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What Evil Act Merits a Biden's Press Conference?

What Evil Act Merits a Biden’s Press Conference?

This weekend, a transgender, pro-Palestinian shooter walked into Joel Osteen’s Lakewood Church with a child in arms and committed a heinous act of violence. I find it odd that President Biden has issued no comment. Why is he selective when he holds press conferences for mass shootings?

Late last year, during one of Biden’s gun control press conferences, he falsely claims he had “… been to every mass shooting.” Not only has he not been to every mass shooting site, but he also hasn’t held a press conference for every mass shooting. Below is a list of shootings that occurred during Biden’s presidency, categorized based on whether he deemed them important enough to host a press conference or not. 

Make your own judgement why some get the President’s bully pulpit and others do not.

Biden held a press conference for these shootings:

  • Buffalo grocery store shooting – May 2022
  • Uvalde school shooting – May 2022
  • Highland Park shooting – July 2022
  • Monterey Park shooting – January 2023
  • Nashville school shooting – March 2023

Biden did not hold a press conference for these shootings:

  • Colorado Springs shooting – November 2022
  • Halfmoon Bay shooting – January 2023
  • Denver school shooting – March 2023
  • Iowa school shooting – January 2024
  • Lakewood Church shooting – February 2024
  • Bronx subway shooting – February 2024

Folks, you can Google for yourself what each of the shooters had in common.

Why do you think this is?

P.S. Why did the FBI never release the Nashville Manifesto? 

Note: the opinions expressed herein are those of Chuck Warren only and not his co-host Sam Stone or Breaking Battlegrounds’ staff.

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