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Democrats Guardian of Democracy LOL

Democrats Guardian of Democracy? LOL

Next time a self-righteous, holier-than-thou, Morning Joe Democrat tells you or posts online that:

  1. democracy is at stake in 2024

  2. or that this may be the last time you can vote in the United States,

literally laugh in their face. Mock their stupidity. This is power grab mentality and gullibility.

The Biden Democrats whose line they are parroting simply use this cynical talking point to scare voters and keep power. Power which they want to give more and more power to unelected regulators. Why do you think they oppose the Supreme Court ruling against Chevron v. Natural Resources Defense Council. Remember, this is the party that wants to stack the Supreme Court, eliminate the filibuster, have illegal immigrants counted for congressional district apportionment and impact Electoral College votes, and allow non-citizens voting rights. The list goes on.

Look, I support voting by mail (with government ID) and early voting (with government ID) and I’m not a fanboy of the January 6th crew. I’m still trying to figure out what those misguided folks thought would turn out well. But this ‘last election’ nonsense and the idea that ‘we are the last line of defense of democracy’ is just pure hogwash from people who don’t want you to have choices.

Let us just look at two examples today, though we could fill dozens of pages of Democrats limiting choices:


MAGA is an existential threat to America. That is what we are told by these self appointed guardians of democracy.  If that is true, why does the election interfering Sen. Chuck Schumer and their merry band of liberal billionaires keep getting involved in Republican primaries and supporting MAGA candidates?  

Yes, cold political calculation and polling tells them a MAGA CANDIDATE will be easier to defeat. Yes, MAGA has put forward some real mediocre candidates, but if they are such an existential threat to democracy… albeit the WORLD, then why would you want to take that chance?

As of this week, Sen. Chuck “Hypocrite” Schumer’s Senate Majority PAC, spent $2.7 million to elevate MAGA Moreno’s primary bid, with the idea that he would be the weakest against Brown this fall. He supported a staunch MAGA candidate against establishment and supposedly “moderate” Republicans like Secretary of State Frank LaRose and Cleveland-area state Sen. Matt Dolan.

Yeah, sounds like Schumer is really concerned about protecting democracy. *Cue eye roll.

Limit Choices

Democrats, Biden Administration, liberal donors and committees are turning over every rock to keep 3rd party candidates off the November ballot. Heck, the Democrats are so hell bent on protecting Pres. Biden said that they didn’t even have a presidential primary in Florida this week which led to major gains by Republican municipal candidates.

You can read more about their war against third party candidates by the liberal NBC News or Reuters or US News and World Report. The list goes on and on if you ever want to Google or DuckDuckGo the topic. The hypocrisy will make you throw up.

Heck, Democrats even sued to keep the No Labels Party off the ballot in Arizona. Who wants a choice at the ballot? Democrats do not want you to have one.

They are so cynical and power-hungry that the Biden Administration has refused to provide RFK with Secret Service protection. That is okay; Pres. Biden got a photo op with extended Biden family on St. Patrick’s Day.

Vote for Biden because you like his liberal policies and government overreach, but don’t cast your vote thinking you are protecting democracy. It’s a straight-up lie, and they know it.

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