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Breaking Battlegrounds Random thoughts - Aaron Taylor

Breaking Battlegrounds Random Thoughts: Aaron Taylor-Johnson as James Bond & the importance of Haiti

Supposedly actor Aaron Taylor-Johnson has “reportedly been offered a license to kill and succeed Daniel Craig as the new James Bond.”  

I have not followed his career. As various trips around the sun have determined, I have become like my father. I sit on the porch and yell at kids to get off my lawn and complain about the lack of quality movies like those I grew up with. Don’t get me started on music!

However, I did see him in the movie “Bullet Train” with Brad Pitt. He was good… very good. I was a fan of Daniel Craig and can easily see Mr. Taylor-Johnson taking on that role. This isn’t a big leap. So if he truly got the role, BRAVO. The empire is in good hands. 

What has caught my attention and truly bugs me is people criticizing his marriage. As Salon wrote “despite their 12-year marriage and the birth of two daughters, their 23-year age gap continues to be tabloid fodder, with online speculation centered on allegations of Aaron being groomed. This endless rumor mill, including gossip about cheating, has prompted the actor to address the fascination with his relationship.”

People, focus on your own relationships. Seriously. They’ve been married for 12 years and have two kids. He’s baffled by the attention, and rightfully so. I’m trying to think of a good retort that isn’t ‘FU’ to these busybodies on his behalf. So, after searching for an appropriate PG term, I’ll just quote America’s great poet, Bart Simpson: ‘Eat my shorts.’ Literally to you busybodies, ‘literally eat my shorts,’ or as they say in the South, ‘kiss my grits.’

Leave this family alone.

PS – By the way, Idris Elba or Henry Cavill would have been great as well.

Why Does Haiti Matter?

There are many reasons why the dystopian nightmare in Haiti matters. Let me just point out one reason: proximity.

  • Haiti is 689 miles from Miami — thanks Google!

  • Haiti is 1,406 miles from Washington, DC.

  • Phoenix, where Sam Stone and I tape, is 2,301 miles from Washington, DC.

Proximity matters. While you may believe that Ukraine isn’t our problem and consider it a NATO or European Union issue due to its distance, Haiti is in our backyard. Approximately 90% of Port-au-Prince is controlled by gangs.

There are 9,000 police officers in Haiti (probably overestimated) and 200 gangs. Let’s give each gang 100 members each. That is 20,000 gang members vs 9,000 cops.

Folks, if you’re a Haitian parent, you’re either going to or seriously considering high tailing it out of Haiti. So if they want to escape this true hellhole, they can either take the path to Miami by sea, or if they can get out of Haiti via flight or boat to South America or the Northern Triangle and come across the Texas, Arizona, or California border. I do not know if you have seen the news, but our Southern Border is a sieve (conservative description). No, it is frankly a fire hose, contrary to what Biden’s Delusion Team tries to sell the press and voters. This Haitian crisis does not make the Southern Border crisis any better – it will make it worse. And in Arizona, we can tell you affirmatively, the border situation is bad. Very, very bad.

There are approximately 11 million people in Haiti. That is a lot of folks thinking about coming to America because they do not see other options.

Haiti matters. Get up to speed on it.

And probably time to reconsider making the Monroe Doctrine part of our foreign policy and national security.


Note: the opinions expressed herein are those of Chuck Warren only and not his co-host Sam Stone or Breaking Battlegrounds’ staff.

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