This Should Be Biden’s “Me Too” Moment

This Should Be Biden’s “Me Too” Moment

According to her own letter to their court prosecuting the people who claim they found it in a hotel and turned it over to Project Veritas, Ashley Biden’s diary is real. And it is damning to Joe Biden. In it, Ashley Biden wrote that her father “showered with her at a young age (probably inappropriate)” and that those showers led to a s*x addiction she has battled for the rest of her life. The letter is a stunning admission of something the mainstream media has done their absolute best to bury – the authenticity of the diary and its contents, which explicitly implicate Joe Biden in the repeated molestation of his own of his own underage daughter. 

If the “Me Too” movement was intellectually honest, this would be Joe Biden’s Weinstein moment. Instead, the entire country is being blasted non-stop with updates on Donald Trump’s trial in New York. Trump had (per her own admission on the Bill Maher show) consensual s*x with a porn star, then tried to pay her to go away when he ran for President. That wasn’t actually a crime, so New York changed the law to target Trump post-facto. And – just as the partisan actors prosecuting Trump desired – the result is a show trial consuming the interest of the nation. And it’s ridiculous in light of Ashley Biden’s acknowledgement that the diary detailing her father’s pedophilia is real. 

Which is worse:  a married guy having consensual s*x with a porn star, or a father molesting his daughter in the shower? Any normal human knows the answer right away, unfortunately the mainstream media clearly doesn’t have enough of those left.

Note: the opinions expressed herein are those of Sam Stone only and not his co-host Chuck Warren or Breaking Battlegrounds’ staff.

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