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Podcast 161: Abe Hamadeh’s Future Endeavors and Mike Coté’s Historical Take on Today’s Events

Abe Hamadeh
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Podcast 161: Abe Hamadeh's Future Endeavors and Mike Coté's Historical Take on Today's Events

This week on Breaking Battlegrounds, we have guest host Michelle Ugenti-Rita filling in for Chuck Warren, along with co-host Sam Stone. Join us as we welcome our first guest, Abe Hamadeh, who’s running to represent Arizona’s 8th Congressional District. A former U.S. Army Reserve Captain and Intelligence Officer, Abe is a staunch America-first fighter, and he’ll share his vision for securing the southern border and holding the government accountable. Our second guest, Mike Coté, founder of Rational Policy and a writer at the National Review, offers a historical perspective on policy, international affairs, and politics. Tune in for engaging discussions and expert insights into the political landscape.

About our guests

Abe Hamadeh is a former U.S. Army Reserve Captain & Intelligence Officer, Maricopa county prosecutor and an America first fighter. Abe is the son of immigrants; his family fled places like Syria and Venezuela. He knows all too well that if America falls, the flame of freedom may be extinguished forever. Abe is running to represent Arizona’s 8th Congressional District where he grew up, having gone to Happy Valley School, Stetson Hills, and Terramar. He is honored to be the voice of the district back in Washington.

Mike Coté is a writer for the National Review and historian focusing on great-power rivalry and geopolitics. He blogs at and hosts the Rational Policy podcast.


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