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14 Podcast: Mia Love on Immigration and the Border Crisis

Mia Love
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14 Podcast: Mia Love on Immigration and the Border Crisis
Former Congresswoman Mia Love joins Sam Stone and Chuck Warren on this weeks episode of Breaking Battlegrounds.

Love was the first African-American Republican woman in Congress. She brought a unique personal history and diverse résumé to the House. Love, the daughter of Haitian immigrants, was born in New York, studied theater in Connecticut, converted to the Church of Latter-day Saints, moved to Utah, and was a staunch proponent of small government. But Love’s career in politics, long before she served in the House, revolved around policy more than her individual story. “I wasn’t elected in Saratoga Springs because of my race or my gender or my heels,” she said in 2013 about her time as mayor. “I was elected by the people there because I had a plan and a vision to get us financially stable.”


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