11 Podcast: Patrick Byrne on the 2020 Election Fraud

Patrick Byrne
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11 Podcast: Patrick Byrne on the 2020 Election Fraud
Patrick Byrne joins Sam Stones and Chuck Warren on this weeks episode of Breaking Battlegrounds to shed some light on issues that occurred during the 2020 election. He is the former CEO of Overstock.com and Author of The Deep Rig: How Election Fraud Cost Donald J. Trump the White House, By a Man Who did not Vote for Him.

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Podcast Transcripts:


Sam Stone: [00:00:08] Welcome to this week’s episode of Breaking Battlegrounds with your host, Sam Stone and Chuck Warren with us on the line today, we’re going to have him on in a few minutes. Patrick Byrne, former CEO of Overstock.com, a man with a pretty impressive track record. Kind of important to note here, he’s a libertarian. He did not vote for Donald Trump.


Chuck Warren: [00:00:32] In either election.


Sam Stone: [00:00:33] In either election. He doesn’t like Donald Trump at all. As a matter of fact.


Chuck Warren: [00:00:37] Did not but we’ll find out as his associations with him over this past couple of months of that opinion has changed, which will be interesting to know on a personal level.


Sam Stone: [00:00:44] I’ve heard a lot of people who have spent time with Trump have changed their mind after spending time with him. That is, his personal interactions are very different than his persona.


Chuck Warren: [00:00:53] Exactly. Exactly.


Sam Stone: [00:00:54] But I bring that up in this case because Patrick Byrne is also the author of Deep Capture, which is an Amazon.com best seller, New York Times best seller. Amazing that it hasn’t been delisted from Amazon.


Chuck Warren: [00:01:08] Well, what’s amazing is you have to actually search the name. So the easiest way to go find this book where he talks about the election and election integrity is basically go to deepcapture.com and it’s easy to find it there. You can find on Amazon, but yet they give the exact title to find it. It just doesn’t pop up. But it’s like in the top 30 in sales.


Sam Stone: [00:01:26] It’s unbelievable how far the left and these tech companies are going to completely silence conservative voices in every arena.


Chuck Warren: [00:01:34] They’re hell bent on doing it. And like I said, I’m still surprised he’s not been banned from it.


Sam Stone: [00:01:39] Yeah, me too. And despite that, Deep Capture has done really, really well. It’s drawn a lot of attention and it makes a very frankly, compelling case.


Chuck Warren: [00:01:49] So the actual title of the book, which Patrick will be talking about today, is The Deep Rig: How Election Fraud Cost Donald Trump the White House by a man who did not vote for him.


Sam Stone: [00:02:00] And that’s a perfect segue way. We have Patrick Byrne on the line right now. Welcome, Patrick.


Patrick Byrne: [00:02:07] Honor to be on your show.


Sam Stone: [00:02:09] Thank you so much for joining us. Really fascinating read. And it’s important you were not a Trump fan and we were just talking about that. Has that changed as you’ve gotten to know him a little bit in these last few months?


Patrick Byrne: [00:02:24] Well, my feelings about him changed my feelings about him, and they got and became much more, as the world knows, I spent four hours with him on December 18th. He’s a much different than that has been presented in the press for my experience with him. But I just wanted to say, you know, I was not a never Trumper. I felt this, I voted for Gary Johnson, the libertarian for president, every year since 1988. So voting for Trump or not was never a question for me. But I was when he won, it wasn’t like I was pulling my hair out. It was, you know, he won just like Obama won. I didn’t vote for the guy, but he won. So he’s president.


Sam Stone: [00:03:00] Buckle up and hope for the best.


Patrick Byrne: [00:03:03] Of course. Of course. And the enemies Trump made and the people who came out against Trump are very much people I completely despise. And so that, of course, I started feeling some affinity for him. And then given what happened, but my point is my actions over the last five, six months have zero to do with whether I like Trump or don’t like Trump. Well, I like a lot in the United States Constitution. And I like living in a society where that it believes that just the government just power derives from the consent of the governed. And we let them get away with jacking an election that we are we are we are giving up the most sacred principle of our republic.


Chuck Warren: [00:03:44] Patrick, this is Chuck Warren. So you and I, I was with you when you took on the naked shorting in Wall Street. How are there similarities to how the press and the East Coast establishment treated you during that battle versus now? And you give a little history on it? Because I think they’re very similar and, you know, it’s constructive demolition of certain things. And at that time, it was Wall Street and you had thought that you had told everybody the world was flat, the way they reacted to it. And you could just share a little bit what you went through on that, what their attacks on you personally and how it relates to what’s going on now with this effort to educate people. Look, something’s amiss here.


