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Pedophilia, Lies, and Video Tape

Pedophilia, Lies, and Video Tape – Excuses Won’t Make Biden Fit for Office

Joe Biden has dementia, the entire world knows it, the left can’t accept it. Biden’s empty-eyed, rambling performance wasn’t the result of a cold, as his team tried to claim 30 minutes into the debate. Afterwards, when it was clear no one bought that farcical assertion, and the New York Times editorial board was busy issuing a call for Biden to step aside, the Leftstream media and distraught Democrats responded by going into excuse-making overdrive…

Joe Biden has dementia

You read that right, but your eyes got fooled. Joe Biden didn’t spend most of the debate blankly contemplating his bedtime pudding, it was the lighting and camera angle, you rubes.

Then there’s this gem…

Nicole Minet

Biden was so befuddled by Trump’s lies that his brain short-circuited. Forget the lighting, it was a psychological manipulation technique employed by that evil Orange Man. 

But if you don’t buy into the lighting or some Dr. Evil class mastermind plot to disrupt Biden’s brain cells being the decisive factor, you could just take it from that it ain’t Joe, it’s you, and our doddering President is just too dang nice to say the things he needs to say to win…

What Joe Biden cant't bring himself to say

Also, you’re a racist. And when all else failed, they tried to pull a Thuneberg…

The highly questionable “wisdom” of children aside, what does it say about the American far left that they spend all day railing on Trump for lying, and then post such obvious fabrications? 

Lastly, I can’t let this piece go without pointing out who Joe Biden really is:

Joe Biden is a man who forced his teenage daughter to shower with him. He’s the “Big Guy” who took millions of dollars in bribes from China and Ukraine, including when he was the sitting Vice President. When that information was about to come out right before the election, and it was clear the disclosure would hand Trump the 2020 election, Biden enlisted the help of 51 U.S. intel and State Department officers to lie about it. Which, to put it plainly, means Biden enlisted 51 high level government officials to commit treason on his behalf. 

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