Arizona Abortion Survey Results

NEW: Arizona Abortion Survey Results | Key Highlights and Topline Report

The Tyson Group conducted a survey between 4/10/24 – 4/11/24 targeting a representative sample of n=600 likely voters for the upcoming Arizona general election. The margin of error for this study is +/- 4%. Participants were recruited and surveyed using an online panel to gather their responses. The survey was commissioned and paid for by

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Arizona Abortion Survey Results NEW

A few highlights:

  • 54% of Arizonans believe current abortion laws are TOO STRICT in the state
  • The territorial ban falls well short of consensus (24% support / 62% oppose / -38% NET)
  • The return to 15 weeks posed by some republican legislators tests best (59% support / 24% oppose / +35% NET)
  • 54% of the sample would be more likely to support a candidate that voted to repeal the 1864 ban and make it legal through 15 weeks again
  • The ballot-measure to go to roughly 24 weeks tests similarly but loses about -5% of support (54% support / 29% oppose / +25% NET)
  • 56% of the sample agrees with Donald Trump’s statement regarding Arizona going too far and the Democrat governor bringing law back within reason.
  • The sample was largely split down the middle on determining when is a reasonable time to have an abortion (19% never / 16% 6 weeks / 22% 15 weeks / 17% 24 weeks / 11% up until birth)
  • Lastly, the supreme court’s recent ruling encourages more Arizonans to vote Democrat than Republican (D+3)

Chuck and Sam discuss this survey further and what it means for the future of Arizona on the recent episode of Breaking Battlegrounds at 51 minutes and 17 seconds.

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