Patrick Byrne: [00:04:31] Thank you, Chuck. Well, it was and you were a key part of that battle 15 years ago. It is the case. There’s an aspect of 2008 that happened that people have kind of forgotten. But Alan Greenspan, when he went before Congress on that famous testimony on October 23, 2008, said at the core of this, there is this issue now what the issue is. It’s called settlement I want to get into. But there was an issue on Wall Street that has been kind of papered over that was really at the core of 2008, according to Greenspan. And I had been aware of since about 2005, there was a flaw in the Wall Street settlement system. I was jumping up and down about it, Chuck. I met him. He helped me. You helped me open doors in Washington. What I discovered in Washington was how corrupt the Washington establishment was, that all the people you would think would care about fixing a deep, systemic problem in Wall Street. Know what you know from the S.E.C. and the Senate banking, the House financial services, everyone bought on and the financial media and I’m talking about I brought out I brought whistleblowers. I brought Harvard economists who could explain all this, but no one was interested. And most importantly, the financial press came after me. And I really took I was excoriated from 05 to 08 and the financial crash because I was saying the financial system was going to implode and because of this crack in the settlement system and they ran photos of me with UFOs coming out of my head to show how crazy I was. Remember those days, Chuck?


Chuck Warren: [00:06:06] I do. Oh, yeah. The UFO cartoon’s amazing.


Sam Stone: [00:06:08] Patrick, for the for those who aren’t familiar with it, can you tell us really quickly what naked short selling is and what happened to you?


Patrick Byrne: [00:06:14] I don’t I don’t want to go into I don’t even want to use that term. And that’s a misleading and confusing term. It’s not about naked short selling and it’s about something called settlement. Settlement is the process by which when I buy stocks from you to the process by which our money in stock exchanges hands is the settlement system. And there are flaws in that system that hedge funds figured out how to manipulate. And in the process they could profit while destroying companies. At the same time, they were building up the great big pothole in the financial system. And what Greenspan pointed out was in 08, what really happened was that pothole sort of exploded on us. That was really underneath all the banking stuff and the Bernie Madoff stuff. There were trillions of dollars in our settlement system that had been looted and exploded.


Patrick Byrne: [00:07:00] So how how the technical details of how the hedge fund is for this is one of those ways is called naked short selling. There’s abuse of the option market makers. I’m sure there’s all these different ways, but the technicalities don’t matter. The thing to understand is that just like we think our voting system has a lot, until recently, a lot of people believe that our voting system had had integrity and one man, one vote and all that stuff, and people didn’t understand how much slop there really is and accounting. The same was true of Wall Street. People don’t really understand quite how sloppy under the hood everything really runs on Wall Street and that creates problems. So but the way that the press went after me and the government went after me on things I was 100 percent certain about and proved correct about, and the press later came out and acknowledged I was correct.


Patrick Byrne: [00:07:50] I thought I would never see anyone go through something like that again in my lifetime. I remember I was once walking across the Stanford campus with the president, President Kennedy and Justice O’Connor. And I forget who it was. It was either him or Justice O’Connor who said, Patrick, I wasn’t sure about whether you were right or not in your criticisms of Wall Street until I read that story last week in The New York Times about you by Joe Nocera. It was so yellow. It was so it was like out of the 19th century. I’m sure you have to be on to something because I’ve never seen press like this. Well, I thought no one would ever get abused like I was until Donald Trump came along. And as president, he stood up to such a torrent of abuse that that’s when I started to really develop some affection for him because I realized that no one would ever go through what I went through. And here was this 70 year old man, 74 year old man, taking it on the chin and he kept going.


Patrick Byrne: [00:08:44] So I did start developing real affection and admiration for him over the course of his presidency, in part because of that kind of attack. But then I mean, now I see it was all that I went through was it was a microcosm of what’s going on now with the election, with Trump and the election.


Sam Stone: [00:09:05] It was practice for these guys essentially. They had a chance to practice on people like you for gearing up to take out someone like Trump.


Patrick Byrne: [00:09:13] Yeah, it’s crazy. I mean, they should be ashamed of themselves that journalists are not even, you know, a lot of these men. Well, not a lot of them are smart, but some of them are smart. They’re smart enough to know what intellectual honesty is. They know that they’re not being intellectually honest. They know I’ve had journalists who dealt with me for years, have had me on dozens of times. They’ve told me the word came down in October. We cannot ever have you on again, Patrick. And I’ve just gotten frozen out of the mainstream press. And they know, you know, I wonder how they well, they know that they’re not trusting that they’re being intellectually dishonest now about the election. I mean, the establishment of the fact that they’re making it verboten to even discuss these topics. They’re trying to say you’re, you know, you’re a white supremacist or an extremist if you have any you know, the same people who tied up the country for four years on the grounds of a investigation that was based on a fake dossier that Hillary Clinton paid for, and yet they tied up the country for four years, are now saying 50 days after the election, they know that’s all done and settled. And we’ve looked at everything and there’s no fraud there. And anyone who raised that is an extreme is a domestic terrorist. It’s absurd.


