Buddy Carter Exposes Biden's Blame Game

Congressman Buddy Carter Exposes Biden’s Blame Game

Congressman Buddy Carter of Georgia’s 1st Congressional District, and co-sponsor of the Laken Riley Act, appeared on Breaking Battlegrounds this week to challenge President Biden’s claim that Republicans had the chance to pass a border bill, which in reality did not address border issues at all. Listen to Congressman Carter here.

Chuck Warren: Let me go back to the State of the Union real quick is there anything in that speech t​​hat you feel Republicans are willing to try to reach some sort of agreement with the president on?

Is there anything he’s offered that you think that there’s some wiggle room to find some sort of what people call bipartisan agreement?

Congressman Buddy Carter: Well, a couple of things.

First of all, I was pleased, as I said earlier, that he did mention Laken Riley’s name, although he mispronounced it or not mispronounced it. He called her the wrong name. But nevertheless, I was pleased with that.

You know, we need to make sure we understand, when it comes to Ukraine and Israel, of course Republicans, of course conservatives support Ukraine. We do not want Putin to be successful.

We understand the impact on democracy throughout the world.

We get that.

We want to support Israel. Of course we want to support Israel. They are our ally, our only ally in the Middle East. We need Israel.

We all agree on that.

But, you know, he wanted to point fingers and say, you had an opportunity here to pass a border bill.

No, Mr. President, what was sent over from the Senate was not a border bill, Mr. President.

It was an amnesty and an immigration bill. And it wasn’t addressing the border.

And, you know, specifically in that bill, let me ask you.

How many laws do we have on the books that says when a certain amount of people break the law, then we’re going to stop it and then everybody else will be guilty. You know, the first 5,000 who come across that border, you’re okay. But if you’re 5,001, your ass is going to jail.

I mean, that’s ridiculous. 

That was bad legislation.

The correct border bill is in the Senate now. It’s H.R. 2.

Listen to Congressman Buddy Carter’s full interview on Breaking Battlegrounds

About our guest

Congressman Earl L. “Buddy” Carter is an experienced businessman, health care professional and faithful public servant. For over 32 years Buddy owned Carter’s Pharmacy, Inc. where South Georgians trusted him with their most valuable assets: their health, lives and families. While running his business, he learned how to balance a budget and create jobs. He also saw firsthand the devastating impacts of government overregulation which drives his commitment to ensuring that the federal government creates policies to empower business instead of increasing burdens on America’s job creators.

A committed public servant, Buddy previously served as the Mayor of Pooler, Georgia and in the Georgia General Assembly where he used his business experience to make government more efficient and responsive to the people. Buddy is serving his fifth term in the United States House of Representatives and is a member of the House Energy and Commerce (E&C) Committee and the House Budget Committee. He proudly serves as Chairman of the E&C Subcommittee on Environment, Manufacturing, and Critical Materials, where he prioritizes beating China, reducing emissions, unleashing American energy, and creating a pro-growth business environment. As a pharmacist serving in Congress, Buddy is dedicated to working towards a health care system that provides more choices, less costs and better services.

A lifelong resident of the First District, Buddy was born and raised in Port Wentworth, Georgia and is a proud graduate of Young Harris College and the University of Georgia where he earned his Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy. Buddy married his college sweetheart, Amy. Buddy and Amy have three sons, three daughters-in-law and six grandchildren.

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