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Podcast 173: Exploring Global Dynamics with Congressman Tim Burchett and Shay Khatiri: A Deep Dive into Local and International Affair

Global Dynamics with Congressman Tim Burchett
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Podcast 173: Exploring Global Dynamics with Congressman Tim Burchett and Shay Khatiri: A Deep Dive into Local and International Affair

Welcome back to another episode of Breaking Battlegrounds! This week, Chuck and Sam first extend a warm welcome to Congressman Tim Burchett, diving straight into a discussion about national security and foreign affairs. We are then joined by Shay Khatiri, a Senior Fellow at Yorktown Institute and Iranian political asylee, for an insightful discussion on the strategic complexities of the Houthis’ blockade of the Red Sea. To cap off our episode, we have the pleasure of hearing from Jeff Stein, a veteran Iowa broadcaster, who brings his in-depth analysis of the Iowa election results and the intricacies of the presidential primary. Subscribe to receive Breaking Battlegrounds in your inbox every week!

About our guests

U.S. Representative Tim Burchett is an East Tennessee native who grew up in Knoxville. He lives in the Gibbs Community of Knox County with his wife, Kelly, and their daughter, Isabel. Rep. Burchett took office in January 2019, after serving eight years as mayor of Knox County. Thanks to natural growth and good stewardship of taxpayer dollars, his administration was able to build new schools, launch infrastructure projects, and pay down debt—all without raising taxes. Prior to his tenure as Knox County Mayor, he started a successful small business before serving 16 years in the state legislature, four years in the State House followed by 12 years in the State Senate. Rep. Burchett currently serves on the House Committees on Oversight and Accountability; Foreign Affairs; and Transportation and Infrastructure. During the 117th Congress, Rep. Burchett sponsored 23 bills and cosponsored 201 pieces of legislation in the House of Representatives, three of which were signed into law by President Biden.

Shay Khatiri is the VP of development and a senior fellow at Yorktown Institute. An immigrant from Iran, he is an alumnus of Arizona State University and the Strategic Studies Department at Johns Hopkins University, School of Advanced International Studies. He publishes the Substack newsletter, The Russia–Iran File.

Jeff Stein is a lifelong Iowan with 40+ years of experience in Iowa broadcasting. It’s the only interview program in Eastern Iowa…that’s actually in Eastern Iowa! From Iowa’s elected officials to national newsmakers…it’s all here for you weekday mornings.


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