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Steve Milloy

Steve Milloy on the Evolution of Junk Science

Chuck Warren and Sam Stone engaged in a compelling discussion with Steve Milloy about the evolution and impact of the environmental movement. They explored its inception, focusing on the emergence of junk science within the movement. Steve highlighted the serious consequences of the U.S. ban on DDT, including the widespread malaria outbreaks that led to millions of deaths in developing countries. Tune inas Steve underscored the irony of these outcomes, given the left’s professed commitment to representing these populations.

SAM STONE: The left has essentially two weapons that they have wielded against the right, probably most effectively.

One being the environmental movement, the other being abortion. We’ve seen that recently. But the environmental movement is built on a foundation that is so unbelievably fractured and flawed. What you’re doing has to come to the forefront, right?

I mean, where did this, I know I’m hitting you with a big question, but where did this start? that this went off the rails this badly.

CHUCK WARREN: And talk about creation of the world too when you get a chance. But go ahead!

SAM STONE: But where did this, I mean there has to be a point where environmental science became, started to become junk science. What was that?

STEVE MILLOY: You know it’s a really interesting question. I mean you can trace it back as early as the 1950s with the scare about nuclear fallout.

I’ve got a pretty good story at the top of my website,, about that.

I would say the one that most people probably are familiar with is Rachel Carson’s Silent Spring, where she tried to scare everyone about pesticides, especially DDT, claiming that DDT was killing birds and whatnot. None of that was true.

And, you know, I think the environmentalists learned to lie from there and they have done a pretty good job of it ever since.

SAM STONE: I remember that one particularly well because at the time we lived in far upstate New York, which anyone who’s ever lived in far upstate New York knows you’re lucky if you survive your childhood without being carried off by a cloud of mosquitoes. And that cloud became distinctly worse immediately after people stopped using DDT.

Steve Milloy talking about malaria deaths

STEVE MILLOY: Yeah. Well, and you know, it’s the first thing that the US EPA really did when it was formed by Richard Nixon. It banned DDT in the United States. And of course, that ban was exported to the rest of the world, which has resulted in the, you know, needless deaths of tens of millions of black and brown people around the world.

People that, you know, the left claims to represent, but of course they don’t. They really want to get rid of these people.

SAM STONE: You’re talking about malaria deaths from…


Well, yeah, malaria, dengue, just all these mosquito-borne diseases.

I mean, you know, Washington, D.C. and America was made safe from mosquitoes through DDT.

Same with Western Europe. And we have denied that to places like Africa and Latin America and Asia.

SAM STONE: Which is astounding because historically mosquito’s, Chuck, are like the number killer in history.

CHUCK WARREN: They are the number one killer.

About Steve Milloy

Steve Milloy is the founder and publisher of, and an environmental and public health consultant. Steve is a recognized leader in the fight against junk science with more than 33 years of experience, and is credited with popularizing the term “junk science.” Steve is a biostatistician and securities lawyer who has also been a registered securities principal, investment fund manager, non-profit executive, coal company executive, and a print/web columnist on science and business issues. Mr. Milloy served on the EPA transition team for the Trump administration and serves on the board of several not-for-profit organizations including the Heartland Institute and the American Energy Institute.

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