Chuck Warren: [00:10:27] Well, it’s the same partisan coalition that after 2016 to the two thirds of Democrats felt the election was stolen by Russia. I mean, two thirds of Democrats felt the election was stolen by Russia,


Patrick Byrne: [00:10:40] For which there was absolutely zero evidence and which there was not always zero evidence when, you know, although Klaper and these kind of guys went on television and said, oh, we have grave concerns that this was Russia was when they all got wind shift, brought them into the house a year and a half ago and put them under oath and, you know, and made the testimony secret. But it got released. And 53 people in a row said when asked, did you have any any evidence at all that it was Russia, 53 of them said, well, actually, we didn’t really.


Sam Stone: [00:11:17] But to your point, Patrick, about what the press has done, I talked to my friends all the time on the East Coast and some of the friends I have still in California. And if you ask them, there is zero doubt in their minds because of the way it was presented. And then the you know, the in the dark retractions Russia colluded with Trump in the first election. They still believe that 100 percent, no question. Second, they have absolutely no no knowledge of, for instance, the Hunter Biden laptop. I mean, the news is having a real effect on limiting what people are seeing and guiding these really major national policies on fraud. I mean, it is a journalistic fraud. We’re talking electoral fraud, but…


Patrick Byrne: [00:11:17] Keeping the 100 lap laptop secret. How can anyone who wants to call himself a journalist support what they what they did? It’s absolutely you can’t believe is going on in the United States.


Sam Stone: [00:12:15] Absolutely not. We have about 45 seconds here before we go back to break. When we come back, I want to talk a little bit about your book and what you saw that went on. Chuck, you and I have talked about this topic a few times. And as I’ve told everybody, what I saw on the ground here in Arizona was the same thing I’ve been seeing on the ground for 10 years here. It’s a ballot harvesting operation. It’s illegal but it’s not fraud.


Chuck Warren: [00:12:37] It’s illegal, But they do it. Right. So let’s talk about that. We come back from the break.


Sam Stone: [00:12:43] But we also have Patrick and pretty convincing argument that there was other things. Breaking Battlegrounds will be right back.


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Sam Stone: [00:13:48] We’re back. Welcome to Breaking Battlegrounds with Chuck Warren and Sam Stone today, our special guest is Patrick Byrne, former CEO of Overstock.com, a Ph.D. in philosophy from Stanford.


Chuck Warren: [00:14:00] And you never thought that would lead to a distinguished business career. And he is the author of the book The Deep Rig: How the Election Fraud Cost Donald J Trump the White House by a Man who did not vote for him. Patrick, welcome back.


Patrick Byrne: [00:14:14] Great to be on you again.


Chuck Warren: [00:14:16] Let’s talk about let’s talk about your three main takeaways you feel from this book, what people should look at and the things that caused you that you view as red flags and that these are things that people need to look at more. And the press is simply dismissing. We have talked a little bit in the past, is that Republicans were not prepared for this election. Democrats viewed this as life and death. We viewed it as like a like an election. And we were not prepared, whether that’s legally whether having voter watchers, things of that nature, we weren’t prepared. So what are your three what are three major takeaways or red flags you saw that you feel like really need to be investigated?


Patrick Byrne: [00:14:55] Oh, well, here’s the here’s the big one. And people say, where’s the evidence? The evidence is right in front of them. They just need to look at a different way. Any political scientist in the country can tell you that to steal the national election, you don’t need widespread voter fraud. You need to cheat like hell in six places, six counties. But for you need to cheat in six counties, Clark County, which is Las Vegas, Maricopa, which is Phoenix, Milwaukee, Detroit, Philly and Atlanta.


Patrick Byrne: [00:15:34] And the reason is those six cities share one another, share certain features there, the anchor cities of swing states. So if you can cheat like hell in that one county, you can flip the state by flipping the state, six swing states to tip the electoral college, by flipping that flip the country. So in some to steal the country, you just need to really cheat like crazy in six cities. And those six cities are the ones I just named. And what, you know, on November 3rd on election night is a great and unprecedented thing happened where essentially simultaneously voting was shut down in six cities in America. And what were they? They were Las Vegas, Phoenix, Milwaukee, Detroit, Philly and Atlanta. What an odd coincidence. You know, allegedly they were shut down because like in Atlanta and the great big stadium state for an arena, a water pipe burst and they had to evacuate in the middle of counting before they got out of the building.


