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Breaking Battlegrounds Random Thoughts

Southwest Airlines Gate Agent, European Parliament and America’s Upcoming November Elections… Oh, and Republicans Can’t Message for Crap

Southwest Airlines - Do I Allow Myself to get Triggered?

While catching a flight out of Las Vegas,  I noticed my gate agent had the following banner at his station:

Southwest Airlines banner

I found the banner fairly innocuous, but quickly thought such a statement at a Southwest Airlines gate might trigger someone (probably did).  

Could you imagine the all-out hell if it were a Trump banner?

So I only took the appropriate course of action — I smiled, ignored it and got in line to board for my flight.

The gate agent, obviously with a different ideological view of life, was courteous, warm and attentive.

We need to stop being offended with everything — that includes those with Trump Derangement Syndrome.

We all need to start venturing off from our bubble and create associations, acquaintances and friendships with those with different beliefs and backgrounds. It will lead to a LOT LESS yelling, social media rage and crocodile tears.

European Parliament - the World is Falling Apart!!

Today, “early forecasts in the European Parliament elections on Sunday showed voters punishing ruling centrists and throwing support behind far-right parties, most notably in France, where disastrous results for French President Emmanuel Macron’s coalition prompted him to dissolve the National Assembly and call snap elections.

Although a combination of centrist, pro-European parties was projected to maintain a majority in the European Union’s legislative body, far-right parties claimed the largest share of seats from France and Italy while placing second in Germany. Green parties across the European Union took a particular hit.”

While the left stream media (term coined by Sam Stone [TM]) will cry hysterically and proclaim the death of democracy, the bureaucrats in Brussels and their press pimps only have themselves to blame. And fear not, Europe will still have democracy.

The Council of Foreign Relations wrote that “more than 385,000 such migrants entered Europe in 2023, nearly triple the pandemic-era low in 2020. These were just a fraction of the twenty-nine million immigrants who arrived in the past decade, legally and illegally, placing significant strain on a migration system already considered ineffectual.”

Consume, digest, and ponder those unsustainable numbers. Then add European voters’ alarm to the mind-boggling numbers of the hate-filled and anti-Semitic protests in various European cities. Most of the rage is being led by Middle East migrants. What did Brussels bureaucrats think would happen?

Did they think their electorate would accept without reservation seeing migrants, that their tax dollars have helped fund, yelling anti-Semitic and Death to Israel slogans? That they would accept these fascists pushing for Europe to become a caliphate?

By the way, in Europe you get the moniker “far-right” if you oppose unencumbered immigration and don’t want to have a central government, unelected regulators govern your movements and life. Their “far-right” tag really minimizes the danger of certain groups who are truly xenophobic and hate filled — you know, like Hamas supporters.

That Brings me to the United States Upcoming Elections…

The Biden Administration’s border security policy and management has been so atrocious, that it is fair to say you could throw any middle school student body president at the problem and they would have fared no worse.

If you think immigration played a role in the European Parliament elections, wait until American elections in November.

According to, “Worldwide, the United States is home to more international migrants than any other country, and more than the next four countries—Germany, Saudi Arabia, Russia, and the United Kingdom—combined, according to the most recent UN Population Division data, from mid-2020.” 

It is a problem. 

This Biden fiasco should give Republicans major gains in November, but… well, they are Republicans and will focus on silly things other than cost of living and illegal immigration.

Senate Democrats Ad Campaigns

If Republicans do not take a majority in November, one key factor will be the quality of Democratic Senate candidate ads compared to Republican Senate candidate ads.

In Arizona, Rubén Gallego’s ads are just marvelous. They make him look like a reasonable, moderate candidate, which he is not, and they talk about issues that matter to voters.

See for yourself:

In Nevada, Sen. Jackie Rosen has an ad out about housing affordability. Shocker — people care about buying a home or finding affordable housing.  

Good grief Republicans have become really bad at messaging.

Note: the opinions expressed herein are those of Chuck Warren only and not his co-host Sam Stone or Breaking Battlegrounds’ staff.

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