39 Podcast: Lacy Cooper on Border Security, Public Safety, and Civil Rights

Lacy Cooper
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39 Podcast: Lacy Cooper on Border Security, Public Safety, and Civil Rights
This week on Breaking Battlegrounds, Chuck and Sam are joined in studio by candidate for Arizona Attorney General, Lacy Cooper. For the past eight years, Lacy has been on the front lines securing Arizona’s and our nation’s border. As a federal prosecutor and Border Security Section Chief in the United States Attorney’s Office, Lacy fought against dangerous Mexican cartels who were trafficking drugs and humans into the United States and firearms and cash back to Mexico. She prosecuted gang members who deteriorated the fabric of our local communities, and terrorists who took advantage of loopholes in the United States’ immigration system. Lacy knows firsthand what it takes to keep our country safe, and she has a record of doing just that.

Lacy began her career as a Deputy County Attorney in Gila County fighting all levels of crime and defending the vulnerable. She spearheaded a task force targeting the most prevalent drug dealers. She prosecuted white-collar criminals who defrauded Arizonans. And she obtained lengthy sentences for sexual predators. Lacy ensured victims’ rights were protected and justice was served.


Lacy has lived in Arizona for over 30 years. She moved to Arizona in elementary school and graduated from Dobson High School in Mesa. Born in the oil fields of southeastern New Mexico, Lacy learned the value of hard work from her father’s side of the family, all of whom spent their Friday nights at high school football games and their Saturday mornings on the rigs. She was also blessed to have school teachers, coaches and administrators on her mother’s side who devoted themselves to her education. Lacy brings this legacy of perseverance, aptitude and servant leadership to all of her endeavors.


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