Patrick Byrne: [00:16:36] Well, it turned out, you know, investigators later determined a urinal had overflowed in the basement. That was it. And then in each of those six cities, while the vote counting was shut down and people and the observers were forced to leave and everyone was allegedly forced to leave. It turns out that they actually did continue counting and what do you know, there were swings of 170,000 or 500,000 votes suddenly and after everyone had been swept out of the building.


Patrick Byrne: [00:17:07] And then it turns out that you have videos of people in Fulton County when people were pulled out. You have videos of people pulling, you know, boxes of ballots out from under hidden underneath desks and taking them and running them through counting machines multiple times, generating probably several well over 100,000 fake votes just there. And then in that case, a woman of one of the people who was in that video both made a public video and wrote online and social media a confession where she said, yeah, we did this. My daughter and I do this because we just knew we had to do the right thing and stop Donald Trump and this and that and that’s why we did this. So, you know, we’ve got everything from the statistical outliers to the videos of the people doing it to the public confessions of the people who did. And then the press says, yeah, but where’s the evidence?


Patrick Byrne: [00:17:58] It’s it’s surreal, real. So that happened. In six cities had nothing to do with them, people want to say, well, actually, it has to do with race or something has nothing to do with race. Those six cities have this feature. They are the anchor cities of swing states. So if you cheat in just that very discreet place, that one county you can in those six counties, if you cheat like crazy, in those six counties, you can steal the whole country. And that’s what happened.


Sam Stone: [00:18:24] Patrick, you know, I saw the video of the woman dragging that suitcase out in Fulton County, Atlanta, and my assumption was exactly that, that you’ve got a suitcase. You dragged a suitcase full of blank ballots in and you’re planning on deploying them at that point. But when you bring up the point about her bragging about it online, essentially confessing to it, that, again, is something nobody in the media has covered to the point I keep my ear to the ground. Chuck, did you know that?


Chuck Warren: [00:18:51] Well, no, you don’t. And, you know, that’s how the media does things. I mean, I just read a thing about this horrible mass murder in Atlanta with these massage parlors, basically. And there was a day, the experts are saying, because the murderer said, well, this wasn’t based on race. And they said, well, he doesn’t know what it was based on.


Sam Stone: [00:19:12] Right.


Chuck Warren: [00:19:12] Right. So, I mean, I sort of feel like they take this woman’s video like she doesn’t know what she’s talking about.


Sam Stone: [00:19:16] Oh, I saw the mayor of Atlanta, Keisha Lance Bottoms, coming out and saying, oh, no, no, this is not about what he says it is. It is not about what the actual perpetrator says it is.


Chuck Warren: [00:19:25] So you’re supposed to take things at value for what people say. But we’re not going to take this woman who said I brought this suitcase in for a reason. I mean, that’s just that’s the press, this information.


Patrick Byrne: [00:19:37] Right. Well, just like the guy at Fort Hood in Texas who was shouting Allahu Akbar as he shot a bunch of his colleagues and that Army base, but now you can’t infer from that, what his motives were. On the other hand, if somebody did say something that I did this, you know, because of white supremacy reason, we can be sure that the press would believe he knew his reasons for what that persons motives were.


Sam Stone: [00:20:02] Without a doubt. I’m sorry to cut you off. We have a couple more minutes in the segment. And I wanted to ask one kind of important question, I think is how should have the Trump legal team have pursued this differently when all these things came up? What should what could or should they or could they have done anything differently that would have changed the outcome?


Patrick Byrne: [00:20:24] Oh, it was an extraordinarily different approach. The truth is the Trump legal team, as it was, did not I think they were actually compromised. There were some people who were quite weak and so disruptive. I think they may have been trying to scuttle any opposition. Their original plan was to file three formal objections and three states and then just let it slide. They really had no appetite for a fight only through the work of Susan Powell, who was not really on the team, who who was trying. And we were bringing her all this information and she had some sources of her own and she was giving to them, but they just pushed back totally. They didn’t want any part of her, frankly. They did not want to fight for Trump at all. What they should have done. And we had a great solution I described in the book, and that was the president absolutely had the authority to send based on executive orders that he signed and Obama signed, absolutely had the authority to declare. I find that there has been enough foreign interference in this election. We’re going to look into it. Send a federal force of some kind, be it the FBI, the DHS, the National Guard, the U.S. Marshals, send them to those six counties. Here’s the point that everyone missed, these but these systems were sold to us on the premise that there’s always a paper ballot, there’s always a backup, there’s always a failsafe. Well let’s hold them to it. Send the federal group in to look at those six counties, open up the boxes and count them on live stream TV. If the president would have been willing to do that, which he had the authority to do with no information, it could all been over in two days. And this week we were we had this plan by mid-November and we were saying do this. And in two or three days we’ll have the answer. I think that what he and I worked with a bunch of scientists who are keen in this area and they say they say he would have found 300 to 500,000 vote discrepancies in each of those counties.


