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Adventure Podcasts That Are Worth Listening To

We enjoy being outside in any way, shape, or form. It enables you to disconnect from everything else. However, the majority of us eventually have to return to the rest of it. Most of us have laborious life management to do. Food needs to be prepared, and water needs to be consumed. Sleep needs to be taken care of. Then, unfortunately, there is laundry. Laundry is a never-ending bother. And this kind of laughably dull, unexciting activity has caused us to fall madly in love with outdoor and adventure podcasts.


Simply plug in your headphones if you need a little boost when it comes to adventuring but only sometimes have the time to venture off into the distance every weekend. There are many free podcasts about the great outdoors and other adventures but do not spend your time listening to ones that will not make your desire grow. So instead, here are the top nine podcasts to prepare you for the vast outdoors by providing you.

10 Best Adventure Podcasts

As podcasts have increased, so has the caliber they provide. Hours upon hours of well-informed interviews, genuinely amusing tales, and motivational narratives, all delivered by passionate and knowledgeable hosts, make for fascinating listening. Additionally, it’s simple to find podcasts, and most of them can be downloaded for free, especially if you already subscribe to an audio streaming service like Spotify or Audible. Alternatively, you can download an app like Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts, Soundcloud, Stitcher, Castbox, Pocket Casts, or Overcasts.


These 9 best podcasts will keep you occupied during your next vacation; they will transport you and inspire you to imagine more extensive, incredible experiences.

The Adventure Podcasts

1. The Adventure Podcast - Best Podcast for Explorers

The Adventure Podcast is hosted by adventure racer, Ironman, mountain guide Dave Adlard, and writer Kraig Becker, who also manages The Adventure Blog.


The Adventure Podcast introduces listeners to a broad range of truly unique and inspirational people. Each episode is presented as a long-form talk with a seasoned adventurer or explorer who is a leader in their particular profession. Everyone from mountaineers and wildlife filmmakers to environmentalists and polar photographers is represented among the interviewees.


Every Wednesday, there are new episodes that include interviews with athletes in the outdoor industry and cover the most recent news in road racing, climbing, and discovery of Everest developments, National Park news, and advice on how to pack for your adventure.


 After each episode, you will receive a brief discussion on equipment and current top recommendations from Becker and Adlard. The average length of an episode is one hour and thirty minutes.

2. Of Mountains and Minds - Best Podcast for Outdoors

The podcast “Of Mountains and Minds,” hosted by Edinburgh-based ultrarunner and adventurer Caroline Mckay, tackles adventure podcasts and the psychology of outdoor activities and is not even afraid to have serious conversations on mental health and welfare. It is one of the most incredible outdoor podcasts because of this.


After completing the Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc in 2017, Caroline created the podcast. But, she says, “I felt burned out afterward.” After meeting numerous endurance athletes who had struggled with addictions, eating disorders, or mental health concerns, I was inspired to do something creative that stretched me in a new way and was eager to highlight the significant link between endurance sports and recovery.


My experience also had a role; I lost my mother to ovarian cancer when she was 52 years old, transforming how I viewed the world while igniting a desire to lead an exciting life where I faced phobias. Public speaking was unquestionably one of them. As a result, I find the grieving process fascinating, and I am adamantly committed to speaking out against the harmful small-talk culture.

3. How To Be Superhuman - Best Inspirational Podcast

If you seek inspiration, you can not get a better option than this from adventure podcasts for tweens. Red Bull’s How To Be Superhuman is here to break down the seemingly unachievable endurance achievements, inspiring you to push your limits.


Host Rob Pope delivers conversations with sportspeople whose life stories surpass expectations every Monday. Don’t miss interviews with Mark Beaumont, who cycled around the world in 78 days, or Mollie Hughes, the youngest person to climb both sides of Mount Everest.

4. She Explores - Best Podcast for Developing Women

She Explores a self-described resource for the developing outdoorswoman. It does not let you down with any of its content, whether it’s personal essays and interviews on how being outside have transformed ordinary women’s lives or a spotlight on artists who draw inspiration from nature.


