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Best Motivational Podcasts

23 Best Motivational Podcasts to Inspire You in 2024

We all sometimes feel stuck, demotivated, or uninspired and look for the things that make us active and boost our inspiration and positivity to get back on track. Whether you are looking to boost your confidence, improve your productivity, or just need daily motivation, motivational podcasts will give you motivation and inspiration. 


These podcasts will inspire and drive you to be your best self, from inspiring conversations with great entrepreneurs to practical ideas for accomplishing your goals. So put on your headphones and prepare to be on an inspiring journey.

There are no limitations to listening to inspirational podcasts wherever you are. You only need your smartphone and internet connection to get a burst of motivation with podcasts focusing on personal development, career growth, and everything in between.


23 Best Motivational Podcasts of 2024

To make 2024 your best year, check out our selection of 23 best motivational podcasts of the year. With so many incredible choices, find a podcast about self improvement that will motivate and inspire you every step of the journey.

1. The Genius Life

If you are looking for a resource to learn about health, nutrition, and overall wellness, then Genius Life is your podcast for anyone interested in learning more about the brain. Hosted by Max Lugavere, the podcast features talks with industry experts to get insights and advice for your life. The podcast offers informative, engaging, and fun content, and the host, Max, has a natural talent to bring out their most interesting topics with guests in their fields. In addition, they share a wealth of information and tips that can help you improve your health, cognitive function, and well-being. So, get the knowledge on the latest nutrition research to discuss mental health and stress management and inspire yourself to change your life positively.

genius life

2. WHOA, That's a Good Podcast

Get in conversations with the author and get the best advice by listening to WHOA That’s Good Podcast which is a great resource for anyone looking to personal development, grow in their faith, and connect with inspirational industry experts. The host Sadie Robertson features conversations with guests who share their personal stories, wisdom, and practical tips for living a fulfilling life.


This podcast is a perfect combination of inspiration and motivation. The host does an excellent job of weaving these two themes together by making each episode full of life experiences and advice from guests’ conversations that are always engaging and authentic and can help listeners grow in their own lives.

3. Good Life Project

The Good Life Project podcast helps to live a fulfilling and purpose-driven life. Hosted by Jonathan Fields, this podcast is a treasure box full of inspiration, practical advice, and wisdom for anyone who wants to make the most of their time. But the Good Life Project is not about listening to people’s inspirational stories and struggles throughout life. Still, each episode will give you actionable advice and practical tips for living a more fulfilling life. So whether you want to find the purpose of your life or improve your relationships, or cultivate greater resilience, you will find something valuable in each episode.

4. We Can Do Hard Things

We Can Do Hard Things is a podcast that tackles tough topics with vulnerability, humor, and heart. With Glennon, Doyle gets insights into people’s struggles and how they inspired themselves to shape their life. If you feel alone in the struggles of your life, then this is a must-listen podcast for you to get inspired in your hard times. The podcast gives you the courage to keep going and hopes things will improve, leaving you feeling seen, heard, and uplifted. So embrace the hard things and find the strength to keep moving forward with Glennon Doyle and her guests to remind you that you are not alone and that we can do hard things together.

We Can Do Hard Things

5. Mind Power Mixtape

The Mind Power Mixtape podcast focuses on unleashing the full potential of your mind. Hosted by Dr. Joy Harden Bradford, a licensed psychologist offer practical tips, actionable insights, and inspiring stories for listeners to power their minds. The podcast covers various topics like managing anxiety, building resilience, and mental health to help you navigate life’s challenges with grace and resilience. Dr. Bradford’s warm and engaging style creates a safe and supportive space for her listeners to explore their innermost thoughts and feelings. So if you’re ready to unlock the full potential of your mind, this podcast is a must-listen for you.

Mind Power Mixtape

6. The Mel Robbins Podcast

The podcast is about motivating and inspiring you to take action. The Mel Robbins Podcast provides actionable guidance and profound insights to help you overcome self-doubt, reclaim control of your life, and achieve your goals. In addition, the podcast delivers practical and useful guidance to help you take charge of your life, whether you are dealing with a personal or professional difficulty. So, if you are ready to realize your full potential and achieve your goals, listen to The Mel Robbins Podcast right now, and you will not be disappointed.

7. Think Like a Spy

Are you always curious about things and fascinated by the world of intelligence? Then “Think Like a Spy” is a podcast worth listening to. Hosted by former CIA officer Jason Hanson, this podcast offers interviews with experts in the field and his own experiences in the CIA. Hanson shares valuable tips for staying safe and secure in an increasingly complex world. In addition, the podcast discusses the skills and techniques to protect your personal information online and about deception. The skills and techniques discussed in this podcast are invaluable for anyone wanting to be more aware of the world and the things happening.