Sam Stone: [00:22:18] Well, that is that is absolutely amazing and Patrick, thank you for being on the show, because they said this is information I keep my ear to the ground. You keep your ear to the ground. We haven’t heard. Breaking Battlegrounds will be right back with Patrick Byrne.


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Chuck Warren: [00:23:27] Welcome back to Breaking Battlegrounds with Chuck Warren and Sam Stone, our special guest today, Dr. Patrick Byrne, the author of The Deep Rig: How Election Fraud Cost Donald J Trump the White House by a man who did not vote for him twice out of the twice there. Patrick, what are what are a couple things that you feel our audience and voters should question about this election and challenge them to dig into it themselves?


Patrick Byrne: [00:23:57] Ok, well, the first thing is the stopping of the counting on election night. That’s not just weird. The fact that it happened in precisely the six cities, it had to, you know, did the water pipes know which cities to break in? Those six cities are the ones any polisci professor can tell you are the cities where you would rig an election and what do you know? And all six cities, something weird happened and had to stop counting. That’s a big tip off. Secondly, adjudication, when you go and vote and you slide your ballot in. If the machine has trouble reading it, it pops it into another channel and humans are supposed to look at it later and decide and figure out who you are trying to vote for. That’s called adjudication. The standard is well under one percent of ballots should have to be adjudicated. In Maricopa County, the number I don’t think that’s out in the public yet. I’ll give you something that’s not in the public. In Maricopa County my understanding now is that it was 11 percent, 230,000 ballots on 2.1 Million. So it’s 11 percent of people who went in and voted, unbeknown to them, their votes did not register for the machines and essentially they gave their proxy to somebody who was working in that precinct, Rudy Friedemann, somebody like that.


Sam Stone: [00:25:15] And my understanding is what you’re telling us is correct. And I’ve talked to folks here that say that is correct, that 11 percent. But that has never once been reported in the local media here. I don’t think anybody is aware that one out of 10 ballots, essentially someone in that office made a decision who you voted for.


Patrick Byrne: [00:25:34] Yeah. You gave your proxy to a stranger. And then here’s the worst part of that. What we what people didn’t know is these machines have the capability that it you know, it isn’t necessarily the case that some human sat later and looked at your ballot and decided, you know, they could have looked at it and then just said, no matter what you voted, I’d make this for Biden. But it may even be worse than that. These machines have the capability. Suppose there’s a thousand ballots built up from some precincts that need to be adjudicated. The precinct administrator has the power to just come by and with a mouse drag and drop that stack of a thousand ballots waiting to be adjudicated, he just drag and drop them into the Joe Biden folder. And you just created a thousand Joe Biden votes. So those those people who thought there, if they even were aware that their votes would be adjudicated, it probably thought some humans are going to look at it later and try to give right thing. Turns out that you have every low level precinct administrator has the ability to just drag and drop, a thousand ballots at a time, which is why you see these crazy spikes. And that’s 864 straight Biden votes, which would never happen in nature no matter where you are. There’s so many irregularities.


Sam Stone: [00:26:52] This is stunning. I mean, really, when you look at this, I had no idea that was possible with these systems.


Patrick Byrne: [00:26:59] Did you know that in Atlanta, one of the election administrators admitted publicly in one area of 190,000 votes, 103,000 got adjudicated so roughly 93 percent. So 94 percent of the people who voted thought they voted. They gave their votes to Ruby Freeman or one of her colleagues to decide who they want to tell me. Yeah, it is stunning. It’s beyond belief that America is about our brand is election is what we stand for to the world. And yet in our elections, these kinds of things happen that you would not accept in a Bolivian election. And we would be laughing if Bolivia ran the elections this way, we’d be saying, what, a third, you know what, a third world silly place. And yet it’s happened in America.


Sam Stone: [00:27:48] Well, an interesting those are the machines that we ended up using a lot in these elections have been used in some pretty questionable elections in places like Bolivia.


Patrick Byrne: [00:27:58] Oh, Philippines, Serbia, there were a couple of African countries, there have been election over the last five years have been all kinds of election scandals around the world for these machines are used, especially whenever one it looks to me like when goons get in power, what they do is they bring in these election, these machines because they know they can lock in there if they they can lock in a rig for the next election. Yeah, it is. It’s amazing when people start hearing even 11 percent. Is that shocking to you that 11 percent of voters in Maricopa gave their had their votes adjudicated?


Sam Stone: [00:28:35] Patrick, that is beyond stunning to me. I mean, I had no idea I am as connected as anybody here in the Phoenix area. I had no idea that occurred and the fact that it hasn’t been made a big issue is astounding. It shows you again how bad our press is.


