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Does Biden Want Ukraine to Win or Play Politics

As Substack readers of Breaking Battlegrounds and listeners to our radio show, BreakingBattlegrounds.vote, know, I support Ukraine’s defense. Of course, I think there should be a war tax on America’s 1% to fund it, NATO needs to match our military aid, and US taxpayer money should be provided as a loan, not a grant, etc.

That being said, I was with a senior staff member of a Congressman this past week in DC. This senior Republican member supported the recent Ukraine aid package. I asked why some GOP members voted against the package. He said it boiled down to the following:

  1. First, the munitions needed for Ukraine’s defense are built at two facilities in the United States — both in Delaware. That didn’t sit right with some members who feel Joe Biden is corrupt. Frankly, one-third of Americans think Joe Biden is corrupt, including 40 percent of Democrats, who said “they’re not clear about the [Biden] allegations but the investigation should continue, and 9% said he is guilty and should be impeached.”

  2. Second, a significant number of Republican members are petrified of the growing national debt. They do not believe the United States can continue to be the world’s watchdog without endangering our children and grandchildren. Again, this is why I support a war tax on the upper 1% and cuts needed to make this pay-as-you-go.

  3. Third, a theory my co-host Sam and I have had for quite a while: this goes back to Hillary, Biden, intelligence agencies, and their press propagandist pushing the debunked Russia Hoax. Domestic politics are sadly playing a role in our defense of the international order.

  4. Fourth, there is no strategy for victory, and there is no end date or exit strategy. Frankly, Ukraine is running low on able-bodied men to serve on the front lines.

That brings me to the fourth point — strategy.

In Saturday’s Telegraph, it was reported that “Ukrainian drones strike oil refineries and airfields in a major overnight attack. One plant has been put out of action following major fire, operator confirms.”

This nugget was in the article:

Attacks cause friction with US
“Exactly 10 UAVs (drones) flew exactly into the plant, there was a strong fire. There may be hidden damage.”


The Slavyansk refinery is capable of processing 4 million tons of oil a year. The continuing strikes against Russia’s oil refineries came despite growing friction between the US and Ukraine over the tactic, with US worries concerned it could raise global energy prices. Ukrainian drones also targeted the Kushchevsk military airfield, although it was not immediately clear what damage was caused.“

Hence, like Biden seems to be straddling the fence on Israel because of Michigan electoral votes (a true profile of courage), he is asking American taxpayers to keep funding the Ukraine war without allowing Ukraine to win it. Sure, oil prices go up, gas gets more expensive, and it will hurt his electoral chances, but does he want Ukraine to win or just keep funding it for a standstill?

You do not go to war, you do not financially support a country invaded unless you allow them to do what is necessary to expel the invaders.

President Biden needs to learn something from a New Mexico grandmother.

Grandma Shoots Robber, but What About Taylor Swift?

A New Mexico grandmother shot an intruder/robber who busted into her house while watching television with her granddaughter.

The intruder was on the run from the cops for stealing a car (he had five prior felony convictions for burglaries and theft).

The scared yet brave grandmother said she was manhandled, threatened, and ordered to turn over her car keys.

The situation must have been frightening for both the grandmother and her precious granddaughter. Like with most women, the Grandma Bear protective instinct kicked in.

Two points stood out when reading the article and comment section:

  1. Taylor Swift. The headline from TMZ was ‘Hero Crimefighter Grandma Shoots Robber … IN THE MIDDLE OF TAYLOR SWIFT ‘ERAS’ FLICK’!!! Why the mention of Taylor Swift in the headline probably goes back to journalism’s tactic of ‘clicks.’ I guess not enough people would be interested in a brave grandma without the mention of Taylor Swift.

  2. Comments. These stories, when posted on social media, always have the bonus of silly comments. If you wonder why there are pro-rape, pro-murder, and pro-kidnapping protests at some American universities, go not further then the comment section. It is where logic goes to die. In this case, the user itslove21180 wrote, “Don’t think theft is worthy of being shot unless he was threatening.” First, as most comments go, itslove21180 failed to read the article. The grandma, based on the reporting, was threatened. Second, someone breaks into your house, threatens you and scares the bejesus out of your granddaughter, just shoot them.

By the way, did you know that only 70% of Americans read the headline before sharing an article? TMZ has not stayed in business a long time because they are dumb.

Kamala Harris and Arizona

The Biden Administration pins its electoral chance on abortion rights. I mean, if you cannot run on your foreign policy, economic, inflationary, border mess, etc. record, you scare people? Only option right? So the Biden brain trust sends Vice President Harris out to Arizona to use her word salad skills and talk about abortion.

Just so you know, the following is Kamala’s favorability and unfavorability rating in Arizona.

Kamala's favorability and unfavorability rating in Arizona

Yeah folks, keep sending her out. Many Arizona Republican candidates would appreciate it.

English as a Second Language

Finally, this is just funny.  Kudos to everyone learning English as a second language

Note: the opinions expressed herein are those of Chuck Warren only and not his co-host Sam Stone or Breaking Battlegrounds’ staff.

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