Think Like a Spy

8. Therapy for Black Girls

The Therapy for Black Girls podcast is one of the best podcasts. It was created and hosted by Dr. Joy Harden Bradford to provide a platform to share valuable insights and practical tools to help Black women navigate their unique experiences and challenges. This is not just a podcast; it has become a representation of black girls and their struggles and received widespread recognition for its exceptional content and impact. Listeners can seek guidance and inspiration to enhance their mental health and transform their lives. The Therapy for Black Girls podcast is essential for those seeking support and solace.

therapy for black girls podcast

9. Motivation Daily by Multiversity

This podcast is a daily dose of inspiration and motivation. The Motivation Daily by Multiversity is hosted by renowned motivational speaker Shawn Anderson, who delivers a powerful message daily to help listeners overcome challenges, boost their confidence, and achieve their goals. The host’s style is engaging and has a dynamic approach to inspire and motivate others with real-life experiences by making messages relatable and impactful. Whether facing professional or personal challenges or simply looking to cultivate a positive mindset, the Motivation Daily by Multiversity podcast offers strategies to help you reach your full potential.

10. On Purpose with Jay Shetty

On Purpose with Jay Shetty is a podcast that provides a fresh and insightful approach to personal development and mindfulness. This podcast, hosted by Jay Shetty, a former monk turned inspirational speaker and bestselling author, is a must-listen for everyone looking for a more meaningful and purposeful existence.


Through fascinating talks with professionals, celebrities, and thought leaders, Jay delivers practical ideas and actionable insights that help listeners build inner peace, develop self-awareness, and improve their relationships. The On Purpose with Jay Shetty podcast provides something for everyone, whether you’re dealing with stress, seeking clarity on your life’s purpose, or simply hoping to improve your general health.

On Purpose with Jay Shetty

11. Mindset Mentor

Are you looking to improve your mindset and transform your life? Then listen to the mindset mentor podcast and get the best advice to change your life for good. Hosted by Rob Dial, a world-renowned mindset coach, This podcast provides daily episodes full of useful ideas and practical guidance to help you create a growth mindset, overcome limiting beliefs, and realize your full potential.


The Mindset Mentor podcast has been a great help to thousands of people to achieve their goals and lead fulfilling lives. So if you are struggling with anxiety, self-doubt, or procrastination, or want to take your personal and professional development to the next level, listen to inspire yourself to take action and make positive changes.

Mindset Mentor

12. Ten Percent Happier with Dan Harris

Explore the world full of meditation and mindfulness with The Ten Percent Happier podcast. Hosted by journalist and author Dan Harris, each episode features interviews with several industry experts, including neuroscientists, meditation teachers, and psychologists. The podcast is based on the idea that meditation can help us be 10% happier. In each episode, Dan Harris, who has personally experienced the benefits of meditation, brings a relatable perspective to the show, making it engaging for listeners. The podcast features some of the influential guests on the show, including famous meditation teachers like Sharon Salzberg and Jack Kornfield, as well as researchers like Dr. Judson Brewer, who studies the science of mindfulness. But the show is not just for experts.

13. A Mindful Life with Rowena Tsai

If you are searching for a motivational podcast to help you live a more mindful life, listen to “A Mindful Life with Rowena Tsai.” The hosted approach is very down to earth, providing mindful tips and strategies to help you attain your goals and keep you motivated. If you are struggling with anxiety or stress or want a fulfilling life, listen to “A Mindful Life with Rowena Tsai.”

A Mindful Life with Rowena Tsai

14. Michelle Obama: The Light Podcast

Former First Lady Michelle Obama hosts The Light Podcast, in which she talks with experts from every field of life on the challenges and achievements of the human experience. The concept of a podcast is that everyone has a story to share and that we can find connection and inspiration by sharing our tales. Each episode of the Goats podcast covers a wide range of topics, including race, gender, politics, and social justice, by featuring different guests such as activists like Alicia Garza, celebrities like Conan O’Brien and Jennifer Lopez, and others. Michelle Obama is a skilled interviewer with a knack for drawing out the most interesting and compelling aspects of her guests’ lives and work.

Michelle Obama The Light Podcast

15. Start Here with Mel Robbins

Mel Robbins, a motivational speaker and author hosts the Start Here with Mel Robbins Podcast. The podcast is dedicated to helping listeners overcome their anxieties, gain confidence, and act toward their goals. The host interviewed several experts from the industry to give Listeners insights about business, psychology, and personal development. In addition, the experts share their insights and advice on overcoming challenges and improving various aspects of life, from relationships to career success.

Start Here with Mel Robbins

16. Highest Self Podcast

If you want to improve your personal growth, spirituality, and self-improvement, then the Highest Self Podcast is perfect and best uplifting podcast. Hosted by Sahara Rose, an author, speaker, and Ayurvedic expert who will help you tap into your highest potential and live your best life. The podcast features compelling and in-depth information on meditation and mindfulness for health and wellness. The host is lively, knowledgeable, and speaks passionately and enthusiastically, simplifying difficult ideas into simple, concrete steps that anybody can follow. The best thing about the Highest Self Podcast is the sense of community created by listeners connecting with like-minded individuals, sharing their experiences, and learning from each other.

Highest Self Podcast

17. The Positive Mindset Podcast

Develop a positive mindset and overcome self-limiting beliefs. The Positive Mindset Podcast Hosted by Henry John, a personal growth coach, and entrepreneur will uplift and inspire you to achieve your goals.


