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76 Podcast: Hans Mahncke on the Durham Probe

Hans Mahncke
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76 Podcast: Hans Mahncke on the Durham Probe
This week on Breaking Battlegrounds, we are joined by Rod Dorilás, a Republican running for Congress in Florida’s 21st Congressional District. Later in the show, Hans Mahncke of the Epoch Times calls in to give us the latest on the Durham probe. Finally, Kory Langhofer gives us an inside look at the Democrats’ attempts to disqualify Republicans from running for re-election. Rod Dorilás is the first-generation son of two immigrants from Haiti. His father immigrated to Florida to pick crops, and eventually his parents went on to own a small business. From a young age, his parents instilled in him the importance of hard work, integrity, and service.

At age 17, Rod enlisted in the United States Navy, serving for six years as a Petty Officer Second Class and Assistant Engagement Control Officer onboard the USS The Sullivans, stationed in Jacksonville. There, he was responsible for planning and executing the deployment of Tomahawk Land Attack Missiles on the Ballistic Missile Defense destroyer.

Upon completion of his military service, Rod attended law school at Syracuse University with the help of the G.I. Bill. After graduating, he served in President Trump’s Administration in the U.S. Department of Commerce. While serving our great nation, Rod fought tirelessly to ensure that American families and businesses weren’t taken advantage of by China.

Rod is a true public servant and is dedicated to serving his country and community. He wants to ensure that every American, through hard work and perseverance, can achieve the American Dream. Rod is running for Congress in South Florida to continue Trump’s America First Agenda and defend our country from the Radical Left.


Hans Mahncke holds LL.B. (Southampton), LL.M. (Amsterdam) and Ph.D. magna cum laude (Zurich) degrees in law. Hans has taught law at tertiary institutions across the globe since 2001. He specializes in core common law subjects, such as contract and tort, as well as in international economic law. Hans is the author of numerous books and his research has been published in renowned journals, including the Leiden Journal of International Law and Legal Issues of Economic Integration. Hans also serves as in-house counsel at a global investment advisory firm. He is now the host of Truth Over News on Epoch TV.


Kory Langhofer has extensive experience in political law, constitutional law, and government enforcement proceedings. He regularly serves as a legal expert in print, radio, and television news reports.


Noteworthy experience includes the following:

  • Counsel for Donald J. Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign and transition team

  • General counsel for Ms. Carly Fiorina’s 2016 presidential campaign

  • Litigation counsel for Gov. Mitt Romney’s 2012 presidential campaign.

  • Lead counsel for the Arizona State Senate’s investigation and trial of a sitting Arizona State Senator, resulting in the Senator’s resignation.

  • Lead prosecutor in multiple federal criminal trials, each resulting in guilty verdicts.

  • Lead plaintiff’s counsel in multiple successful election contests in federal court.

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