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Senator Rand Paul criticizes Anthony Fauci's handling of COVID

Senator Rand Paul criticizes Anthony Fauci’s handling of COVID

In this discussion, Senator Rand Paul criticizes Anthony Fauci’s handling of COVID, highlighting contradictions in his statements and decisions. Senator Paul questions the logic behind the six-foot rule and Fauci’s shifting stance on the virus’s origin. Don’t miss this interview as Senator Rand Paul underscores the importance of accountability and transparency in government, especially in public health matters.

Chuck Warren: Were your colleagues on the Democrat side of the aisle surprised about there’s just no scientific basis for the six foot rule, which he pushed and just shut everything down?

Senator Rand Paul: They don’t care. I mean, all along when they were squawking, follow the science, follow the science, I’d look at them and say, well, I am following the science.

That’s why I’m not wearing a mask, because I just had COVID and I’ve got immunity.

And they’s be like, oh, you don’t know that. You don’t know if you’ll have immunity. And I look him back in the eye and I say, I know you’re 25 and you have three masks on, but do you realize that people who had the Spanish flu in 1918 and are still alive, some of them have been tested and they still have antibodies to the Spanish flu after a hundred years.

And it’s like, oh, they don’t care about the science, you know, obey the science. But in the end, there was no science for the six feet of separation. Fauci now admits it.

He used to say that you’re a crackpot if you thought that the virus came from a lab in Wuhan. Now he says, oh, you know, I’ve always been open to that possibility. Yeah, that’s right. After he commissioned a journal article that basically said that you’re a nut if you believe it came from the lab.

So, no, these people are so dishonest that they’ve gotten away with it because the Democrats give them a free pass. The Democrats still think he’s a saint and he ought to be on Mount Olympus.

You know, the Democrats, they don’t care about the logic or seeing this through or what the science was. They love government so much and Fauci to them represents government and so they’re unwilling to really analyze whether he was good or bad.

Chuck Warren: So, he’s also testified that he approved all foreign domestic NIAID grants without reviewing the proposals.

How is that possible? Does he just greenlight any spending proposal put across his desk?

Senator Rand Paul: Well, the thing is, is he’s owning up to the responsibility that, yes, he approved them, but I think it looks quite bad. It is quite bad that he approved them without reading them.

But there are thousands of proposals. No one could probably read them all.

But the thing is, is how many of the proposals potentially had gain of function, where you create a brand new virus that doesn’t exist in nature that could be more contagious or more lethal because it’s manipulated in the lab and these are gains of function?

How many of those are there? Probably a couple dozen, maybe a hundred, maybe two hundred.

We don’t know because of course; they won’t tell us and I’ve been trying to get this information.

But he could possibly have looked at the more dangerous stuff.

But when asked specifically about Wuhan, he still to this day says it wasn’t gain of function. And the reason he says it wasn’t gain of function, he says, well, they didn’t know it would gain in function.

So sure, it did gain in function, but because they didn’t know or predict it would gain in function, then it’s not gain of function research.

We’ve been asking for three years for information on this. NIH still stonewalls us, HHS stonewalls us, will not give us the deliberations of why this research was approved in Wuhan without going through the proper channels and the appropriate safety committee.

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