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10 Best Podcast Interview

10 Best Podcast Interview to Explore Intelligent Minds

We can see the influence of podcast interview in the world nowadays. It has evolved as a powerful medium of sharing stories, knowledge and experiences. Podcasters offer a platform to engage people in conversations to include such sorts of podcasts in their lists and make it possible for people to learn from other’s experiences.

In this article, we will delve into the fascinating world of podcast interviews, where the seven best podcast interviews are included in the list which have the lasting impact.

All along the way, we will also discuss the podcasts interview questions and tips for hosting and being a guest. If you are just a seasoned podcast listener or just starting out, this article will develop your interest in the podcast interviews.

The Famous Podcasts Interview Questions

It is the crucial task to ask the right questions while conducting the podcast interview. Here are a few podcast interview questions that can help to open up conversation effectively.

  1. Can you tell our listeners a brief introduction of you and your background ?
  2. What inspired you to pursue this career?
  3. Can you tell us what that turning point was?
  4. Can you please give us some actionable tips related to our [topic]?
  5. What are those future goals that are exciting you?

Podcast Interview Important Tips

Successful podcast interviews require skillful planning and execution. Here are some tips that can enhance your podcast interview skills.

  • Research your guest to ask insightful questions.
  • Create an environment where the guests can feel easy and comfortable.
  • Listen and respond to the guest actively.
  • Be flexible.
  • Avoid interrupting your guest to add your thoughts. Let him/her finish.
  • After every podcast, edit the podcast for clarity and engaging content.
  • Advertise your podcast from different channels and sources, to get enough viewership.

Revealing the Influence of Podcast Interviews

Podcast interviews are considered as the heartbeat of dynamic media. The idea of these podcasts is different from the traditional media. These types of podcasts give the front-row seat to the listener where he can engage in dialogue, share his thoughts and feelings. From the profound exploration of a personal journey to the enthusiastic discussion of global issues.

Podcast interviews foster the connection in a way that other media cannot do the same job. The shared experience of podcaster and guest offers the unfiltered view through the eyes and voice of a remarkable individual.

Journey Towards 10 Best Podcast Interview

These interviews are not only reserved for the life experiences of an individual but also reflect the educational, inspiring and knowledgeable mind of an individual. Each session is a testament of the art of conversation and human desire to connect, share and learn. So, bring the coffee, put on the headphones and listen to the following recommended podcast interviews.

To get you started, here are the 9 best podcast interviews that are worth listening to.

1. The Joe Rogan experience

When we are discussing the best podcast interviews, let us not overlook “The Joe Rogan experience” hosted by comedian Joe Rogan, where he invites a wide range of diverse guests, from scientists and authors to artists and celebrities. The show is designed in the most relaxed format to encourage the guests to open up about themselves and engage them in thought-provoking discussions. Joe Rogan’s art of questioning and dedication are key factors to his success.

2. The Tim Ferriss show

This show is hosted by Tim Ferriss, who is a great interviewer, author and entrepreneur who is well known for his meticulous preparation in conducting podcast interviews. One of the episodes with Naval Ravikant, who is well known to Silicon Valley investors, is an exceptional example of how, through the art of thoughtful questioning and research, it can lead to captivating interviews.

3. The daily

“The Daily” in the New York Times is a news podcast with impactful interviews. It’s an episode featuring Dr. Anthony Fauci provided crucial knowledge during the COVID-19 pandemic. This podcast demonstrated that we can also use podcasts as a timely source of information.

4. The school of greatness

This show is hosted by Lewis Howes, who features interviews with people who are remarkably successful. He questions them about their achievements, success stories and failures. His podcast with Jayy Shetty, who was a monk and turned into a motivational speaker, provides valuable insights into personal development.

5. The TED radio hour

“The TED radio hour” showcases the best TED talks in audio form and features interviews with the speakers. The episode with Sir Ken Robinson is a perfect example of an educational and creative podcast, that demonstrates how podcast interviews can complement and enrich existing content.

6. How I build this

How I build this is hosted by Guy Raz. The major themes of this show are idealism and entrepreneurship, where he invites guests from the business world. Each episode teaches how to be great invested in such a challenging business world from the best and most famous investors in the town.

7. The unmistakable creative

The unmistakable creative is the show hosted by Srinivas Rao. This show is just about life in general. In this show, the audience hear about the stories of change-makers who are from every field of life, including entrepreneurs, authors and singers etc. The show revolves around ways to put actionable value in podcast interviews.

8. The Michelle Obama podcast

The former first lady Michelle Obama’s podcast is the inspiration.She engages in conversation with her family members, friends and experts on important daily life topics like relationships, community and personal growth.

9. Conan O'Brien needs a friend

Comedian Conan O’Brien’s podcast is the right example of a delightful journey which started with many celebrities, comedians and experts. His humor and jolly nature of conducting the show make this show a gem.

10.Don’t keep your day job

This podcast show is hosted by Cathy Heller, who’s main theme is entrepreneurship and a positive mindset. She interviews a wide range of guests, including entrepreneurs, authors, motivational speakers etc. This show is the best example of learning about the life experiences of the most diverse people.

The Podcast Interview Script Examples

Here are some podcast interview script examples that will help you to give the right and appropriate structure to your interviews.

1. Introduction

  • Give a warm welcome to your listeners and also introduce yourself .
  • Introduce briefly but beautifully to your guest.
  • Briefly describe the theme and topic of your podcast interview

2. Icebreaker

  • Start with the casual questions to make the guest comfortable.

3. Background and journey

Ask the background of your guest and also ask about the journey and how he/she has reached there.

4. Personal experiences

  • Encourage your guests to share personal stories related to the topic.

5. Challenge they overcome

  • Explore the challenges that are faced by your guests and also ask them ways they can overcome them.

6. Practical advice

  • Ask guests for practical advice so that listeners can apply it in their lives.

7. Future plans

  • Ask your guests about their future plans and the resources for the execution of those plans.

8. Closing

  • Thank your guests for the time and meaningful presence on the show.
  • Do promotions for anything [important]
  • Provide listeners with all the information about the links or platform, where they can find other podcasts.


The world which we are living in is full of information. The podcast interviews also contribute information on the world, which is mainly the expertise, experiences, thoughts and feelings of an individual. The power of words plays a vital role in building connections, the boundaries of worlds are limitless. There are different tips and techniques that can help an interviewer to present the best shows, researching a guest speaker well, providing a comfortable environment and others mentioned above are few of them. The energetic start and closing of the show also play a vital role in any successful podcast interview.


1. What is the equipment required for conducting the podcast interview?

A: To conduct an interview podcast, you’ll need headphones, a good quality microscope, an audio editor, audio recorder and a space for recording the podcast.

2. How can I improve my interviewing skills?

A: Through preparation, active listening and practice, you can lead a successful show. Research your guest well, provide your guest with a comfortable and good conditioning environment.

3. What is the ideal length for the ideal podcast interview?

A: The ideal length varies, it depends on the topic and guests.

4. Who is the best interviewer of all time?

A: There are so many interviewers who are considered to be the best because of their unique way of interviewing. To take the name of one from that long list is a bit impossible. But the highly recommended, talented and respected interviewers are Oprah, Joe Rogan, Guy Raz, John Oliver, and Conan O’Brien .

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