The Left Doesn’t Know the Definition of Nazism

You probably don’t read the left-wing media, and I feel responsible for keeping you posted on what they’ve been saying. Breaking News: Donald Trump is a Nazi. And if you’re older, you’ll remember that George W. Bush and Ronald Reagan were also Nazis. Also, they defend Joe Biden that, no, he’s not a commie, but also, they criticize him that he’s too centrist, i.e., which he isn’t. In other words, they complain that Biden isn’t enough of a commie. Biden is not center-left, but true enough, he’s not a full commie, either. I think it’s fair to say that he’s a center-commie!

But there is something both sinister and asinine in all these hyperboles and downplaying of Biden’s problems. First, they ignore or even praise Biden for things that they criticized Trump for and called him a Nazi. Second, the only insults they know are “Nazi” and “fascist,” which have traditionally been associated with the far-right, as though no left-winger could be a dictator. Third, and possibly worse, they cheapen the horrors of Nazism and insult its victims by comparing every small thing with an evil regime that took the lives of millions.

Nazism and communism had more in common than people realize. Communists wanted a world in which the workers had the power of the state, at least in theory. They hated businesses, especially corporations. In the Soviet Union, the state had all the power on behalf of the workers. Nazis were somewhat different. They valued the German national heritage, whereas the communists had no patience for that. Their control of private business was looser. But, in general, there were similarities. The full name of the Nazi party was the National Socialist German Workers Party. They too hated businesses for exploiting the workers. On behalf of the nation, which they believed the workers were its best representatives, they assumed absolute power.

Nazis went further. They also believed in a deep conspiracy that Jews controlled politics to advance their own interests at the cost of Germany and humanity. They tried to first expel all Jews from Europe to Africa or the Middle East. When that failed, they used industrial knowledge to annihilate Jews as efficiently as possible, expending as little money and human resources as they could. They sent them to camps. There, they sent them to gas chambers to die, but not just that; before the gas chambers, they starved them. It wasn’t just because they were sadists; it was to weaken their bodies so they’d die after consuming the minimal amount of gas to save precious gas. What made the Holocaust so unique wasn’t just the evil of it, but the evil genius of it. God knows that genocidal maniacs have not been scarce throughout history. But only Nazis succeeded in mixing their evil with genius execution to kill six million Jews within a few years.

Nazis were largely successful in coercing non-Jewish Germans to act as they wanted without using much violence. First, to get any prominent position, you’d have to be a member of the party. Second, they convinced industrialists, despite mutual resentment, to support them by warning that, whatever they made of Hitler, the alternative was bad for business. Hitler convinced the German legislature to vote to dissolve itself, and that’s how he got rid of the last hurdle against absolute rule.

Last, the Nazis were obsessed with living space. They believed that Germans were running out of land, and they needed to expand their territory for Germans to settle. They were true colonizers. That’s why they invaded Czechoslovakia and Poland.

Let’s compare all this with today’s America.

Whatever you make of Trump, he was in office for four years, and he couldn’t even repeal Obamacare, let alone getting Congress to vote to dissolve itself.

He also didn’t kill six million people in gas chambers. The worst thing that he did was “putting migrants in cages,” until the media found out that those pictures were from the Obama years.

Most of the rich industrialists and all of the press are Democrats, and they carry Biden’s water and take their marching orders from the Democrats, not Trump. If there is any partisan requirement to join the mainstream media, it isn’t required to be a Democrat, but not being a Republican is mandatory. (Let me be clear: I’m not saying that Biden is a Nazi either because nobody can be a totalitarian thanks to our Constitution.)

Trump was the first president not to start a new military mission since Jimmy Carter. If there’s any criticism of him, it’s that he’s too much of a dove, not that he’s a warmonger. It is true that Republicans complain about homelessness like Germans did about living space. But instead of invading Poland—or Canada, as much as they deserve it for not joining the revolution in 1776—Republicans argue that we need to deregulate the housing industry to build cheaper apartments. Not exactly the same!

The closest similarity between Trump and Nazis is being pro-workers. This is hardly a bad thing within itself, and even then President Union Joe can give Trump a run for his money in being pro-worker and anti-business.

Trump isn’t a Nazi, and Americans won’t elect a Nazi. If Americans ever elect a Nazi, Congress, the courts, and the American people will immediately move to stop them. The media will not cover up the crimes of a Republican president like in Nazi Germany — they will exaggerate them.

Biden isn’t a Nazi either. But as far as similarities go, there is something to be said for how woke corporations and mainstream media are complacent about his flaws and illegal actions.


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