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Hosted by Sam Stone & Chuck Warren

This week on our Father’s Day special, we delve into the heart of family and fatherhood. To start, we have Blake Masters, a friend of the show and candidate for Congressional District 8 in Arizona. Blake shares his insights on the pressing concerns of voters in his district, his plans for the military and the border. Then, we’re joined by Brad Wilcox, Professor of Sociology and Director of the National Marriage Project at the University of Virginia. Brad explores the profound impact of fathers on their children’s lives and delves into the importance of strong, stable marriages for societal well-being. Our final guest, Ben Leuschner, President of the Phoenix Police Sergeants and Lieutenants Association, joins to discuss the DOJ targeting local police. To end the show, we have an update on the Karen Read Trial during Kiley’s Corner, where she explains what is going on in the Yung Thug case. And finally, we end the show on a positive note with our Sunshine Moment, where Jenna discusses the good in the world.

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Blake Masters on the Negative Impact of Biden's Policies

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What People Say

"Chuck and Sam are unique in the talk radio and media landscape in that they want to listen and hear from their guests. They talk about issues that affect America today and 10 years from now. Their audience is well served by their thoughtfulness, curiosity and devotion to America." - Chris Buskirk, editor and publisher of the journal American Greatness and author of America and the Art of the Possible: Restoring National Vitality in an Age of Decay
Chris Buskirk
American Greatness
Very Informative
Great podcast. Very informative about real world, current issues.

Breaking Battlegrounds" is a great place to explore serious issues seriously. I always enjoy the great questions and listeners surely appreciate the in depth and civil discussion. Would that all talk radio were more like "Breaking Battlegrounds
Hi there, just listened to your episode with Pardis Mahdavi. Thanks for lending your platform to speak about this very important women-led movement in Iran
Chuck and Sam ask the tough questions that the corporate media won’t. I’m a huge fan of their show
Larry Elder
Direct Quote
Let's do this again sometime you guys are great.
You guys are good I mean really good.

Meet Your Hosts

Sam Stone is a state and local policy expert, with almost two decades of experience in policy development and campaign management. He currently serves as chief policy advisor to U.S. Senate Candidate Kari Lake and is the Managing Partner of Cairn Consulting.

Sam has previously worked as Chief of Staff to Phoenix City Councilman Sal DiCiccio, Executive Director of the Civics Education Initiative at the Joe Foss Institute, and has worked on dozens of campaigns at the state and federal level.

Chuck Warren is the Managing Director of September Group, LLC, a public affairs, crisis communication and initiative qualification company. He is also a partner in Monolith Registry, LLC, the USA-based top-level registry for .VOTE and .VOTO domain and Campaign Safe, LLC.

Chuck’s clients have included major law firms, municipalities, and companies as diverse as; Verisign; Blue Cross Blue Shield; Arches Health Plan, Inc.; Delta Airlines; Dorado Systems; Comcast; Gold Cross Ambulance; Ragnar Relay; Eureka Casino Resort; Casablanca Resort Casino; Republican Governors Association;; Republican National Committee; National Republican Senatorial Committee; Freedom Works; Lewis, Young, Robertson & Burningham, Inc.; and Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA).

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