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Top 10 Best Podcasts on Books

Top 10 Best Podcasts on Books to Broaden Your Literary Horizons

If you’re a bookworm, podcasts may not be your cup of tea! However, various podcasts are available in the market to enrich your listening experience.

Not only do podcasts on books enable you to create a knowledge trove, but you can also look at what others are reading. This helps to create a sense of community with other readers who may not know earlier.

Does this entice you to listen to best book podcasts but don’t know where to start? If that’s the scenario, this blog will serve you as a guide by uncloaking the best podcasts on books.

Let’s delve deeper.


This informative podcast provides a spotlight for new authors through interviews. Hosted by Adam Vitcavage, this show goes in-depth from a writer’s perspective about writing their first book, the creative process and the inspiration behind writing the first novel. Through the insightful conversations, listeners gain valuable notions into the hindrances and triumphs of writing a first novel.

If you are an ardent book lover or want to spend quality time with the author’s journey, this podcast is a must-listen one. Get ready to unravel exciting new voices in contemporary literature.


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2. Book Riot: The Podcast

Hosted by a rotating cast, this podcast covers a wide array of topics about publishing, books and the literary world. This show encapsulates the author’s interviews, industry updates, book news, trends and the latest controversies. If you love to stay up to date with the latest literary world and its happenings, this podcast would be a great resource.

Book Riot - The Podcast

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3. Overdue

It’s a thought-provoking and engaging podcast that enables you to delve into books you wanted to read always but never got a chance. Hosted by Craig Getting and Andrew Cunningham, you can dive deeply into brand-new books while exploring their themes, literary styles and characters. With insightful analysis and witty banter, each episode will be worth listening to to! You can add Overdue to your podcast list if you want to listen to captivating content about the latest books.


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4. Books & Boba

This podcast is a brilliant platform that promotes the works of Asian American authors to a wider audience. This show features in-depth book discussions, recommendations and author interviews for bookworms like you. Hosted by Reera Yoo and Marvin Yueh, this podcast develops a fascinating listening experience that evokes human emotion. Engage with the unsung heroes of the literary world and expand your reading list. It’s an excellent source for gathering literary knowledge you may not find on the mainstream shelves.

Books and Boba

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5. Three Percent

Hosted by Chad W. Post, this show provides the platform for in-detailed discussions with renowned translators, authors, and literary figures. The goal of this podcast is to encourage readers to read literature from other countries to maintain a vibrant book culture while exchanging ideas among several cultures. With engaging and informative content, this podcast will enrich your knowledge trove and take you to the next level as a literary enthusiast.

Three Percent Podcast

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6. The Writer’s Voice

If you’re a book lover and a writer, this podcast could be a valuable source of guidance and inspiration. This show features a variety of established authors from different genres who share relevant experiences about the writing craft. The host engages with the guests in a casual conversation about their past literary work, writing process and their challenges.

The show not only focuses on the technical notions of grammar, writing and syntax. Instead, it digs deeper into the writers’ strategies to overcome writer’s block. If you’re a writer and want to succeed with flair or writing, this show will be your best choice. Not only this will entertain you, but this will also educate at its best. Start listening today!

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7. Well-Read Black Girl

This literary podcast portrays a diverse range of perspectives and voices from Black women poets, creatives, and writers. Hosted by Glory Edim, this show features in-depth conversations with reputed guests about their work, experiences, and inspiration.

Additionally, this podcast features book recommendations, reading lists and valuable literary news. If you want to learn more about the experience and notion of black women writers, this show would be a valuable addition to your list. Besides, you can incorporate the same into your work to show the vivacious representation of literature.   

Well-Read Black Girl with Glory Edim

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8. Levar Burton Reads

Hosted by Levar Burton, this show features the passion for literature of the host. The podcast covers a wide range of short fiction adult stories, including contemporary fiction, fantasy and science fiction. Each episode enables the listener to immerse in the different places, worlds and times with diverse characters.

Sometimes, the host shares his own reflections about the story themes. This adds a deeper context to the narratives. Also, his warm and soothing voice complements the stories by creating a cozy atmosphere. This will help you to keep engaged throughout the podcast episodes.

Sometimes, the host shares his own reflections about the story themes. This adds a deeper context to the narratives. Also, his warm and soothing voice complements the stories by creating a cozy atmosphere. This will help you to keep engaged throughout the podcast episodes.

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9. The Stacks

It is a thought-intriguing, intelligent and entertaining podcast that satisfies the readers with its content. Hosted by Traci Thomas, this podcast features author interviews and book recommendations for all kinds of book lovers. If you’re a curious learner looking for a fresh perspective on books, this podcast won’t disappoint you.

The Stacks

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10. The LRB Podcast

The London Review of Books, established in 1979, is a renowned literary institution. Besides its publication, it boasts a bookshop in Bloomsbury hosting prominent literary events. Their podcast, hosted by Thomas Jones and Malin Hay, defies pretentiousness and dryness, earning a place in the book podcast genre. Discussing diverse topics from current affairs to Agatha Christie, it offers a unique literary perspective, appealing to those who value the distinction between private and public spheres.


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Wrapping it Up

Are you ready to give your soul satisfaction with these chosen podcasts? Indulge yourself in the wide range of podcasts on books that give you a taste of solitude after a tiring day. You can even try this at your leisure time to learn more about the nitty-gritty of recently published books. Overall, this can be a cherry on the cake if you’re an avid reader of books. You’re only one step away!

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