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Senator Kern Addresses Leftist Objections on the Ten Commandments Bill

Tune in as Senator Anthony Kern joins Breaking Battlegrounds to discuss his Ten Commandments bill, which has gained national attention. He explains the bill’s aim and addresses objections from the left regarding its implementation in classrooms. He critiques the double standards of the left’s opposition of its inclusion in public discourse, pointing out inconsistencies in their views on other controversial topics.

Listen at 23 minutes and 2 seconds:

SAM STONE: Senator Kern, welcome to the program. Thank you for joining us. You have a really interesting bill that you got through the Senate, right, this week or last week. Tell folks a little bit about that real quick.

SENATOR ANTHONY KERN: Sure. I’m assuming you’re speaking on the Ten Commandments bill.

SAM STONE: Yeah. So this has been getting some national attention. There’s some focus on this because it’s one of those issues that seems to inflame the left for no reason I can truly identify.

SENATOR ANTHONY KERN: Yeah. Well, you know, anytime you want to put a satanic statue up in our public places in our taxpayer-funded buildings, the left is all in all in favor of that but when you want to take the Ten Commandments and opt in for a teacher to maybe talk about the Ten Commandments…

SAM STONE: And that’s all that’s really all the bill did… was say this can be in the classroom.


SAM STONE: And it can be taught.

SENATOR ANTHONY KERN: Yeah, just like our national motto, our Pledge of Allegiance, you know, our Declaration of Independence, all that, the teacher is allowed per statute to talk about those things, and all of them include a reference to God.

This just adds the Ten Commandments to allow a teacher to opt in if he or she wants to tell the students about the Ten Commandments.

SAM STONE: Well and what I find so interesting about this objection is the Ten Commandments, I mean a lot of our listeners know I’m Jewish but the Ten Commandments are foundational to the legal system and the moral basis of our legal system. It’s the background behind English common law, it’s the background behind a lot of the legal predecessors to the United States system.

SENATOR ANTHONY KERN: Yeah, thou shalt not kill, thou shalt not murder, thou shalt not steal, thou shalt not commit adultery.

Those are basic tenets, like you just said, of our government system.

The Ten Commandments is in our U.S. Supreme Court.

The Ten Commandments is referenced in many, many monuments at Washington, D.C., and even at our own state capitol, which I know the left would love to see removed.

But the bottom line is… if it’s a transgender student, they are all in favor of it. If it’s allowing little boys to go into little girls bathrooms, they are all in favor of it. But dare you, and even a democrat Senator said this… I do not want my children hearing about God in our public schools. 

Listen to Senator Anthony Kern’s full interview on Breaking Battlegrounds


Senator Anthony Kern was first elected to the State House of Representatives in November of 2014. Anthony is active within the Republican Party as a conservative precinct committeeman and state committeeman and he has worked on local, state, and national Republican campaigns for several years. When Anthony came of voting age, his very first vote was cast for President Ronald Reagan. Years later he made the trip to attend President Reagan’s funeral in Washington D.C. in 2004. Anthony is passionate about job creation, limiting the size of government at all levels, government transparency, protecting Second Amendment rights, and tax reduction. He is pro-family, works diligently to promote individual liberty and freedom, and firmly believes in the United States Constitution. He enjoys meeting with people and looks for ways to serve and help them.

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