The podcast features tales from and conversations with female outdoor enthusiasts. As Straub notes, the adventure podcasts frequently discuss the great outdoors. Still, it frequently discusses other aspects of life, such as entrepreneurship, solo exploration, eating disorders, diversity and inclusion, and aging.

With new episodes every Wednesday, episodes last, on average, roughly 40 minutes.

5. The Dirtbag Diaries - Best Podcast for Top Athletes

The Dirtbag Diaries was first launched in 2007 when podcasts were still in their infancy, and it has since grown to be one of the most well-known adventure podcasts ever. Excellent narration is the key to its success, and Fitz Cahall, the narrator and co-founder of the production company Duct Tape Then Beer deserve credit for this. This one is for you if you enjoy reading about extraordinary trips, passionate dreamers, top athletes, and restless nomads. You will find descriptions of wilderness excursions, daring paddling expeditions, spectacular road adventures, distant backcountry skiing, and much more that are both engaging and inspiring.

6. The Looking Sideways - Best Podcast for Action Sports

Looking Sideways, one of the ancestors of the adventure travel podcasts industry is a must-listen for anyone looking to delve deeply into the fascinating action sports narratives. The podcast, which seeks to find the most exciting stories in action sports and other similar endeavors, is hosted by journalist and co-director of All Conditions Media Matt Barr. We may state with confidence that it is successful in doing that. Matt has been working in the industry for over 20 years and has an extensive network of contacts, evident in the pod’s caliber.


Along with the well-known personalities, such as Free Solo’s Alex Hannold and Art of Flight’s Travis Rice, bouldering royalty Shauna Coxsey, and surfing veteran Herbie Fletcher, there is a tonne of fascinating conversations with people you are less likely to have met before.

7. The First 40 Miles - Best Podcast for Backpackers

The First 40 Miles is one of the ideal adventure podcasts for experienced backpackers and beginners to learn the fundamentals of backpacking (like what essentials to pack, what to ditch, or how to lighten your load).


With 214 episodes, the hosts Heather and Josh cover a massive range of topics related to backpacking while delving into specifics like zero-waste backpacking, cold trips, how to use a tarp, and even how to nurture the next generation of outdoor lovers. Its episodes last 35 minutes on average.

8. Outside - Best Podcast for Nature and Adventure

One of our favorite outdoor adventure podcasts is the Outside podcast. Fortunately, it lends itself equally well to the world of audio because of its distinct style of compelling storytelling, hard-hitting investigative coverage, and scientific research of adventure features like survival and endurance.


Therefore, listening to the podcast is just as interesting, informative, and engaging as reading the print magazine’s pages. Listen in if you want a new angle on various exciting problems. The mental health benefits of nature, the science of snake venom, and how to survive a bee attack were all topics covered in earlier episodes.


Even if it is difficult for you to get out of bed or complete a short 20-kilometer journey, this will encourage you to move. The episodes emphasize the value of nature and adventure in self-care and living your best life.

9. Wild Ideas Worth Living - Best Podcast for Entrepreneurs

If you have ever wanted to take a crazy idea and make it a reality, this podcast is for you. The component traveler and part-time entrepreneur who needs a little positive mindset to quit their job and move to their perfect setting should watch Shelby Stanger’s Wild Ideas Worth Living.


The documentary series investigates how each person copes with difficult situations and self-doubt to live wildlife through interviews with prominent outdoor industry members, including Cheryl Strayed and Burton CEO Donna Carpenter.


The podcast is jam-packed with conversations with a diversity of inspiring people. You could take a week learning how to cook delectable meals over a campfire. A podcast about hiking is an additional choice. The following segment features a drag-action sports queen and an activist. The subject after that can be a famous athlete’s wellness and concentration tips. In Wild Ideas Worth Living, there is something to appeal to everyone. If comprehensive motivation is what you’re looking for, you can get it here.


Everyone enjoys regularly listening to adventure story podcasts while exploring since it helps them to relax and ultimately reduce or even remove work-related stress. Additionally, if you listen to podcasts, you can tell that these are not just ordinary individuals chatting. Instead, they help us become more aware of and grasp the problems in the world.

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