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69 Podcast: Tom Horne and Luke Rosiak on the Shocking State of Public Education

Tom Horne and Luke Rosiak
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69 Podcast: Tom Horne and Luke Rosiak on the Shocking State of Public Education
This week on Breaking Battlegrounds, Chuck and Sam turn their attention to our public school system and the mess that progressives have made of it. First, they are joined by Tom Horne, former Superintendent of Public Instruction for Arizona who is currently running for that office again. Later in the program, Luke Rosiak of the Daily Wire joins the show to talk about the startling discoveries he made while researching his new book, Race to the Bottom, including the Loudoun County school rape that made headlines during the Virginia election last year.

Tom Horne, a candidate for Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction. Mr. Horne has served both his community and our state impressively in several elected offices: Paradise Valley School Board member and president; Legislator where he was chair of the academic accountability committee; Arizona Superintendent of Public Instruction; and, Arizona Attorney General. As Superintendent, he is most famous for enforcing the English immersion mandate for mostly Spanish-speaking children and getting rid of La Raza studies in Tucson schools. As Attorney General, he earned acclaim for winning lawsuits for Arizona that he argued before the U.S. Supreme Court.


Luke Rosiak is an investigative reporter for the Daily Wire and the author of a new book released this week Race to the Bottom. In Race to the Bottom, Luke uncovers the problems in K-12 schools and the shocking reason why American education is failing.


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