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Sigh. Another Stupid Quote in the The New York Times.

Republican presidential candidate Ramaswamy announced a plan yesterday — in which fund-raisers will get 10 percent of what they drum up for him.  


“How it works: Called “Vivek’s Kitchen Cabinet,” the system will give participants a personal link they can share with others, and the campaign will pay them as independent contractors.”


That means if you decide you want to raise money for him and you solicit friends, neighbors, co-workers, etc you send them to a link and you get 10% of what they donate.


This is where #NYTimes decides to quote a progressive moron.

“But some experts see other problems. For instance, supporters may pressure and coerce others in their networks to give to the candidate, according to Saurav Ghosh, director of campaign finance reform at the advocacy group Campaign Legal Center and a former F.E.C. enforcement attorney. (Some on social media have jokingly compared it to a multilevel marketing campaign.)”


Two points because apparently many #NYTimes readers are ignorant:


1. Saurav Ghosh of the liberal advocacy group Campaign Legal Center said “supporters may pressure and coerce others in their networks to give to the candidate.” Really? And high net worth bundlers (I’m one), fundraisers and supporters don’t do this now? But if someone decided to solicit $10, $25, $50 or more from their iPhone contacts or Christmas Card list it is now “pressure and core[cian]).” Really can’t make this type of blinding elitist comment up.  


By the way Mr. Ghosh, works for the Campaign Legal Center which has “The 12-person shop has raised an average of approximately $1.2 million between 2010 and 2013.[3] The Washington Times has referred to the organization as liberal, drawing upon its connections to other progressive foundations.”  


So they don’t count on small donors, by progressive foundations that funded by millionaires and unions. They don’t need to be bothered by training and encouraging small donors. One of their donors is Open Society Foundation. Yes the very same foundations established by George Soros. 


2. Yeah it is somewhat like a multilevel marketing campaign. So what? What ever you can do to get other people involved and get skin in the game, is good for the system.

Note: the opinions expressed herein are those of Chuck Warren only and not his co-host Sam Stone or Breaking Battlegrounds’ staff.

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