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21 Best Conservative Podcasts of 2024: Insightful Debates

Conservative podcasts solely focus on societal and political issues from a conservative perspective. These podcasts feature experts who discuss policy debates, current events and cultural issues. They cover various topics across industries, including immigration, national security, social issues, economics, etc.

The host of these talk shows aims to provide engaging, meaningful, entertaining and informative discussions. The guests bring diverse viewpoints about the latest happenings. The guests can include policy experts, conservative aficionados and individuals with opposing viewpoints.

Explore a handpicked selection of the top 21 conservative podcasts that provide insightful commentary, analysis, and viewpoints aligned with right-wing ideologies, covering politics, culture, and current issues.

1. The Problem with Jon Stewart

If politics and humor are your cup of tea, this podcast is meant for you. Hosted by legendary Jon Stewart, this podcast will take your listening experience to the next level, as you will be thoroughly engaged till the last line.

This podcast mainly focuses on culture, politics and social issues. It offers the amalgamation of to-the-point analysis, insightful interviews and comedic commentary. The speaker’s intelligence and wit help this show to cut through the noise. Rest assured, you will get a fresh perspective, enriching your thought process toward political and societal issues.

The Problem with Jon Stewart

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2. The Purple Principles

This podcast aims to provide thoughtful insights into red and blue politics in the USA. Jillian Youngblood and Robert Pease host this talk show and focus on bridging the political divide. They invite experts that feature engaging discussions, insightful interviews and thought-provoking analysis. Primarily, it digs deeper into complex political polarization to help the listeners understand the hindrances faced by democracy.

This show covers a wide array of topics, including gerrymandering, social media, gerrymandering etc, by having productive conversations with people. This platform is considered a constructive political discourse promoting respectful political culture.

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3. The Ben Shapiro Show

This show is a conservative podcast hosted by Ben Shapiro, an American lawyer, author and commentator. It features Shapiro’s unique perspective of political analysis, witty humor and cultural commentary. If you’re looking for a podcast with engaging monologues and in-depth analysis, this podcast will fit into your bill. You will love the articulate way Ben represents his thoughts.

Of late, this show is popular with lots of downloads and a huge social media following. Many patrons have lauded Den’s commentary. At the same time, his opinions have been criticized for being too divisive.

The Ben Shapiro Show

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4. Left, Right & Center

This podcast is an on-demand audio version of the reputed public radio show of the same name. It provides an insightful and balanced perspective on several political issues. Each week’s episode features a panel of three commentators- one from the political right, one from the left and one from the center. They discuss the latest political developments and news and bring their perspective to the forefront. It includes topics from foreign and domestic policy to economic issues.

In this show, the panelists engage in a meaningful and constructive discussion, even if they disagree with each other. This unique thing can take your listening experience to new heights, which will help you to participate wisely in today’s polarized political climate.

KCRW's Left, Right & Center

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5. Pod Save America

It’s a highly acclaimed podcast hosted by former staff of the Obama Administration- Dan Pfeiffer, Jon Favreau, Tommy Vietor and Jon Lovett. This podcast is popular due to its in-depth coverage of recent political events in the USA. It focuses on progressive policies while featuring interviews with political figures and activists.

Recently, it has become a popular platform due to the hosts’ energy and passion in order to produce engaging topics. It includes healthcare, social justice, climate change and foreign policy.  The experts appreciate the effort of this podcast as it reinforces the progressive movement in the USA.

Pod Save America

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6. The Daily

A popular news podcast hosted by Michael Barbaro and produced by The New York Times. This show engages the audience with daily news stories of the day. Also, this podcast offers expert analysis from the reporters at The Times.

The Daily focuses on each news story, digging deeper to add context and background information for each story. From politics to international affairs, this podcast covers various topics.

Since its inception in 2017, The Daily has gained a huge following with millions of downloads. It has also bagged a few awards, including the Peabody Award, due to its next-level broadcasting excellence.

The Daily

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7. The Congressional Dish

This podcast mainly focuses on the internal working activities of the United States Congress, hosted by Jennifer Briney. This show offers an in-depth analysis of the resolutions and bills Congress considers. Also, it portrays the legislative process exclusively.

The Congressional Dish focuses on the money behind politics. The host regularly explains the role of money, including how it shapes policy decisions. Also, it shows how various lobbyists and interest groups contribute to the legislative process’s betterment.  

Apart from politics, this show covers healthcare and educational news with detailed explanations. Since its journey in 2012, the listeners have appreciated the efforts of producing unbiased and informative approaches to political reporting. This motivates the host to maintain the integrity of the show till now.

The Congressional Dish

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8. The Sean Hannity Show

It’s one of the best daily news podcasts that covers a wide range of topics. In this show, Sean features interviews with political experts, followed by taking listener calls and reading the viewers’ comments. Unapologetic partisan approach is one of the primary features of this show. 

Starting in 2001, this show has already gained an audience base. However, this show has faced criticism, but it remains a conservative podcast.