The podcast focuses on practical techniques and recommendations. Henry shares many insights and methods you can use right away to improve your life and realize your potential. In addition, the host shares his struggles and is not afraid to share his vulnerability in front of his listeners, which can impact people, make them feel safe, and help them overcome their life challenges.

18. Weekly Motivation by Ben Lionel Scott

Weekly Motivation by Ben Lionel Scott is an incredibly powerful and inspiring podcast about helping you achieve your goals and live your best life. Ben is a highly sought-after motivational speaker and coach, and his podcast is a must-listen for anyone looking to take their life to the next level. However, one thing that sets Weekly motivation apart is the sheer intensity of Ben’s message. He is not afraid to push his listeners to their limits and constantly challenge them to be their best. But what truly remarkable about this podcast is the quality of the content.

Weekly Motivation by Ben Lionel Scott

19. Straight Up with Trent Shelton

“Straight Up with Trent Shelton “is another self-help program and a powerful platform that will challenge you to think differently about your life and take action toward your goals. Hosted by Trent Shelton, a former NFL player turned motivational speaker who has contributed to millions of people altering their lives with his inspiring messages and practical guidance. In each episode, he offers his personal experiences, insights, and wisdom to help you overcome challenges and find your purpose.


If you are fighting self-doubt or fear or just require encouragement to get started on your objectives, Trent has the skills and techniques to help you overcome your hurdles and realize your aspirations.

Straight Up with Trent Shelton

20. Date Yourself Instead

The podcast focuses on self-love and personal growth. Hosted by Veronica Grant, a dating coach and self-love advocate who shares her life experiences and stories about her personal growth to help listeners. As the name suggests, this podcast is not just about dating or relationships but about learning to love and appreciate yourself. Each episode is filled with practical tips and strategies for self-care, setting boundaries, and cultivating a positive mindset.

21. The Refine Podcast

Are you a woman and looking to reach your full potential? Then “The Refine Podcast” is your go-to podcast because it is all about helping women entrepreneurs grow their businesses and reach their full potential. Hosted by Rachel C. Swanson, a business coach and bestselling author who shares her life experiences and struggles throughout the journey to help listeners navigate the challenges of entrepreneurship. In every episode, you will find practical tips and strategies for building a successful business, from marketing and branding to mindset and productivity. Listen to this podcast if you are on your entrepreneurship journey and get inspiration and guidance on how to grow your business and achieve your goals.

The Refine Podcast

22. Redefining Wealth with Patrice Washington

Redefine your understanding of wealth with Redefining Wealth with Patrice Washington.” In this podcast.” In this podcast, Patrice Washington provides a fresh perspective on wealth beyond financial success. Patrice’s perspective on wealth considers all parts of life, including personal connections, mental and physical health, and spirituality. She feels true wealth is produced when these areas have equal balance and alignment. Through interviews with successful entrepreneurs, authors, and thought leaders, Patrice provides practical tips and strategies for listeners to achieve their version of wealth.

Redefining Wealth with Patrice Washington

23. The School of Greatness

Achieve greatness in all areas of life with the School of Greatness podcast that will inspire and motivate you to achieve goals in your life. Hosted by New York Times bestselling author and lifestyle entrepreneur Lewis Howes, this podcast is one of the most famous self-help podcasts in the world. Every episode of this podcast is full of knowledge with in-depth interviews with the most successful and influential people in the world, including athletes, celebrities, and entrepreneurs. These guests on the podcast share their personal stories of struggles, insights, and strategies for achieving greatness in their respective fields.


So, to improve your business skills, relationships, health, or mindset, listen to the School of Greatness with unlimited episodes of inspiring content to help you become the best version of yourself.

The School of Greatness

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What are motivational podcasts?

Motivational podcasts are audio shows designed to motivate and inspire listeners to achieve their objectives, overcome difficulties, and live their best lives.

Q: Can anyone listen to these podcasts?

Yes, anyone can listen to these best podcasts for self improvement. They are available on popular podcast platforms such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, and more.

Q: Do I need to pay to listen to these podcasts?

No, most of these podcasts are free to listen to. Some podcasts may have premium content that requires a subscription, but most of their episodes are free.

Q: Can I download these podcasts?

Yes, most podcast platforms allow you to download episodes for offline listening.

Q: How often are new episodes released?

The release of new episodes varies from podcast to podcast. Some podcasts release new episodes daily, while others release new episodes weekly or bi-weekly.

Q: What types of topics do these podcasts cover?

These podcasts cover various topics related to personal development, motivation, productivity, entrepreneurship, health and wellness, and more.


Motivational podcasts may offer people inspiration, direction, and motivation to help them achieve their objectives and understand their full potential. The top 23 motivational podcasts to listen to in 2024 offer personal growth, self-development, productivity, mentality, health, and wellness.


If you are facing challenges, finding purpose, improving your skills, or simply seeking inspiration, there is a podcast on this list for everyone. You can gain useful insights, learn new tactics, and build the mindset required for success in any area of your life by listening to these best inspiring podcasts daily.

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