Best Investigative Journalism Podcasts

10 Best Investigative Journalism Podcasts of 2024 (Top List)

“In the pursuit of justice, a determined investigator can move mountains.”

The quote rightly depicts the efficiency of an investigator.

A person doesn’t need to wear the hat of a professional investigator to investigate things. The well-versed host of a talk show can uncloak the wolf from sheep’s clothing to bring you classy investigative journalism.

That’s where the investigative podcasts come into the picture. 

From corporate scandals to true crime sagas- these shows shed light on those areas that are swept under the rug.

In this blog, there is a list of top investigative journalism podcasts compiled for you. Before jumping on the core topic, let’s have a brief introduction about the benefits of listening to investigative podcasts.   

Why You Should Listen to Investigative Podcasts?

Of late, investigative podcasts become increasingly popular as they offer in-depth analysis of the latest events. These shows uncover a variety of information from different aspects that traditional news channels may have missed.

One of the key reasons for listening to these podcasts is that they can delve deeper into complex topics. Instead of scratching the surface, investigative podcasts offer an insightful view through research, storytelling and interviews. If you don’t have much background knowledge of a certain issue, these shows will help you to get a nuanced understanding.

Top Investigative Podcasts that You Should Not Miss

If you’re looking for investigative podcasts with twists and turns, this curated list will make you binge the whole show you select for listening. Here you go-

1. I’m Not A Monster

This is one of the great investigative podcasts, hosted by Journalist Josh Baker and produced by BBC. This podcast depicts the story of an American woman named Sam Sally. She took her family to Syria to live under ISIS.  This show offers the notions of the people who have seen Sam closely, including her friends and family members.

Additionally, it also talks about the issue of Americans who have joined extremist groups and the consequences faced by their families. Through in-depth reporting and captivating interviews, this show unpacks the severe complexities of human behavior.

2. Nice White Parents

This show unravels the intersection of education and race in the USA. Hosted by journalist Chana Joffe-Walt and produced by The New York Times, this podcast features investigative reporting.

With the help of deep analysis and candid interviews, this show reveals the role of white parents in shaping public education. This applies to those schools in the USA that serve Brown and Black students. Also, this series features the voices of students, parents, and educators of color impacted by the decisions of white parents.

3. In the Dark

It’s a top-rated investigative podcast hosted by Madeleine Baran and produced by American Public Media Reports. This series highlights the intricacies of unsolved injustices. The podcast provides in-depth examinations in a broader context to investigate the systemic failures within the judicial system.

Each season of this podcast features a specific case that raises questions about the efficiency of the criminal justice system and its broader implications.

4. AL Jazeera Investigates

This is a series of investigative documentaries produced by AL Jazeera, a famous international news organization. This podcast investigates various important issues, including human rights abuses, political corruption and financial crimes.

The motto of AL Jazeera Investigates is to unveil the truth by utilizing the power of gold journalistic standards. Mostly, they shed on overlooked stories by mainstream media.

5. Sympathy Pains

Hosted by Jamie Thompson, this podcast is a thought-provoking one. Every week, the host invites guests from various backgrounds to share their personal experiences about the complexities of human connection.

If you want a blend of expert insights and raw storytelling, this is one of the most interesting investigative podcasts you will love. Understand the nuances of human vulnerability, empathy and meaningful relationships through this show.

6. Unearthed: Journeys into the Future of Food

It’s a fascinating podcast hosted by award-winning author and journalist Amanda Little. This show explores the evolving trends in the food world by taking the listeners on a food journey. It includes climate change, food waste reduction, sustainable agriculture etc.

Unearthed highlights meaningful interviews with experts in the food industry. The show aims to provide an eye-opening look at the challenges and opportunities faced by our food system. Consequently, it offers inspiring ideas to the audience about how they can create an equitable and sustainable future for all.

7. The Frontline Dispatch

This investigative podcast is produced by the award-winning PBS documentary series FRONTLINE. Hosted by Frontline correspondent Raney Aronson-Rath, this show features experts and survivors who have witnessed the most complex issues related to healthcare, immigration, crime etc.

Frontline Dispatch offers compelling storytelling and in-depth reporting about social, cultural and political issues. This podcast aims to uncover the truth while exposing injustices sometimes not covered by traditional news channels.

8. Pieces of Britney

Hosted by the broadcaster and journalist Pandora Sykes, this series features the ups and downs of Britney Spears- the famous pop icon. The host digs deeper into the various perspectives of Britney’s story, including media scrutiny, mental health and the Free Britney movement. If you want to get a nuanced and empathetic view of this star’s life, then this podcast will be a great one.

9. The Dropout

An investigative podcast series that unravels the meteoric rise and fall of Elizabeth Holmes. This show digs into the fraudulent practices that Holmes used to deceive employees, investors and the public about the efficacy of Theranos’ technology.

The host, Rebecca Jarvis, features the interviews of the dropouts from the company. They offer a nuanced approach to the scandal that shakes the tech industry. ABC News produces this podcast.

10. Beyond Today: Deadliest Day

This is a powerful investigative podcast that delves deeper into the Afghanistan conflict with British forces. This series unravels the events that led to bloodshed and its aftermath. In-depth interviews and insightful commentary shed light on the civilization and the impact of post-war.

Ready for an Immersive Listening Experience?

Woo, you just gathered a handful list of investigative podcasts. You can continue your listening journey by bingeing popular politics podcasts or tuning into the best conservative podcasts. The choice is yours!  

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