15+ Fun Podcasts To Listen To

Looking for Some Fun? 15+ Best Podcasts To Listеn to

If you are a fan of podcasts and on the run from one website to another to explore new fun podcasts to listen to, that will make your mind fresh. Whether you are a regular listener or just started listening to podcasts and want to add new ones to your queue, there’s something available for everyone.


The fun podcasts are the best way to get a dose of entertainment and fun with a lot of knowledge. However, it can be challenging to choose the best fun podcasts for you to listen to because there are many podcasts available.


So, to make your podcast hunting easy and save you time, we have collected the list of best podcasts with their descriptions so that you can make your decision easily and have the best experience while listening to our recommended podcasts.

The 15+ Fun Podcasts to Listen To that Will make you Feel Better

If you are looking for fun podcasts to listen to, you are at the right place because here we have listed the best podcasts you must listen to.

My Dad Wrotе a Porno

Looking for fun podcasts to listen to? If so, we have something truly unique for you. A perfect example of a completely different podcast is “My Dad Wrote a Porno.” The podcast is based on UK broadcaster Jamie Morton, who learned that his father had written a classic novel titled “Belinda Blinked.”


So, Guess what else? He created a podcast out of it. Jamie reads a chapter of the novel with his friends James Cooper and Adam Levine in every episode. They all eventually start giggling hysterically, and you will too.

 It’s a fantastic idea that will make you laugh and is completely original. So, give this podcast a shot if you’re looking for something unique and funny. You’ll enjoy the humorous moments and weird narratives. 

My Dad Wrotе a Porno Podcast

Good Onе

Get yourself Prepared for a dive deeply into the world of fun podcasts to listen to with a podcast called “Good On. where they discuss specific Jokes from a Comedian’s Work” by Vulture. They discuss how the joke originated, developed, and was delivered.

Jamie Demetriou is the host of the show, which generally focuses on American comedians and in which he discusses hilarious scenes from different shows. If you listen to this podcast, then you will know how much attention to detail Jamie Demotriou puts into his work.

Listеning to this podcast, you’ll discover how much attention Jamié Dеmеtriou puts into his work. You’ll gеt somе еxtra insight into thе quirky characters from “Stath Lеts Flats” and how they interact with thе world in thеir own uniquе way.

Also, you’ll learn more about the eccentric characters from “Stath Lets Flats” and how they interact with the outside world in their own special way. If you enjoy comedy and want to look inside, look at how a joke is made, and understand the art of humor, this podcast is for you.


An entertaining podcast is here for you, hosted by the Famous actors Jason Bateman, Will Arnott, and Sean Hayes from shows like “Arrested Development,” “Bojack Horseman,” and “Will & Grace” have also joined forces to make it an extremely entertaining podcast. 


They perform a game where one of them invites a surprising mystery guest, and the other two have to interview them on this episode. It’s like a nice challenge that allows them to have fun without doing a lot of preparation.


Therefore, this podcast is ideal for you if you’re seeking more fun podcasts to listen to with well-known hosts and some surprises along the way. 

SmartLеss Podcast

A Vеry Fatal Murdеr

The Onion, a humorous website, created a really amusing podcast called “A Very Fatal Murderer.” The podcast revolves around the investigation of crimes. A reporter named David Pascall, who is a podcast host, searches for a “culturally relevant” murder, which almost always involves a hot white female, in the podcast.

The podcast makes fun of how some true-crime podcasts occasionally concentrate on particular kinds of stories. David uses a computer program to locate these cases before giving them his own unique perspective.

It’s a lighthearted take on the true-crime trend, showcasing its quirks and funny side. This podcast is essential listening if you enjoy comedy and want to laugh a lot. The Onion does a great job of criticizing real crime while still displaying some affection.

A Vеry Fatal Murdеr Podcast


The podcast you choose will either make you laugh out loud or leave you feeling completely different. This podcast is great because of its host Chris Gethard, who manages the podcast every week with a new guest to have a lengthy conversation.


What’s enjoyable about it? The stranger is free to lead the conversation in whatever direction they like. They discuss a wide range of topics, including serious problems like grief and living as a refugee as well as lighter ones like keeping pet raccoons.


Not every conversation is incredibly humorous, but when it is, you’ll be laughing hysterically. So if you’re looking for a podcast packed with surprises and genuine insights, this one’s for you with Chris Gethard’s unique and enjoyable episodes for each discussion.

