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What do Helicopter Parents and MSM Have in Common

What do Helicopter Parents and MSM Have in Common?

Years ago, many, many years ago, I was president of my daughters’ fastpitch league. No one else would take the job.

One of the tasks as president was begging local high schools and middle schools to allow us to use their softball diamonds 2-3 afternoons a week for games. Most were good sports about it, for the right price.

One particular high school principal was gracious and flexible with the fields. As we were chatting, I asked him if he had any funny stories about student pranks or anything else recent.

He said, “yeah it’s funny, but maddening and sad. I can’t figure out where I am landing on this experience yet.”

He proceeded to tell me that they had caught a young man on school cameras breaking into a locker and stealing some money and other items.

The principal called the student and his parents into his office. He brought up the situation, but the parents immediately denied that their son would do such a thing.

The principal then played a video of the young man breaking into the locker and stealing money and other items.

The mother looked the principal straight in the eye, with a calm, resolute voice, and said, “That isn’t my son.”

The principal, stunned, asked, “Mrs. [Helicopter Parent], this picture is very clear. There is no doubt it is your son.”

She replied, “that isn’t my son.”

My brain recalled this story as I watched and listened to the biased press, Biden-paid influencers, and Biden celebrities push back—some would say gaslight—against the video clips of Biden walking, talking, and acting like a confused old man. White House Press Secretary Jean-Pierre even went so far as to claim the videos are “cheap fakes.”

This would be comical if it wasn’t so pathetically sad and dishonest. And the Biden sycophants in the press are playing along. I mean they are circling the wagons.

White House Press Secretary Jean-Pierre even went so far as to claim the videos are “cheap fakes.

No one has to watch just clips; watch the whole thing. He wanders off like a toddler. And I am going to give him the benefit of the doubt at the Hollywood fundraiser. It’s okay, Republicans, for someone to enjoy the acclaim and soak it in. Former Pres. Obama probably jumped the gun, but … and this is a big BUT, that unexplainable moment would have no legs if this were not a Biden pattern.

You can hate Trump all you want, but folks, when you have Biden’s helicopter parents—I mean the press—telling Americans that their eyes are lying and what they are seeing is a figment of their imagination, we have a real problem. It is this biased, nonsensical propaganda that is simply going to elect Donald Trump as president.

Anyone with one or two working eyes and common sense should be disgusted.

Note: the opinions expressed herein are those of Chuck Warren only and not his co-host Sam Stone or Breaking Battlegrounds’ staff.

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