Robert Hur's Claim That Pres. Biden Forgot the Date of Beau's Death

Why Do Many Voters Believe Robert Hur’s Claim That Pres. Biden Forgot the Date of Beau’s Death?

CNN reported Friday on Pres. Biden’s meltdown regarding special counsel Robert Hur’s report on Biden’s handling of classified documents and claims about his fitness.

Unfortunately for Pres. Biden, the claims only substantiate the hundreds of publicly available video clips of his memory lapses and verbal blunders. This is not some out of left field accusation. Americans have been watching this in real time for three years. We all make verbal gaffes, but he is making it an art form and Saturday Night Live worthy parody, if that almost five decade old television institution wasn’t such a progressive cheerleader.

One thing — probably the lead thing – that sparked the all too common Biden four letter outburst was Hur’s question regarding the date of Beau Biden’s tragic death.  Yes conservatives, it is tragic when anyone loses a child prematurely.  Pres. Biden’s devotion for his children is indubitable. His enabling of Hunter Biden is Example A to support this claim.

I don’t know why special counsel Robert Hur asked about the date of Beau Biden’s death. Was it relevant? Does not seem like it should be, but we do not know the context.  

The White House should release the interview transcripts to give the public more insight if they are so offended by the question and Hur’s conclusions on Biden’s frail state.

As regards to Biden’s “fury” that Mr. Hur wrote Pres. Biden forgot the date of his son’s death,” CNN divulged:

As details of the public report were emerging, Biden grew livid at some of the details included in the final version about his recollection of date and details. In a private meeting with Democrats in Virginia on Thursday afternoon, Biden cursed when venting his anger.

In the meeting, Biden asked how anyone could believe he would forget the day his son died, using profanity to punctuate his fury, according to people familiar with his comments. “How would I f******” forget that,” Biden said, according to one of the people.

People in the room interpreted the forceful response as a sign of just how upset the report had made the president.

Biden’s outrage exploded into public view Thursday evening, as the president derided the allegations about his memory as “extraneous commentary” and claimed Hur and his team “don’t know what they’re talking about.”

“It has no place in this report,” Biden said before batting away questions from reporters about his fitness for office.

“My memory is fine,” he insisted.”

Personally, I doubt Biden could win a Matching Game at an assisted living center, but that is conversation for another day. However, White House aides and enablers have to admit that the reason many people will believe that Pres. Biden did not remember the day of Beau’s tragic death, because he keeps making up, exaggerating or forgetting the details of Beau Biden’s death. Biden through his whole career is known for self-aggrandizement and using exaggerated tales to connect with his audience or make a point.

He uses death to merit sympathy and show empathy for those who have lost a loved one.  

So when your friends or family dispute Hur’s claim, here are some examples for you to peruse and share with those Biden defenders on this point:

You can Google the rest of Biden’s tall tales.

End of the day, sadly he lies often about the background of Beau’s death. This is why many voters who follow Biden will eat up, digest and believe that he forgot the date of Beau’s death. 

Note: the opinions expressed herein are those of Chuck Warren only and not his co-host Sam Stone or Breaking Battlegrounds’ staff.

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