The Sean Hannity Show

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9. The Laura Ingraham Show

Laura’s show is a widely followed conservative talk show in the USA. Strong opinions and an unapologetic approach made her one of the best conservative podcast hosts. This show covers a wide array of topics, including culture, politics, and current events from a conservative aspect.

The host is a well-known figure in the conservative media, known for her insightful and thought-provoking opinions. This show has a massive following, especially those interested in conservative notions on political issues and current events. Laura’s ability to connect with the audience makes this show superhit.

The Laura Ingraham Show

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10. The Mark Levin Show

Hosted by popular American author, Lawyer and radio personality Mark Levin, this podcast is known for its insightful commentary on various topics, including law, current events, politics, and culture.

The host’s articulate delivery, in tandem with the conservative views on issues like individual liberty, limited government and free markets, made this show popular. Listeners enjoy this show thoroughly as the host provides unique aspects on the most talked about issues of the day.

This show was first aired in 2002. Since then, it’s considered as one of the best news podcasts. If conservative culture and politics are your cup of tea, this podcast is a must-listen for you.

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11. The Michael Knowles Show

One of the popular podcast show hosted by Michael Knowles. He is also a host on the Daily Wire. From political to cultural topics, this show covers a wide array of cultural and political topics from a conservative aspect.

Knowles is known for his inclusive analysis, sharp wit, and thought-provoking arguments. This show will not disappoint you if you’re looking for an informative yet entertaining conservative ideology and politics podcast.

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12. Reasons to Be Cheerful

British activists and musicians Geoff Llyod and Ed Miliband host this podcast. They completely focus on discussing and unraveling solutions faced by society. From healthcare to climate change, each episode features interviews with industry leaders.

The goal of this podcast is to empower the listeners so that they can take action to create a better world. If you’re a practical person and want to contribute to the betterment of society, this show will encourage you to do it efficiently.

Reasons to Be Cheerful

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13. The Todd Starnes Show

This is a conservative podcast that airs daily across the USA. Hosted by commentator and journalist Todd Starnes, this show features interviews, news analysis and listener call-ins based on recent political and cultural issues.

Regular segments, including “Starnes’ Stormtroopers” and “Todd’s Take,” offer the host’s take on the day’s most pressing issues. This show is produced by Fox News Radio and is available on various platforms.

ToddCast Podcast with Todd Starnes

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14. In the Thick

It’s a political podcast show hosted by journalists Julio Ricardo Varela and Maria Hinojosa. This show discusses and analyzes the news, impacting people’s daily lives. Also, this show includes a roundtable discussion with a group of commentators and journalists. They provide their notions related to the issues on the hand.

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15. The NPR Politics

This show is a renowned political podcast produced by the National Public Radio (NPR) in the USA. This show provides a detailed analysis of the latest events and political news. The hosts of this show cover a wide range of issues, including policy debates, elections, and political developments. Of late, this show has gained immense popularity due to its engaging and thorough coverage of political issues.

The NPR Politics Podcast

16. Throughline

This podcast, hosted by Ramtin Arablouei and Rund Abdelfatah, unravels current issues’ history. This show digs into the people’s stories that have shaped today’s world. Each episode features an in-depth analysis with the experts. Also, their historical aspect helps to contextualize the scenarios.

This podcast is known for its informative approach to shed light on the present complexities.  This show is available on various platforms.  


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17. Conservative Minds

Hosted by two conservative academics, Kyle Sammin and Corey Astill explores the philosophy, history and ideas related to conservatism. Every episode features a detailed discussion of conservative issues or movements from an unbiased perspective. This podcast is known for its nuanced and thoughtful approach to conservative ideas.

Conservative Minds Podcast

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18. Citations Needed

This is a media criticism podcast hosted by Adam Johnson and Nima Shirazi. It covers a wide array of topics, including media election coverage, US foreign policy and marginalized group’s portrayal in media. It frequently features interviews with academics, activists and other experts to provide insights on media issues.

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19. The Glenn Beck Program

Glenn Beck, an American author and media personality, hosts this show. This show covers various topics, including culture, politics, and current events. Since 2000, this show has served the people by providing thought-provoking news to conservative audiences.

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20. FiveThirtyEight Politics

Founded by Nate Silver, this podcast covers American elections. This podcast provides valuable insights regarding political events and trends using the data and stats. It’s a trusted source of political information that has already bagged numerous awards for its consistent excellence.

FiveThirtyEight Politics

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21. Breaking Battlegrounds

This podcast delves deeper into the latest political happenings in the USA. With a subtle and meaningful discussion, the experts show how the political hustle-bustle contributes to the common people. Hosted by Sam Stone and Chuck Warren, this podcast is becoming popular nowadays. More listeners turn to them for quick analysis that aligns with their beliefs.

breaking battlegrounds logo

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Listen to Top Politician Podcasts on Our Website

Congressman Ralph Norman

Ralph Warren Norman Jr., born on June 20, 1953, is an American real estate developer and politician. Since 2017, he has held the position of U.S. representative for South Carolina’s 5th congressional district. His district encompasses the majority of the South Carolina side of the Charlotte metropolitan area, as well as outer regions of the Upstate and Midlands. Affiliated with the Republican Party, Norman previously served as the South Carolina state representative for the 48th district, with terms from 2005 to 2007 and then from 2009 to 2017.