Bеautiful-Anonymous Podcast

Thе Things That Madе Mе Quееr

A podcast hosted by Crystal from Drag Race UK is filled with happy, proud, and human stories. Each episode features a conversation between Crystal and a guest about five factors that affected their journeys as LGBTQ+ people.


Crystal’s show’s guests are amazing, including JD Sampson from The League and author Juno Dawson. The podcast covers a wide range of topics. You’ll hear touching tales about families, some amusing information about Catwoman’s leather attire, and even Jean-Claude Van Damme doing his signature splits.


This podcast is ideal for you if you’re looking for one that’s full of positive energy and real stories. You’ll enjoy the blend of strong emotions and lighthearted topics since Crystal brings out the best in her guests.

Thе Things That Madе Mе Quееr Podcast

The Adam Buxton Podcast

Adam Buxton, a British comedian, has a podcast Thе Adam Buxton Podcast . His friendly and relaxed approach when talking with his guest is what makes this podcast unique. He invites all kinds of celebrities and shares their point of view that you don’t typically hear in the media.


The host has a helpful conversation with Kazuo Ishiguro, Michaela Col, and Johnny Greenwood from Radiohead. They participate and enjoy themselves greatly on the show. 


So, if you enjoy cool conversations with well-known people with a gentle vibe, this podcast is perfect for you because Adam Buxton knows how to make others feel at ease and enjoy relaxed conversations.

The Adam Buxton Podcast

Off Mеnu

This Off Mеnu podcast is hosted by two talented people, Jame Acaster and Ed Gamble, who talk about food and conversation. They have put out numerous episodes with more than one hundred humorous actors, writers, and famous people, including Jamie Demetriou, Louis Theroux, and Mae Martin.


They were the subject of a Q&A in Esquire magazine. It has grown to be an important podcast that a fan even created a list of all the guests’ preferred foods.


Every guest chooses their preferred appetizer, entrée, side dish, dessert, and beverage, and then they have enjoyable conversations about their lives and work while they are eating. It’s like a friendly dinner conversation where you learn interesting stuff. This podcast is ideal for you if you enjoy eating, have stories, and have a good time.

Top Flight Timе Machinе

This Top Flight Timе Machinе podcast was all about football, but it is now more like a free-flowing conversation, which is an awesome way to break the ice. Every weekday, they release a new episode where they delve deeply into footballer autobiographies, such as those written by Roy Keane and Kevin Keegan.


There’s more to discuss, a tonne of other amazing things, including Roald Dahl’s stories. The main attraction of this podcast is Roy Race’s never-ending tale, which is now known as Roy of the Rovers Odyssey, a really amazing transformation that demonstrates the quality of this podcast.


If you enjoy football, interesting books, and engaging conversations, this podcast is for you. Sam Delany and Andy Dawson make the whole thing incredibly interesting.

Top Flight Timе Machinе Podcast

My Thеrapist Ghostеd Mе

There is a fantastic podcast called “My Therapist Ghosted Me” that will make you laugh while listening to amusing friends and have a good time while chatting. Vogue Williams and Joanne McNally are amazing hosts, who are close friends, discuss their adventures and exchange rumors every week. 


They laugh a lot and make everything a lot of fun. They simply talk, gossip, and have a great time. This podcast is ideal for you if you enjoy lighthearted and entertaining conversations. It’s like having a good time while hanging out with funny friends.

My Thеrapist Ghostеd Mе Podcast

The Office Dееp Dive with Brian Baumgartnеr

“The Office” is one of the best fun podcasts to listen to if you have a crappy day or you need to refresh your mood. This podcast is hosted by talented actors Stéphane Merchant and Ricky Gervais, who played Kevin, and Brian Baumgartner. The hosts function as your friendly tour guide into the world of “The Office.”


Brian talks to everyone from Dunder Mifflin, even the people who work behind the scenes. By listening to this podcast, you can listen to Steve Carell or the actor who portrayed Dwight’s eccentric cousin Mose; it would be like taking a behind-the-scenes tour, with each episode featuring great stories.


Also, there is more to that podcast for everyone, even if you loved the original UK “Office.” The creators of the UK version of the show, Ricky Gervais and Stephen Merchant, drop the beans on how they created the podcast and assisted in shaping the American version.


Therefore, if you’re a fan of “The Officе,” this podcast is a must-listen for you. You’ll learn fresh tales, get new knowledge, and get a peek at how the popular show is made.

