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Exposing the Deceptive Curriculum - A Critical Look at Woman’s Sexuality Course at Arizona State University

Exposing the Deceptive Curriculum – A Critical Look at “Woman’s Sexuality” Course at Arizona State University

Woman’s Sexuality: A class that truly meets more to the human eye. Veiled beneath the name of “Woman’s Sexuality” it goes beyond just the focus of women and sexuality.  Do NOT let the name fool you! While it does touch on being a woman, sexism, and the intersectionality at times of being a woman and a woman of color where you have racism mixed into it, it also highlights a multitude of other social issues in our society today that are not focused on women solely.

There is a darker side to this class.

I chose this class from a list of classes that I needed to take to complete my degree at Arizona State University. I thought this was going to be a fascinating class. The class name alone intrigued me but I now have a completely different perspective. I feel this class was created to further push an agenda and indoctrinate young people into further questioning their who, what, and why in terms of their gender and sexuality. Almost shaming heterosexual individuals.

I believe every female wants to grab ahold and get in touch with their sexuality and what defines them as a woman. The thing that struck me the most while taking this class was that it was almost as if heteronormativity was something to be shamed and looked down upon. The narrative was for people to understand that biological sex is not something natural was front and center. The push was to make sure it was known that gender is a process of social construction and not what you are (male or female) based on your biological sex. The videos and subject content in this course were flagged as possibly sensitive and or triggering for some. Some of the content completely had nothing to do with women and sexuality at all.

See additional examples from WST 313 – Module 1: Introduction – Lecture 1: Key terms

Additionally, see the two videos below from the course: 

Did others feel the same way as me in this class? Did they feel as if this class, while touching on some important content about being female, like sexism, racism, sexual harassment, and even physical and sexual abuse some women face, veered into unrelated content could have been left for a different class altogether or not even included in any type of classroom setting?

There was a disturbing line that was crossed. 

College is about many things, one of which is introducing us to new ideas and supposedly fostering critical thinking skills. However, as I contemplated this, I couldn’t shake the realization that students are accumulating debt to enroll in classes with misleading titles and offering minimal preparation for the future. It is simply a woke and delusional agenda that most Arizona residents have no idea is being taught with their taxpayer dollars.

Note: The author of this article has chosen to remain anonymous to mitigate any potential issues with the professor or Arizona State University. The author’s credentials have been verified, and the course material has been thoroughly reviewed for accuracy.

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