Patrick Byrne: [00:28:55] We were so we were up in and from Michigan or some cyber guys I was working with went up to that and from and from county there. And, you know, one thing that would be great would be to get a hold of the Maricopa machine.


Sam Stone: [00:29:07] Patrick, I have to cut you off Breaking Battlegrounds, we’ll be right back. I want you to continue that thought.


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Chuck Warren: [00:29:43] Welcome back to Breaking Battlegrounds with my distinguished co-host, Sam Stone. I’m Chuck Warren. Today we have with us Dr. Patrick Byrne, the author of The Deep Rig: How the Election Fraud Cost Donald J. Trump the White House by a man who did not vote for him. You can find that on Amazon.com. It’s a top 40 best seller, even though they keep trying to hide it. It’s there. Go get it. You can get it on Kindle. And it’s a great read. And it’ll cause you to open your mind a little bit, think about things a little bit and look at it yourself. Patrick, we were talking about Michigan. Let’s get you back to your train of thought about that. Then after that, why don’t you tell us what you think is going to happen with these Dominion lawsuits of, you know, billions of dollars are trying to get from people?


Patrick Byrne: [00:30:25] Ok, well, let’s see. It’s a bunch of questions at once. Let me just say, what do you want me to start again?


Chuck Warren: [00:30:33] Start with Michigan, you’re telling the Michigan story. Going up to Antrim.


Patrick Byrne: [00:30:37] Antrim, Michigan, which had a five or six thousand error, which they tried to put down to a clerical error, which we discovered is that we when we got up there, we discovered or my colleagues, they discovered that the audit logs on these machines had been erased on November 4th at 11 p.m.. Now, these machines have audit logs. First of all, the precinct manager can edit. That defeats the whole point of an audit log. Secondly, they erased it on the night of November 4th. They had these machines, had the audit logs from the November 16 election, the 2018 election, but they erased it from the 2020 election. I’d love to see the audit logs if we ever get access to Maricopa, because we’re going to find out if there was 11 percent that got adjudicated, know how many actually were just drag and drop and things like that. So there’s all kinds of things. Things. Well, Michigan’s craziness on a small scale and from counties we’re going to discover in Michigan, in Fulton County, Georgia, and then Phoenix and everywhere else.


Patrick Byrne: [00:31:46] My recommendation to people is you have to get involved in the actual mechanics of the election. You can either get a four hour training course in most places, which lets you be a polling observer. But that’s not enough. What the goon left does. The Union goon left, is they send people to the two days of training and after two days of training, you actually work in the precinct. And so the precincts are overwhelmingly staffed by, I say, left wing Democrats who have taken a two days training there. So you have you have a group of Ruby Freeman’s running your election machinery, you have your counting and all that.


Sam Stone: [00:32:27] Patrick, if I can jump in and kind of add to that point real quickly, one of the things I work with the city of Phoenix and one of the things that we do is we have release time here, which allows union members who are paid by the public to work entirely on union duties. When it comes to elections those union release time members are the ones who go down and get that two day training. And they’re selected members are given additional release time to go down and do that training, so you actually have the public this is really kind of nefarious. You have the public paying. For these folks to go in and be able to put their thumb on the scale of an election,


Patrick Byrne: [00:33:09] We’re paying them to go steal our election.


Sam Stone: [00:33:10] Yeah, yeah, it’s nuts.


Patrick Byrne: [00:33:11] I run into groups over the last few months with names like Bikers for Trump as opposed to big burly guys who are patriotic Americans. And I think guys like that, because we’ve seen these videos of been the polling stations, how the goons try to intimidate observers and push people around. And they, you know, the gang up on some little lady who’s just trying to be a good citizen and give a gang up and shout at her and stuff like this. We have to send bikers in next time. People aren’t going to be intimidated. Not that we want fights. We want where the nonviolence, they’re the goons, were the nonviolent people. We have to send people in to get training who are not going to be intimidated just because there are a few people shouting in their face and who are going to be work in the precinct. So it’s not a bunch of left wing, you know, social justice warriors doing the operating the vote, the election, because we know that what we know what they’ve done. That is absolutely key. We I think we have a 70 percent chance. If we can make it 20 months, what’s going to happen is is going to be a landslide. Americans have seen their true colors of the left, it is going to a landslide against them. We have 20 months that we have to hold out, but by then we have to have an army of people who go and work in the precinct, especially in swing states, and prevent this from being any nonsense taking place. And we don’t get intimidated by these nobodies.


Sam Stone: [00:34:30] Conservative linebackers out there and we need you to show up.


Chuck Warren: [00:34:35] As we wrap up here, you wrote, there’s three things that public needs to do next. First of all, don’t panic. Number two, remain nonviolent, which is very important, are these rascals who stormed the Capitol on January 6 did not help anything. And they are destructive.


