Biden Bringing Palestinians to the U.S. as Refugees

Breaking Battlegrounds Random Thoughts – Biden Bringing Palestinians to the U.S. as Refugees

Biden Bringing Palestinians to the U.S. as Refugees

CBS News reported today that, “The Biden administration is considering bringing certain Palestinians to the U.S. as refugees, a move that would offer a permanent safe haven to some of those fleeing war-torn Gaza, according to internal federal government documents obtained by CBS News.”

Good idea?

“A survey was conducted from Nov. 22 to Dec. 2 among 1,231 people in the West Bank and Gaza and had an error margin of 4 percentage points. In Gaza, poll workers conducted 481 in-person interviews during a weeklong cease-fire that ended Dec. 1”…

It found that “57% of respondents in Gaza and 82% in the West Bank believe Hamas was correct in launching the October attack, the poll indicated. A large majority believed Hamas’ claims that it acted to defend a major Islamic shrine in Jerusalem against Jewish extremists and win the release of Palestinian prisoners. Only 10% said they believed Hamas has committed war crimes, with a large majority saying they did not see videos showing the militants committing atrocities.”

Yes President Biden, by all means, bring them in. What could go wrong? (Note my sarcasm)

With an administration that proffers weekly dumb ideas, this adds to a long list of dimwitted and naive ideals.  

Bring Us Food So We Can Occupy a Building

Columbia has a problem. 

The pro-rape, pro-murder, pro-kidnapping, pro-misogynist, homophobic Hamas supporters are taking over the Columbia insane asylum and making life hard for 95% of the students there. 

No commentary needed. Just watch and share with friends. No self respecting business, NGO, government agency, etc. should ever hire someone as dumb as this pro-Hamas supporter.   

Governor Kristi Noem Killed a Dog

South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem killed her misbehaved, rambunctious puppy. Why she did not train it instead of playing Terminator, who knows.

Why she decided this was a good story to share in a book, makes me realize again that most politicians today do not have people who will say “NO,” to them. I am sure at least 4-6 people read a draft of the book. Didn’t anyone say, “you know my friend, this will not fly in 2024 and by the way, why the hell did you shoot the dog?”

Too many politicians live in a bubble. Too many boot lickers surround them and not enough long-term, confidants are in their circle to just tell them “NO” and be heeded for their wise advice. Not enough 

I miss the good old days where Mitt Romney just left his dog on the roof of his car.

Biden Administration Bubble

Speaking of bubbles, the queen of the 1% bubble, US Treasury Secretary Janet Yellen said  “the US economy is “firing on all cylinders” and inflation is on a path toward a more normal level.”

Like Kristi Noem, this is an example of blindness and tone deafness.  

For crying out loud, a “new survey of 2,000 employed adults examined how workers see themselves in their current roles, finding that many believe they’ll receive a pink slip sooner rather than later. Their concerns stem from distress about the job market (25%) and knowing that they work in an unstable business or industry (22%).

And consumer confidence has dropped to a 21-month low due to concerns about gas and food.

I could go on and on.

Self-imposed bubbles by government leaders are a danger to everyone. We should just call them Marie-Antoinette Bubbles.

And we know what happens when they turn a blind eye to the people, well the people get grumpy.

PS — the term does not suggest violence should be considered. If you think violence is the answer to protest the government, move to Yemen.

Note: the opinions expressed herein are those of Chuck Warren only and not his co-host Sam Stone or Breaking Battlegrounds’ staff.

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