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Top Educational Podcasts

Educational Podcasts for “On the Go” Learning

Do you ever feel that sometimes you can use your time to be more productive while working, working out, or simply sitting idly? So if you want to be more productive while working or in your free time, consider educational podcasts for “on-the-go” learning because these podcasts are a great way to learn new things and expand your knowledge anywhere and anytime.


There are many podcasts available that provide many great options for listeners on any topic that they are interested in. So, if you want to improve your language skills or are a science geek, podcasts are available on every topic. So, all you need to do is grab your headphones and deeply dive into the world of educational podcasts for “on-the-go” learning.


One thing about educational podcasts that makes them convenient for everyone is their availability for listeners. You can listen to them anytime, anywhere, without needing to be tied to a computer or book. This means there is no barrier to timing and place for learning something new while commuting to work, doing household errands, or even jogging. It is a great way to maximize your downtime and turn it into productive time.

Importance of "On the Go" Learning

With busy schedules and limited time, everyone is looking for smart ways to learn about new things and stay up-to-date about their surroundings, and due to this, on-the-go learning has become a very important factor in today’s fast-paced world. This is where podcasts come in handy to provide people with an effective and easy way to gain knowledge and learn new things without any limitations.

Educational Podcasts

It does not matter whether you are commuting, cooking, exercising, or doing any other activity that does not require your full attention; you can play a podcast that suits your interest and get started to learn new things. Podcasts have become the most effective medium for learning in the past few years because they offer a wide variety of topics and are available on-demand, allowing you to consume the content whenever and wherever you want.


The on-the-go learning podcasts allow you to learn at your own pace and in your own time. You can pause, rewind, or fast forward according to your preference, making it easy to gain information quickly.


On the go, learning podcasts keeps you motivated and inspired by learning about the stories of successful entrepreneurs that can help you to stay focused on your goal and achieve more in your life. These podcasts are often free to access all you need is good internet and your smartphone. So why not try them and see how they can help you grow and achieve your goals?

Top Educational Podcasts for "On the Go" Learning

Podcasts are the way to learn on-the-go education. They provide a practical way to enhance your knowledge and learn something new. Here are some of the top educational podcasts that are perfect for “on-the-go” learning:

Importance of On the Go Learning

1. TED Talks Daily

TED Talks Daily is your go-to podcast if you are looking for an on-the-go learning podcast to learn educational things that offer insights on various topics. This podcast features short daily episodes that are 10-20 minutes long with a wide range of knowledge, making it easy for you to listen even in the busiest schedules.


One of the things that makes TED Talks Daily stand out is that TED Talk features different industry experts in their field to cover topics from science and technology to business and creativity. In this podcast, the talks are delivered by some of the most influential people who share insight and thought-provoking ideas to inspire and motivate people.

TED Talks Daily

2. Stuff You Should Know

Are you mindlessly scrolling and looking for an interesting podcast to make your time more productive? Then stuff you should know is worth listening to the podcast, Hosted by Josh Clark and Chuck Bryant, who combines both entertainment and education in one place.


This podcast has been going on for decades, helping people to learn about educational content that covers a wide range of topics, from science and technology to history and pop culture. You will find every episode worth listening to with the hosts, Josh and Chuck, who have a way of breaking down complex ideas into simple, easy-to-understand terms, making it easy for anyone to follow along.

Stuff You Should Know

3. Worklife with Adam Grant

Deep down to better understand the working medium with Worklife with Adam Grant podcast, which explores topics related to work and life, from productivity and leadership to motivation and creativity. Hosted by organizational psychologist and bestselling author Adam Grant, this podcast offers a unique perspective on thriving in the workplace and beyond.


In each episode of “Worklife,” you can learn something new with Grant. He shares his knowledge and expertise on leadership, productivity, teamwork, and communication. The host does not only provide insights, abstract theories, and concepts; he also gives concrete examples and practical advice that listeners can use in their own lives.

Whether you are a manager trying to motivate your team, a freelancer trying to balance work and life, or a recent graduate trying to navigate the job market, “Worklife” has something for you.

4. Radiolab

If you are curious about things around the world, then Radiolab is your podcast to listen to; hosted by Jad Abumrad and Robert Krulwich, who explore the world’s mysteries by covering a range of topics, from science and technology to history and culture.


One thing that you will love about Radiolab is the approach they take to discuss each topic. The hosts do not just present the facts but dive deep into the stories behind them, and they are not afraid to challenge conventional wisdom.


So if you are looking for a podcast that will challenge your thinking, listen to amazing stories that will make you more curious about the world, then listen to Radiolab and Lost in the World of Mysteries.

