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33 Podcast: Shay Khatiri on Biden’s Afghanistan Exit

Shay Khatiri
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33 Podcast: Shay Khatiri on Biden's Afghanistan Exit
This week on Breaking Battlegrounds, Chuck and Sam are joined by Shay Khatiri, a contributor for The Bulwark, who brings unique insight on Biden’s disastrous withdrawal from Afghanistan. Shay is a writer, an MA candidate in Strategic Studies and International Economics and, an Ambassador Andreas Baum Fellow at Johns Hopkins University, The Paul H. Nitze School of Advanced International Studies.

Shay grew up in Iran. Following his active participation in the Green Movement, Shay was permanently banned from academia in Iran and left the country in December, 2011. He lived in Budapest, Hungary, for two and a half years and moved to Arizona to study politics at Arizona State University.


In 2016, the government of Iran blacklisted him, and he is currently seeking political asylum in the United States.


Because of his work for the victims of the Tree of Life synagogue attack, Shay has received the Beacon Award from the Ellis Island Honors Society and American Immigrant Society and the Hero of the Community Award from the Johns Hopkins University’s Alumni Association.

Shay is a contributor to The Bulwark and The Week. In addition, his writings have appeared a a variety of publications, such as the Wall Street Journal, Mosaic, The American Interest,National Review, The Strategy Bridge, Quillette, Jerusalem Post, the New York Post, Law and Liberty, and ArcDigital.


He is also a public speaker and a member of the American Israel Public Affairs Committee’s Speakers Bureau. Listen to Breaking Battlegrounds Podcast on

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