Ralph Norman

Congressman Mooney

Alexander Xavier Mooney, born on June 7, 1971, is an American politician who has been serving as the U.S. representative for West Virginia’s 2nd congressional district since 2015. A member of the Republican Party, Mooney previously represented the 3rd district in the Maryland State Senate from 1999 to 2011 and held the position of chair of the Maryland Republican Party. Notably, he is the first Hispanic individual elected to Congress from West Virginia.

Alex Mooney

Congressman Russell Fry

Russell William Fry, born on January 31, 1985, is an American politician and attorney who has been serving as the U.S. representative for South Carolina’s 7th congressional district since 2023. As a member of the Republican Party, Russell Fry previously held the position of representing the 106th District in the South Carolina House of Representatives from 2015 to 2023. In 2018, he was appointed as the Majority Chief Whip for the 122nd South Carolina General Assembly.

Congressman Darrell Issa

Darrell Edward Issa, born on November 1, 1953, is an American businessman and politician who currently serves as the U.S. representative for California’s 48th congressional district. He previously represented the 50th congressional district from 2021 to 2023. Affiliated with the Republican Party, Issa had earlier served in the United States House of Representatives from 2001 to 2019. During this period, he represented two districts that primarily covered North County in the San Diego area – first, the 48th district for one term, and then the 49th district for eight terms. Notably, from January 2011 to January 2015, he chaired the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee.

Congressman Andy Harris

Andrew Peter Harris, born on January 25, 1957, is an American politician and physician. Since 2011, he has been serving as the U.S. representative for Maryland’s 1st congressional district. His district encompasses the entire Eastern Shore and various eastern exurbs of Baltimore. Harris holds the distinction of being the sole Republican member in Maryland’s congressional delegation. Prior to his current role, he served in the Maryland Senate.

Congressman Andy Harris

Congressman Blake Moore

Blake David Moore, born on June 22, 1980, is an American politician and former diplomat hailing from Utah. He has been representing Utah’s 1st congressional district as the U.S. representative since January 2021. Notably, since November 8, 2023, Moore has assumed the role of vice chair of the House Republican Conference.

Congressman Dusty Johnson

Dustin Michael Johnson, born on September 30, 1976, is an American politician who has been serving as the U.S. representative for South Dakota’s at-large congressional district since 2019. Affiliated with the Republican Party, he previously held the role of South Dakota Public Utilities Commissioner from 2005 to 2011. Following that, he was appointed chief of staff to Governor Dennis Daugaard, maintaining the position until 2014. In the interim between his state political career and congressional service, Johnson served as the vice president of Vantage Point Solutions in Mitchell, South Dakota.

Congressman Dusty Johnson

Congressman Dunn

Dunn was born in Boston, Massachusetts, on February 16, 1953. He obtained a Bachelor of Science degree in interdisciplinary sciences from Washington and Lee University and a Doctor of Medicine from the George Washington University School of Medicine & Health Sciences. His medical internship was completed at Walter Reed Army Medical Center. Dunn dedicated 11 years to active duty in the United States Army, achieving the rank of major. Following his military service, he established residence in Panama City, Florida, contributing to the founding of the Panama City Urological Center and the Panama City Surgery Center. Additionally, Dunn served as the founding chairman of Summit Bank.

Congressman Dunn

Congressman Drew Ferguson

Anderson Drew Ferguson IV, born on November 15, 1966, is an American politician currently holding the position of U.S. representative for Georgia’s 3rd congressional district. The district spans from the southern suburbs of Atlanta to the northern suburbs of Columbus, encompassing a portion of Columbus itself.

Affiliated with the Republican Party, Ferguson has a background in public service, having previously served as the mayor of West Point, Georgia, a city situated between LaGrange and Columbus.

Congressman John Rutherford

John Henry Rutherford, born on September 2, 1952, is an American politician and former police officer who has been serving as the U.S. representative from Florida’s 5th congressional district since 2017. His district covers the majority of Jacksonville and its suburbs in Nassau and St. Johns counties, including St. Augustine.


Rutherford dedicated four decades to service as an officer with the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office before being elected as Duval County sheriff in 2003, a position he held until 2015. In 2016, he successfully ran for the House of Representatives in what was then Florida’s 4th congressional district. He secured re-election in 2018, 2020, and 2022. Rutherford is a member of the Republican Party.

Wrapping it up

If you’re a conservative podcast lover, the above list will enable you to navigate the shows according to your taste. Whether on the way to your office or relaxing after a broiling week, these shows will inform you of the most pressing issues. Happy listening!

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