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Pres. Biden the 14th Best President in U.S. History LOL

Pres. Biden the 14th Best President in U.S. History? LOL

Recently, a tally came from 154 presidential specialists who are current and recent members of the American Political Science Association. They were asked to give each president a score from 0 to 100.

Let’s cut to the chase: Any survey ranking President Biden as the 14th best President in U.S. history, conducted by political science specialists, needs to take an immediate drug and mental competency test.

Let’s focus briefly on ranking Pres. Reagan 16th — we will not even get into the laughable ranking of putting Obama in the Top Ten.   

Ronald Reagan 16th?  Really? Let’s look at some things Pres. Reagan did:

  • Ended the COLD WAR

  • Ended stagflation.

  • Ended America’s economic and foreign policy decline.

  • Led the impossible reform of Social Security which as benefit Americans for three decades.

This is an objective take. These are pure facts. Biden ranks ahead of that? Some Biden facts:

  • When Trump left office, there was not a war in Ukraine, Hamas invasion, et cetera.

  • Biden has allowed an invasion of 7.2  million migrants (that is what we know of) in the U.S. in his three years in office.

  • In the first two and a half years of President Biden’s time in the White House, the national debt has increased by $4.8 trillion.

  • Don’t get me started on inflation and how it has crippled a majority of the country’s monthly budget.

These are objective points. That is how presidents should be judged and ranked.  

I agree with National Review’s Charlie Cook. I am not an FDR fan, but he does deserve to be in the Top Ten. He was significant. FDR has a body of work that still guides America for better or worse today. This is how an objective assessment works. Sadly, our universities do not seem to understand the definition of the word “objective.”

These are liberal, ivory tower professors and political scientists with personal ideological biases who only like progressive achievements. They should not be regarded as experts. And parents should judge critically if their children and their tuition dollars should fund these propagandists. 

This was purely a propaganda exercise and again demonstrates the decline of higher education. These are pure political hacks which lead the decline of higher learning.  There was no critical or objective thinking in this “cook the books” rankings. 

This is simply academia trying to shape the past with their biases.   

Note: the opinions expressed herein are those of Chuck Warren only and not his co-host Sam Stone or Breaking Battlegrounds’ staff.

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