Make Protest Donors Liable

Make Protest Donors Liable

The pro-Hamas protests sweeping campuses are as organic as Hamas is peaceful. They are well-funded, and nationally organized. 

(Breaking Battlegrounds recently interviewed Jeff Reynolds, author of Behind the Curtain, who has been exposing the scope and scale of the funding flowing to anti-American protest groups. It’s well worth your time to listen to the interview, and if you’re so inclined, buy Jeffrey’s book here.)

My takeaway: it’s long past time to do something to hold the people financing these protests accountable.

State legislatures and Congress need to draft and pass a law stating that if you donate to a non-profit that finances protests, and the protests create property damage or God forbid, physical damage and assault on someone, individual donors may all be held financially responsible for the physical assaults and property damage.  

It is akin to laws many states have that hold bars and bar employees responsible for continuing to serve an intoxicated individual who then leaves, gets behind the wheel, and injures or kills someone.

Harsh? Yes. But of all the insidious people trying to divide and conquer America, this group of liberal donors who fund division, junk science, and chip away at free speech is the most damaging. Their objectives and actions only make sense if they seek government and regulatory control over what they perceive as the uneducated proletariat.

The largest contributors to these antisemitic college protests are some of the biggest names in Democratic circles: Soros, Rockefeller and Pritzker

What have their donations done? They have paid for professional protestors, non-college agitators, a lot of matching tents – and a huge amount of vandalism, intimidation, and violence.

I view the First Amendment as sacrosanct. Sadly, that view – which used to be the norm – is slowly being chipped away. Much of it is due to educator professional class on college campuses. Example: 71% of college men say protecting free speech is more important than fostering an inclusive society. On the other hand, over half (58%) of college women say inclusivity should take precedence. 

Free speech is important. These anti-Israel, antisemitic and anti-American protests can continue until the cows come home for all I care. That is the beauty of America. But what is not acceptable, is blocking Jewish students from entering campus, inciting violence, and hijacking institutions to make your point. Once you do that, you and your overlords (liberal donors) need to pay the price.

These liberal donors only view these protestors as pawns. They don’t care about them, but they do care about making revolutionary changes, and they don’t give a hoot if the numbskulls get arrested or even hurt.

State legislatures and Congress need to act now

Pass legislation that if you donate to a non-profit, that finances protests, and the protests create property damage or, God forbid, physical damage and assault on someone, the individual donors should all be held financially responsible.

Time to make these Phantoms of Socialism pony up for their misdeeds.

Note: the opinions expressed herein are those of Chuck Warren only and not his co-host Sam Stone or Breaking Battlegrounds’ staff.

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