60 Podcast: Sam in the City: Chief Equity Officer is the New Hot Job Title

Sam in the City
Breaking Battlegrounds Official Podcasts
Breaking Battlegrounds Official Podcasts
60 Podcast: Sam in the City: Chief Equity Officer is the New Hot Job Title
Phoenix is making Juneteenth an official city holiday and fear of nuclear power continues to hinder environmental policies that otherwise might work. Plus, woke progressives at all levels of government are clamoring to hire Chief Equity Officers to funnel more and more cash to liberal organizations. Find out what that means for you in this episode of Sam in the City.

Articles from this episode:


The Wrong Solutions – Andrew I. Fillat and Henry I. Miller



Equity Warriors – Steven Malanga



Los Angeles Is Building a Future Where Water Won’t Run Out – Brian Eckhouse and Laura Bliss



White House Taps Anti-Racist Consultant as New Czar on Homelessness – Kriston Capps



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