Patrick Byrne: [00:34:52] Absolutely.


Chuck Warren: [00:34:52] And they are just they need to be punished to the fullest. And the law, they did not help the situation at all. And number three, you said focus your political attention and efforts on election integrity no matter what else you do. This is first and foremost the most important thing. Is there anything you want to add as we wrap up here?


Patrick Byrne: [00:35:09] No, that was a great summary. Better than better than I could have done myself, Chuck. Thank you.


Chuck Warren: [00:35:14] Patrick, my friend. Thank you for being on and join us today. We have enjoyed your time and let’s have you on again soon.


Sam Stone: [00:35:19] Absolutely. Mind blowing information.


Patrick Byrne: [00:35:21] Keep fighting the good fight, gentlemen.


Chuck Warren: [00:35:23] Thanks, buddy. I appreciate it.


Sam Stone: [00:35:25] Oh, Chuck, that was a great conversation. He’s bringing up all sorts of stuff. I had no idea.


Chuck Warren: [00:35:30] You need a look. You need to look into that and let’s report back on it. And some of that stuff I had not heard. We maybe, you know, we need to talk to some of our friends within the county recorder’s office and find out what those are and get some…


Sam Stone: [00:35:42] You know, there’s there’s always a tendency in government. I think people misunderstand when you’re outside of the system that, you know, people think politicians run the show.


Chuck Warren: [00:35:51] Oh, yeah. No bureaucracy runs the show. I mean, people do understand is when Congress passes a law that’s great, they pass a law. But it’s a bureaucrat who’s been there for twenty years who ends up writing the law.


Sam Stone: [00:36:03] And interpreting it in how its going to be regulated.


Chuck Warren: [00:36:07] Well, let’s go to something positive.


Sam Stone: [00:36:11] So we didn’t open with our sunshine moment music, but we still have our sunshine moment.


Chuck Warren: [00:36:16] Maybe we can all hum it. Oh, there it is. No one wants to hear his helmet. That’s sad.


Sam Stone: [00:36:23] Chuck. No one wants to hear us hum anything.


Chuck Warren: [00:36:26] Oh, no.


Kiley kipper: [00:36:27] Well, when I came across this story, it actually it made me smile because it reminded me of my own grandma who actually listens to this show now.


Chuck Warren: [00:36:35] Oh, yeah.


Sam Stone: [00:36:37] So our listenership is up to 2 your grandmother, my father.


Chuck Warren: [00:36:41] Three, three, three.


Sam Stone: [00:36:42] Oh, OK, good.


Kiley kipper: [00:36:43] But she often says age is just a number and I know if she could she’d be working today. She was a nurse. She loved her job. But the story is there is a police officer in southern Arkansas who has no plans to retire. He’s 91 years old. He’s the oldest officer in the state. And he said he’ll retire when the good Lord tells him to. And he was actually his name is LC Smith, but he likes to go by Buckshot.


Chuck Warren: [00:37:11] I love that.


Kiley kipper: [00:37:12] And he he grew up in Camden, Arkansas, and he was a sheriff’s deputy there for 46 years. And he did retire for five months and said that he had no fun in those five months. He missed his job. He doesn’t hunt he doesn’t fish. And he was like, I just want to get back to work. So he is a rookie cop now for Camden, Arkansas, and he plans on rolling and patrolling is what he says. And the mayor said that his best weapon is that he knows your mother and he knows your grandmother. So he actually takes more people home than he does to jail because he has that relationship and he built respect of the people of the town.


Sam Stone: [00:37:50] That is really amazing. You know, I grew up in a small town and we had that kind of relationship with the police. I remember actually one time my father ran a stop sign and t boned a police cruiser.


Chuck Warren: [00:38:02] Oh, my goodness.


Sam Stone: [00:38:03] And the cop got out of the car and comes over to him and goes, Oh, Marty, this is you got to be more careful. Can you pay for it? OK, we’re good. And you’re on your way. That’s a you know, honestly, it’s too bad we cannot get back to more of that type of policing and what this guy is doing. And when you know the people in your community, it changes everything.


Chuck Warren: [00:38:27] Oh, absolutely. Absolutely.


Sam Stone: [00:38:29] It changes everything. We had a cop here who was actually the cop in the Miranda law case that created the Miranda Law. Yeah, George. And I’m blanking on his last name. And pardon me for that. But, you know, he was one of those guys who was deeply embedded. He had served here for 60 some years. He was deeply embedded in the South Phoenix community. He knew everyone there. And he got into this case basically because when he walked into a bar and bought some marijuana off a guy, he didn’t give them the warning that he was a he was a cop. And he was as he told us the story, he was laughing because he said everyone in there knew me and they knew I was a cop.


