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Travis Kelce & Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift vs Tin Foil

The world was a better place before all the “conspiracy theories” turned out to be true. At this point, you can’t even really call things like the “New World Order”, “Great Reset”, or “Deep State” theories – their adherents are all too happy to tell you exactly what they’re doing.

Here’s WEF head Klaus Schwab calling for the immediate formation of a one world government, aka the New World Order.

Here’s the WEF page touting the “Great Reset” (though note they have scrubbed and removed a number of links as pushback intensifies)

“You’ll own nothing” – and, according to them, be happy – while renting everything you need to live from government

You won’t be allowed to eat meat, they’ll feed you bugs.

As for the Deep State, the evidence is staggering, with no shortage of well-sourced news identifying elements of the U.S. federal government routinely engaging in rogue operations against political adversaries. Russia Collusion was a hoax made up to stop Donald Trump from becoming President, Hunter’s hidden laptop was written off to keep Trump from remaining President. And government agencies at every level colluded with big tech to censor political and social opponents online.

Also, Jeffrey Epstein didn’t kill himself.

What do these things and many others that are turning out to be equally real have in common with Taylor Swift and the NFL? Absolutely nothing. 

As noted above, there are plenty of real conspiracies in the world right now, we don’t need to make up ones out of whole cloth. Especially when doing so is likely to alienate people we need to be convincing, not castigating. Taylor Swift is a Democrat, that doesn’t mean she’s some kind of psy-op. She’s a fantastically successful woman who is, by all accounts, a pretty solid role model for young women. She’s also a phenomenally successful businesswoman with a track record of innovation in her industry. Cut the garbage. 

Same thing with the NFL. Does the NFL keep, regretfully, dipping it’s corporate toes in the world of leftist identity politics? Yes, it does. Is it some kind of conspiracy in itself, with rigged games coordinated through some collusive partnership with the left? Don’t make me laugh. You really think all the blabbermouth ex-NFL players spewing on podcasts these days could all, collectively, keep their mouths shut if it was really that kind of scam? Please be serious. 

We live in an increasingly dangerous world, surrounded by global elites determined to warp the future to their insular vision of uniform human submission. They want to kill off a lot of us, drive the rest into massive super-cities, and feed us crumbs while they continue to live lives of unrestrained excess. Opposing that is our mission. It is, at heart, what the entire America First movement is built on. It does that movement and opposition no good to run around chasing pop culture inanities.

Note: the opinions expressed herein are those of Sam Stone only and not his co-host Chuck Warren or Breaking Battlegrounds’ staff.

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