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Running Podcasts for beginners

Top Running Podcasts for Beginners to Get Motivation

Are you a beginner and looking for something to start running? Stop looking! Great running podcasts beginners are here to increase your motivation, fill you with practical knowledge, and motivate you to lace up those sneakers and hit the pavement. You’ll also have supportive fellow runners on the same journey. Join us, get geared up, learn from the experts, and let’s hit the track together. Grab your water bottle, pop in your earplugs, and let’s go for a run!

6 Best Running Podcasts for Beginners in 2024

Here are some of the great running podcasts for beginners to start out running.

1. Trail runner nation Podcast

Don Freeman and Scott Warr co-host the Trail Runner Nation Podcast, focused on the world of trail running. Featuring a wide range of guests, from elite runners to industry specialists, the podcast covers training methods, race tactics, nutrition, gear suggestions, and community involvement. Every episode delivers valuable tips and insights for both new and experienced trail runners, building a sense of unity among listeners through shared stories and engaging conversations on social media. With their dedication to delivering quality content and love for the sport, Freeman and Warr have made Trail Runner Nation a top resource for trail-running fans globally.

Trail runner nation Podcast

2. The Beginner

If you are a beginner searching for the best running podcasts, The Beginner Podcast is an excellent source to get started with running. Listen to this podcast and improve your skills.


The podcast is hosted by the Guardian’s health and fitness reporter, Kelly-Anne Suarez, who brings her expertise and passion for running into the podcast and shares it with listeners. The host focuses on both the physical and mental benefits of running. Another exciting thing about this podcast is that the host interviews various experts and runners who share tips and advice on getting started and progressing with your running journey.


The podcast covers a range of topics. Some of the topics covered in the podcast include:

  • The hosts discuss the importance of running, including proper form, breathing, and pacing.
  • Advice for people struggling with motivation, injury, or burnout on overcoming these obstacles and staying motivated.
  • Discussions on proper nutrition and hydration that are essential for any runner, and expert advice on what to eat and drink before, during, and after your running sessions.


The podcast also features inspiring stories from real runners, showcasing the transformative power of running and how it can change your life.

Beginner the Guardian guide to running

3. The Marathon Training for Beginners

If you are starting on marathon running, do not think you are alone in this journey because The Marathon Training for Beginners podcast will be your best buddy for those looking to take on the challenge of running a marathon. Whether you are a complete beginner or have some running experience, this podcast provides tips and advice to help you prepare for your marathon journey.


Hosted by experienced marathon runners and coaches, who share their experiences and expertise to help and guide you through the training process. This podcast covers various topics, including choosing the right shoes, creating a training plan, fueling long runs, injury prevention, and mental strategies for race day.


One thing which makes this podcast stand out is that it is explicitly aimed at beginners, so the information and advice provided are accessible and easy to understand. In addition, the hosts are knowledgeable and passionate about running and provide encouragement and support to help keep you motivated. Moreover, the host interviews other runners and experts, providing a variety of perspectives and insights into the world of marathon training.

The Marathon Training for Beginners

4. Beginner Runner Village

For people looking to start their running journey, the Beginner Runner Village podcast is the best source to gain more knowledge and improve your existing skills. The podcast is hosted by Debbie Voiles, an experienced health and fitness coach who understands new runners’ challenges and obstacles and provides guidance, inspiration, and practical advice to encourage and help listeners overcome these obstacles and achieve their running goals.


The podcast focuses on creating a supportive and inclusive community of runners. The hosts and listeners share their experiences, motivate each other, and offer encouragement and advice to those who are just starting. This creates a welcoming and empowering atmosphere that encourages even the most inexperienced runners to push themselves and reach their full potential.


The hosts cover various running topics in each episode, including training programs, nutrition, mental preparation, injury prevention, and more. They also interview special guests, including professional runners, sports scientists, and experts in the field, to provide different perspectives on running and training.

Beginner Runner Village

5. The Morning Shakeout

The Morning Shakeout is hosted by veteran runner and journalist Mario Fraioli, a weekly podcast for runners. The podcast is a source of inspiration and information for runners of all levels. Whether a beginner or an experienced runner, this podcast is best for you.


Each episode is full of motivation and knowledge for runners. The host interviews famous people in the running community, including coaches, athletes, and industry experts. These interviews cover training and nutrition to injury prevention and mental toughness. Mario also includes segments on the latest running news and events.


So if you are a runner looking for a podcast to stay up-to-date on the running industry and want to get a dose of motivation, then Morning Shakeout is an excellent resource for staying informed and motivated. Whether you listen on your morning run or while getting ready for work, the podcast will start your day off right and get you pumped up for your next workout.

The Morning Shakeout

6. The final Surge

The Final Surge is a podcast that focuses on the sport of running. Ryan Wood, a runner, and coach, hosts the podcast. Top running-related topics include training, nutrition, gear, and racing.


The Final Surge podcast is known for its in-depth and informative conversations on various running-related topics. The podcast is best for every level of runner. Whether you are a professional runner or just starting and looking to take your performance to the next level, the podcast has insights and information available for everyone.


This podcast is unique because, In each episode, the host interviews guests from the running world, including professional runners, coaches, and sports science and nutrition experts. Where guests share their personal experiences and Struggles they have gone through. Moreover, the host provides detailed instructions on completing each workout and shares tips and other running information that provides listeners with a wealth of information on improving their running.

The final Surge


Suppose you are a runner looking out for inspiration and information and want to stay up-to-date on the latest trends and news events of running in the world. In that case, you must listen to running podcasts for beginners and find the best podcast to get motivated. In this blog, you can learn more about the sports industry with engaging discussions, expert guests, and valuable training advice for runners of all levels.


The podcast for runners features training plans and running workouts that listeners can incorporate into their training. So, learn everything about running with experienced coaches and trainers, get insights into their life struggles, get valuable tips and tricks, and start running.

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