Storytimе with Sеth Rogеn

Seth Rosen, the ideal podcast host, hosts the podcast Storytimе with Sеth Rogеn. He is quite friendly, has many connections, and even creates his own ceramics, which is awesome. His podcast is now unique in its own right. Although everything appears to be going all over the place, it is very well put together. Seth Rosen seems to be the ideal host for a podcast. He is quite friendly and has many connections. His podcast has a unique way of explaining things; although sometimes it will feel like everything is going all over the place, it is actually very well put together.


Seth invites guests that are usually famous and sometimes who are not, and they each share amazing stories from their pasts. Some of the stories are funny, while others aren’t quite as funny, but they are all told in a way that will have a long-lasting impact on you.


Also, it is similar to a short radio program with bonus interviews and interesting historical information. So, give this podcast a chance if you enjoy hearing interesting stories and want to know about the perception of interesting people. 


Start listening to this podcast with the story of David Crosby and his friendship with George Harrison, his hero, and you will be addicted to watching other episodes and discover a hidden treasure just waiting for you to find it.

Storytimе with Sеth Rogеn Podcast

Early Work with Rhys Jamеs

Rhys James is a funny stand-up comedian who has started a fun podcast, and this is really cool and kind to listen to. This is about listening to comedians and creative people discuss their awful, embarrassing debut projects.


Some of the tales are cool, such as the one in which famed British comedian Nick Mohammed talks about his childhood magic show. Sara Pascoe then shares some of her heartbreaking teen poetry. Furthermore, Amelia Dimoldenberg has a fascinating tale about how she became obsessed with being Vogue’s editor.


This podcast is perfect for you if you enjoy listening to amusing and creative people talk about their early, often revealing experiences. It’s similar to receiving a backstage pass for their embarrassing yet incredible journey.

Early Work with Rhys Jamеs Podcast

Conan O'Briеn Nееds a Friеnd

Conan O’Briеn Nееds a Friеnd is one of the most fun podcasts to listen to available everywhere. If you want the best comedy talk podcast, it is really adorable, and this is where Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend shines.


Conan O’Brien is well known for his late-night talk shows in America, but it’s his podcast where the magic happens. Here, he engages in lengthy conversations with others. He is quite amusing and excellent at generating thought-provoking responses from his guests.


He had invited several famous guests like Bruce Springsteen, Tom Hanks, and Jeff Goldblum, and even invited Barack Obama twice on podcasts. These well-known names add to the podcast, so give this podcast a listen if you’re ready for some amusing and heartwarming conversations. You can always count on Conan and Sona to make you laugh and keep you interested.

Conan O'Briеn Nееds a Friеnd Podcast

Dеar Joan and Jеricha

Vicki Pepperdine and Julia Davis, both known for their dark British comedies and for their work on shows like Getting On and Sally4Ever, team up to play completely outrageous agony aunts in a podcast named Dеar Joan and Jеricha.


These two have 32 years of combined experience, which they have in a variety of fields. They are knowledgeable about life coaching, women’s health, and even psycho-genital therapy. There’s more, though, because they have also published sports journalism.


Joan has five children and a large family due to her numerous marriages. She has recently tried her hand at writing steamy stories. On the other hand, Jerihca has been married for thirty years and has a daughter named Cardinal, and she has a great number of books published about addiction under her name.


Prepare yourself to laugh a lot right now. They provide some strange advice, and you might feel a little bad for laughing so loudly afterward. So, if you’re looking for some strange and amusing advice, this podcast should be on your list.

Dеar Joan and Jеricha Podcast

Thе Dollop

Dave Anthony and Gareth Reynolds have a great podcast about American history. Even though the style is fairly typical, their show is still excellent. They discuss events that occurred in America many years ago.


There are many episodes to choose from but start with an interesting episode about the baseball player Rube Waddell. He was a great player but wasn’t very clever; he would get sidetracked by people waving cute puppies or sparkling objects.


Then comes an episode on a brutal motor race from New York to Paris in 1908. They also did live concerts in the UK about cool people like Emmeline Pankhurst and Dr. William Price, a neo-druid. They even have a podcast specifically for the UK. Give this podcast a try if you enjoy history and want to hear entertaining stories. 

Thе Dollop Podcast


Podcasting is not all about seriousness, but there are available niches like fun podcasts to listen to, which can be fantastic ways to brightеn your day and еxpand your knowledge. These podcasts have a way of lifting your mood and will make you feel entertained. 


Another plus point is that your favorite actors or pеrsonalitiеs may host some podcasts, and by listening to them, you can have the experience of having a conversation with them. Also, you can laugh along with their storiеs and learn new things. So, it’s a wondеrful way to pass thе timе and feel connected to thе world around you.

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