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Breaking Battlegrounds Random Thoughts

Breaking Battlegrounds Random Thoughts

Congressman Ken Buck (R-CO) Resignation

First, Congressman Ken Buck is a good man. I want to make that clear at the outset. However, he made a comment this week that caused me to do a Tina Fey deep eye roll.

On a CNN interview, Congressman Buck said regarding his departure, “This place has just devolved into this bickering and nonsense and not really doing the job for the American people.” He also stated that “it is the worst year of the nine years and three months I have served in Congress.” Hard to disagree with the characterization of Congress and only he knows about his nine years in Congress, but I would be hard pressed to argue with him looking from the outside in.

That being said, Congressman Buck needs to take some responsibility for the “bickering and nonsense” that Congress has undertaken. Make no mistake, he was one of eight Republicans who helped oust McCarthy as speaker.

Frankly, when you break something you should have a plan on how to fix it. His vote put Congress in further disarray. He further added, “I think the House has been dysfunctional for nine months. I think we get a new speaker and I think we move forward in unison.” That hope – “moving forward in unison” – that dream was based on false hope and not reality. He is a smart man. He is a good man. He should have known that his vote to oust McCarthy would only create chaos, hurt conservative priorities and lead Congress to a clown car dealership.

Beyonce Country Song

Why are people still talking about this?

Beyonce has a country song. She has a country album coming out March 29. This seems like this will introduce a whole new group of people to country music. This is bad, how?

Her country song “Texas Hold ‘Em,” has a good beat. It’s an easy song to tap your cowboy boots on the dance floor, but as with all things with America right now, we are not allowed to have nice things without making it about race, gender, disenchanted souls, etc. Some country stations for various reasons didn’t play it until listeners complained. You know, market forces corrected that quickly.

If you don’t like her “Texas Hold ’Em,” then don’t like it.  More new voices and talent are always good for any industry, business, politics or artistry. The market decides whether they have success or not. It’s a simple formula. I hate the song “Lady in Red” which was a worldwide success and basically anything by Toto, but they had great success without my fandom.  

Folks just enjoy the music. If you don’t like it, switch stations or don’t stream it. Be normal.

Note: the opinions expressed herein are those of Chuck Warren only and not his co-host Sam Stone or Breaking Battlegrounds’ staff.

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