5. The Cult Pedagogy

The podcast Cult Pedagogy hosted by Jennifer Gonzalez, is about education and teaching. It includes a wide range of teaching-related issues. Episodes revolve around all classroom management tactics and creating compelling lesson ideas. In addition, the host invites experts in various fields to share their knowledge and experiences.


Jennifer and her guests offer teachers suggestions and strategies for implementing in their classrooms, covering everything from efficient lesson planning to classroom management techniques. The podcast is an excellent resource for new and experienced instructors seeking ways to improve their practice.

6. Revisionist History

If you have been searching for a podcast that will question your assumptions and help you see the world in a new light, then “Revisionist History” by Malcolm Gladwell is a must-listen podcast for you. This podcast is a work of art in narrative and investigative journalism, digging deep into neglected and misinterpreted moments in history and modern society.


What sets apart “Revisionist History” is Gladwell’s distinctive perspective of the world. The podcast host is known for his ability to connect unrelated ideas and events. Gladwell brings his distinctive perspective on the podcast and weaves the threads of history, sociology, psychology, and politics to create a compelling narrative.


The podcast is informative and thought-provoking because it explores different topics to provide a deeper understanding of the world. In addition, the host’s style of storytelling and challenging the misconceptions will give an entertaining and worthwhile listening experience.

Revisionist History

7. Encyclopedia Wommanica

If you are into history and curious to learn more about the incredible woman, then this podcast is best for you to listen to and learn how different women have made a significant impact on society. This is not just a podcast. It is an encyclopedia of stories of women from different countries, backgrounds, races, and cultures about their contributions and struggles in various fields.


The podcast explores women’s lives and their incredible achievements of breaking down barriers and overcoming immense challenges to achieve their goals. These stories serve as a reminder that anything is possible if you believe in yourself and work hard.

Encyclopaedia Womannica is a great podcast that delivers a unique and useful perspective on women’s history and an inspirational message that will connect to people of all ages and backgrounds



Benefits of Educational Podcasts for "On the Go" Learning

There are several benefits of using educational podcasts for “on-the-go” learning, some of which include the following:


Podcasts provide the convenience of accessing them anywhere and anytime without limitations using a smartphone and an active internet connection. This means you can learn while doing other things, such as office work, working out, or household chores.


Podcasts are designed to be flexible for users. They can listen to podcasts to episodes in any order, skip ahead, or go back and re-listen to episodes. This allows users to learn at their own pace.


Many podcasts are free or with low-cost subscriptions, making it affordable for everyone to learn new things. These podcasts are best for those struggling with financial issues who want to learn more.


Listening to a podcast while driving, working out, or cooking dinner allows you to learn new information, which will help you multitask and use your time more efficiently.

Access to Expert Knowledge

Podcast hosts invite many industry experts to interviews in a particular field, which gives you access to knowledge and insights into their struggles that can help you to shape your future. This is valuable for People who do not have access to experts in their area so they can listen to them.

Frequently Asked Question's

Q1: What are educational podcasts?

Educational podcasts are audio shows that aim to educate and entertain listeners on various topics. They can cover history, science, business, language study, personal growth, and other topics.

Q2: What educational podcasts are perfect for "on-the-go" learning?

Some top educational podcasts for on-the-go learning include TED Talks Daily, Stuff You Should Know, Radiolab, Encyclopedia Wommania, and the How Stuff Works podcast.

Q3: What are the benefits of listening to educational podcasts?

Educational podcasts offer expert expertise and insights on various topics, and on-the-go learning podcasts provide quick and easy learning methods. In addition, it enables you to gain knowledge of new things while doing other tasks like commuting, exercising, or performing housework.

Q4: Are these podcasts suitable for all ages?

Most of these podcasts are designed for a general audience and are suitable for all ages. However, some episodes may contain mature themes or language, so checking the episode description before listening is always a good idea.

Q5: Can I download episodes to listen offline?

Yes, most podcast platforms let you download episodes to listen to them later. This is an excellent feature if you are in a location without internet connectivity.


Educational podcasts are an excellent way for on-the-go learning because they provide a convenient and flexible means of accessing information and can be listened to while working. In addition, these podcasts provide listeners with new ideas, points of view, and expertise from professionals in various subjects.

 And, as podcasting has grown in popularity, more instructional podcasts are available than ever, making learning easier. So, educational podcasts can provide valuable information and entertainment if you want to learn more about history, science, economics, or any other topic. All you need to do is hit that play button and learn something new while on the go.

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