Best Exercise Podcasts for Beginners That Helps You to Lead a Healthy Life

Unearth the supreme exercise partner: Exercise podcasts for beginners in fitness. Such programs provide professional advice and useful information on health and well-being, whether you are a novice or just trying to step up your game. Put on your shoes, insert the earphones, and prepare to perspire while striving for what you want. Being hosted by entertainers who know how to keep it amusing as well as seeing things from different angles makes them essential audio files for anyone who wants to become physically active. Listen attentively and get inspired immediately!

Explore the Top 7 Best Exercise Podcasts Tailored for Beginners

If you are a beginner and looking to get started on your fitness journey, then give these best exercise podcasts for beginners a try. Where you will find the inspiration, information, and support you require to accomplish your objectives. motivation you need to reach your goals

1. Mind Pump podcast

If you are looking for one of the best exercise podcasts for beginners, then Mind Pump is a popular podcast focusing on health, fitness, and wellness. The podcast has gained a large following among people interested in learning about the exercise. The hosts of Mind Pump are Sal Di Stefano, Adam Schafer & Justin Andrews.


This podcast is one of the best exercise podcasts for beginners because it is informative, entertaining and sometimes controversial. The hosts on this platform come up with a new topic every episode and discuss anything related to health, fitness or wellness – from recent scientific studies to their own personal experiences or opinions. They also interview experts in different fields such as trainers, nutritionists or medical professionals.


What sets Mind Pump apart from other shows is that they are not afraid to challenge conventional wisdom and question commonly held beliefs about health and fitness. Moreover, they often take a contrarian view on certain topics and present evidence which contradicts popular opinions. This approach creates lively debates and provokes thought.

2. RP Strength Podcast

RP Strength Podcast is among the top exercise podcasts for beginners that focuses mainly on strength training, fitness and nutrition topics. The host of this show is Nick Andori shaw where each episode features leading experts talking about different aspects of strength training while educating listeners so that they can be empowered towards achieving their goals in life through physical activity.


The professionals discuss many things such as exercise science, powerlifting sports performance and other topics within the fitness industry. Here are some subjects covered in this Podcast:


  • Strength training techniques and programs
  • Nutrition and diet strategies for optimal performance.
  • Injury prevention and rehabilitation.
  • Mindset and motivation for success in fitness and life.
  • Current research and trends in the fitness industry.

Listeners of the RP Strength Podcast can expect to learn from some of the best minds in the fitness industry, gain practical and actionable advice, and be entertained with engaging and thought-provoking discussions. This podcast is perfect for improving your strength, fitness, and overall health.

3. The Revive Stronger Podcast

The Revive Stronger Podcast is a well-known podcast that discusses many areas of personal development and wellness, powerlifting, and other similar themes. Hosted by Steve Hall, this show has long-form conversations with some of the most influential people in health and fitness.


Every episode is unique. The host interviews guests who offer their own viewpoints and share their experiences — giving valuable insights and advice to those looking to better themselves. So whether you’re into nutrition, fitness, mindfulness or goal-setting (or anything else related), there’s bound to be something on the Revive Stronger Podcast that’ll pique your interest.


What sets it apart? It’s hosted by an endurance sports standout — one of the most successful voices in that space today. With his wide-ranging background knowledge from years spent in various areas within these industries comes highly actionable tips for success at any level – both personally & professionally. Moreover, because they are lively conversations rather than dry monologues: The Revive Stronger Podcast features multiple interactive segments where innovators weigh in on different aspects around wellness or personal development topics as well as answering questions posed by listeners themselves during live chat sessions!

4. The Running Explained Podcast

The Running Explained Podcast is an exercise podcasts for beginners dedicated to people who love running and exercising. The podcast covers topics from training and nutrition to gear and injury prevention.


Fitness industry experts and features interviews with top runners, coaches, and industry professionals host the show. The podcast episodes are full of information where experts discuss a specific aspect of exercise, running, bodybuilding, and other related topics. In addition, these are full of tips and advice for listeners that they can apply to their training.


Additionally, the hosts talk about what is in the current news and trends of fitness centers or gyms so as to equip their audience with relevant information that can help them achieve their goals in running. The Running Explained Podcast is also very interesting and captivating. So if you want something that will inspire you, motivate or just entertain then this show should be on top of your list.

5. The Strength Running Podcast

The Strength Running Podcast brings insightful, informative and entertaining conversations on everything to do with running be it training, nutrition or gear. Every episode has a guest from the fitness industry such as coaches, athletes and other experts who talk about their experiences with different subjects related to working out.

The podcast also looks into how one can get faster at running, advice for staying fit and which types of exercises are good for your body type. This show does not only provide knowledge but it creates a community around people who have passion for sports through this medium.

6. 20 Minute Fitness podcast

One of the most famous small exercise podcasts for beginners is the 20 Minute Fitness podcast. It offers a peek into the fitness and wellness industry and equips listeners with hands-on tips, professional advice, and current health information. The show boasts experienced fitness professionals as hosts.


The various topics covered by this podcaster range from exercise and nutrition to weight loss, sleep, stress management and others that promote a healthy lifestyle. The brevity of each episode is intentional but packed with loads of content so it can be easily digested by busy individuals who want to improve their shape.


Also, if you are interested in losing weight or building muscle or just becoming healthier overall then there’s definitely something in store for you on the 20 minute fitness podcast.


The show’s hosts have a wealth of experience and knowledge and share this information in a friendly, engaging, and easy-to-understand way. The podcast also features interviews with people who have successfully transformed their health and bodies through exercise and healthy eating. Stories like these serve as inspiration for people setting out on their own personal journeys towards physical well-being.

7. BarBend Podcast

BarBend Podcasts are released weekly and cover strength training as well as other aspects of staying fit such as injury prevention among many areas related to health which makes it ranking amongst top shows according to different media outlets in the field of fitness journalism.


The hosts release new episodes every week. They invite the best experts and leaders from the strength and fitness field to share their knowledge and insights with listeners. The podcast covers a wide range of topics, from the most recent scientific studies on strength training, to practical advice on how to improve your lifts and reach your fitness goals.

If you want a podcast that gives you something actionable to do today, tells stories that inspire you, and shares all sorts of information about strength and fitness, then this is the show for you. Join us each week as we dive into everything strength and fitness – and always remember to drop by with any questions or topic suggestions!


Exercise podcasts for beginners are wonderful when it comes to learning about exercise because they can be listened at any time or any place without restrictions for people starting out on their health journey.


These exercise podcasts provide guidance, inspiration, and recommendations for starting and maintaining physical activity regimens. The shows talk about different types of exercises including workouts for cardio health, muscle building routines, injury prevention techniques; eating healthy meals; fostering mental wellness through self-care practices like mindfulness meditation or journaling; among others. Sticking with a workout plan can be hard, no doubt about it.


Exercise podcasts are a great option though! They give you continuous motivation and information that you need to know. Listen to people who love fitness talk about their ups, downs, and everything they learned along the way. You will find out about what works in training and what doesn’t work so well for different people; also some yummy recipes that are good for you but still taste great – not too mention how important it is mentally stay strong when things get tough on this journey towards reaching our goals!

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