Chuck Warren: [00:39:13] That institution that institutional knowledge, that community knowledge really helps just not with policing, but all aspects of service. I mean, that’s why you find great pastors who’ve been there for years and how they have such an influence. They know the history. They know the the trials, the tribulations of jubilation and we’re missing that a lot in government and community service is the one thing I hate seeing. We often see a lot on nonprofit boards because the moneys become so good for those on top that they switch jobs. But you need them to stay because they know the people, they know the purpose. And I know that goes against all MBA type classes that you need change of leadership to get new excitement in. But there is something to be said about knowledge. There’s also something to be said about not retiring. I don’t I don’t think full retirement is a good thing for people.


Sam Stone: [00:40:09] I actually think in the really rare case, when you’re someone who is completely filled your life with hobbies, it works.


Chuck Warren: [00:40:16] If if you’re you’re being action oriented.


Sam Stone: [00:40:19] Yeah. But otherwise, I think it’s a terrible idea. My father tried to retire three times. He’s awful at retiring. He’s great at working so well. He was 93 and still working.


Chuck Warren: [00:40:28] He was successful. Right. In other ways. The LDS church has all these great missionary programs that seniors do all the time. There’s a there’s a couple in my neighborhood that’s been on four missions, you know, and they it keeps them active. It keeps a young lady in great health. And it’s because they have a purpose and people need a purpose. That’s one thing that concerns me about the high schoolers, especially through this pandemic. What is their purpose right now?


Sam Stone: [00:40:52] It’s a huge issue. I watched a few years ago, and this was before the pandemic. One of my neighbors, an elderly gentleman who became increasingly isolated and cut off, didn’t have a lot of family. The you know, they kind of all passed away, really didn’t have many connections. And when I first met him, he was a very vibrant man. And within two or three years, his mental health deteriorated because of that isolation and that inactivity to the point that he was going out and seeing, you know, the face of God in Gravell pieces of gravel from the driveway and cleaning them and turning them into shrines obsessively all day. Really kind of scary behavior, and this has been a very stable guy, it’s really important, folks, if you’re out there, you got, you know, your parents, your grandparents, keep them active, keep them engaged. If you’re that age, stay engaged.


Chuck Warren: [00:41:46] Exactly. Well, speaking of singing, it says, No one wanted me to hum. You are my sunshine. When my dad first got married, he was in a church Christmas play. And it happened to be everybody sang their part. And my dad told the very, very strict director, this woman that I don’t sing well and she said, oh, everybody can sing, everybody can sing. After one rehearsal, she said, Brother Warren, I think you should talk to your part. And I have inherited those genes.


Sam Stone: [00:42:19] Might make my kindergarten music teacher told me just to lip sync at the Christmas play.


Chuck Warren: [00:42:27] So what is our big takeaway from today?


Sam Stone: [00:42:29] Well, I mean, my takeaway is that and you and I have talked about this, I don’t I have not subscribed to the theory that there was significant election fraud.


Chuck Warren: [00:42:37] Yeah, I haven’t either.


Sam Stone: [00:42:37] But I can’t I cannot I cannot have an informed opinion on the machine side of it, on the electronic side of it, because I’m not technically based enough to do that. Patrick is. Patrick Byrne is someone who is deeply ingrained in the tech community. He does know this stuff. And so, you know, he brought up some things we hadn’t heard, pretty eye opening. And it’s really interesting that a voice like that is being shut down the way it is.


Chuck Warren: [00:43:08] Well, I remember during you know, he does want to call it naked shorting, but we’ll call it that. I remember being part of that battle and I remember him just become this pariah and, you know, shutting things down in 2008. You didn’t have the social media attention you have today, right. So you kind of have Twitter suspend you and so forth, which they’ve done to him, now. I’m convinced they would have done the same thing then. And what concerns me, look, there’s two things that really concern me about this election. One is I think the press has failed miserably. They have not approaches as an open mind. Now, look at the approach, an open mind and really investigate it. Let the facts lay where the facts lay.


Sam Stone: [00:43:47] Absolutely.


Chuck Warren: [00:43:48] Frankly, I don’t want to I don’t want the election to be stolen.


Sam Stone: [00:43:51] No, I’d like a good investigation to show it was clean.


Chuck Warren: [00:43:55] And two I feel the Republican Party failed a lot at this. They were not prepared for it. We, for example…


Sam Stone: [00:44:02] Is that the story of a decade.


Chuck Warren: [00:44:02] As much as we hate ballot harvesting, prepare for it. You know what’s happening. Do it.


Sam Stone: [00:44:09] They’re doing it. We got to catch up.


Chuck Warren: [00:44:11] Absolutely.


Sam Stone: [00:44:11] Breaking Battlegrounds. We’ll be back next week.


Chuck Warren: [00:44:15] Have a great week, folks.


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