His vast experience and knowledge provides listeners with a wealth of practical tips and strategies for reaching their personal and professional goals. Moreover, with the session of engaging interviews, the Revive Stronger Podcast also features many interactive segments on innovations in wellness and personal development topics.

Exercise Podcasts

The Running Explained Podcast

The Running Explained Podcast is an exercise podcasts for beginners dedicated to people who love running and exercising. The podcast covers topics from training and nutrition to gear and injury prevention. Fitness industry experts and features interviews with top runners, coaches, and industry professionals host the show.


The podcast episodes are full of information where experts discuss a specific aspect of exercise, running, bodybuilding, and other related topics. In addition, these are full of tips and advice for listeners that they can apply to their training.


Moreover, the hosts also discuss the latest research and developments in the fitness and gym industry, providing listeners with cutting-edge information that they can use to improve their performance and reach their running goals. The Running Explained Podcast is also entertaining and engaging. So if you are looking for inspiration, motivation, or just a good listen, this podcast is a must-listen.

The Strength Running Podcast

The Strength Running Podcast provides insightful, educational, and entertaining discussions about all aspects of running, including training, nutrition, and gear. Each episode features a guest from the fitness community, including coaches, athletes, and experts in the field, who share their experiences and knowledge on various topics.


The Strength Running Podcast offers discussions on how to improve your running performance, advice on your fitness, and what kind of exercise is best for you. This podcast is not just a source of information, but it is a community of who come together to share their love for exercise and sports through the podcast.

20 Minute Fitness podcast

The 20 Minute Fitness podcast is one of the famous short exercise podcasts for beginners that gives insights into the fitness and wellness industry and provides listeners with practical tips, expert advice, and the latest information on health and wellness. Hosted by experienced fitness professionals.


The host of this podcast covers a wide range of topics related to fitness and healthy living, including nutrition, exercise, and weight loss, sleep, stress management, and much more. Each episode is designed to be short but has a lot of information in a short time, making it easy for listeners to fit the show into their busy schedules.


Moreover, if you are looking to improve your overall health, lose weight, build muscle, or simply get in better shape, the 20 Minute Fitness podcast has something for you to explore.


The show’s hosts have a wealth of experience and knowledge and share this information in a friendly, engaging, and easy-to-understand way. The podcast also features interviews with people who have successfully transformed their health and bodies through exercise and healthy eating. These inspiring stories provide listeners with motivation and encouragement to pursue their own fitness goals.

BarBend Podcast

The BarBend Podcast is a weekly podcast dedicated to strength and fitness hosted by the team at BarBend. This podcast is a top show for fitness media outlets, which covers a wide range of topics, including strength training, nutrition, injury prevention, and much more.


Every week new episodes are released where the hosts invite top experts and leaders from the strength and fitness community to share their insights and knowledge with listeners. Topics of discussion at this podcast include the latest scientific research on strength training to practical tips for improving your lifts and reaching your fitness goals.


If you are looking for a podcast that provides actionable advice, inspiring stories, and a wealth of knowledge on all things strength and fitness, the BarBend Podcast is a perfect choice. So tune in each week, and join the conversation as we explore the world of strength and fitness together.


Exercise podcasts for beginners are the best way to learn about exercise. In addition, these podcasts provide the advantage of listening to them anytime and anywhere without restriction to those looking to start a fitness routine.


These exercise podcasts provide guidance, motivation, and education on how to start and maintain a fitness regimen. These podcasts include workouts, tips on nutrition, health, fitness, muscle building, injury prevention, and mental health and wellness discussions. In addition, many exercise podcasts feature professional trainers or experts in the fitness industry, providing reliable and accurate information on various topics.

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