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Best Podcasts For Women

Top 9 Best Podcasts For Women That Will Inspire You

If you are a working woman who is feeling down or demotivated and looking for something inspirational to lift your spirits, then listen to some best podcasts for women. There is a great podcast about leadership done by leading women that will inspire you and open up many doors of opportunity for you.


Sometimes we go through a rough period due to the traumatic experience, which results in low productivity and laziness, which is very normal for women to experience. However, everyone should take time for themselves and take a break to cope with their situation.


As a woman, if a task in your daily routine feels like a chore, you should not put pressure on yourself, instead subscribe to the best podcasts for women and listen to them to relax and have encouragement and inspiration.


Nowadays, there are podcasts available on the internet about any topic, whether you are looking for motivational talks, hot political comments, or reviews of your favorite reality program. Moreover, if you want guidance, whether entrepreneurial for starting a startup or lectures on self-love and recommendations for a peaceful mind, then listen to podcasts because there are best podcasts for women by women that you should add to your playlist.


A List Of Inspiring And Best Podcasts For Women

These inspiring and best podcasts for women will benefit you no matter what field you are in or what career you are pursuing. By listening to the interviews and the heartfelt discussions about different topics with the wellness experts, you will feel more inspired and develop a new self-care routine.


1. We Can Do Hard Things: A Heartfelt Discussion Of The Challenging Problems

During a pandemic, Glennon Doyle’s mantra, “We can do hard things,” went viral, which inspired her to start a podcast named “We can do hard things.” This podcast was started by her with her sister Amanda Doyle and her wife Abby Wambach. In this podcast, the host discusses the challenging and heartfelt issues facing women.


The podcast revolves around topics ranging from addiction to breakups to abortion. The podcast is raw, honest, and open.  Every week they invite a guest to share their perception on different topics and to help give answers to the questions they get from their female viewers about the issues women face in their daily lives.


The hosts, Glennon, Amanda, and Abby, answer all of the questions in a frank way with a slight touch of humor so women can have more confidence and they can share their life hurdles with the hosts, which makes this podcast very interesting and a favorite to its viewers, and they look forward to watching this podcast to cry, laugh, and relate their life issues with other women.


The podcast is very diverse and has very interesting guests. Diverse topics are discussed in this podcast with an element of entertainment, so you will not be bored by listening to this podcast. This podcast inspires women to believe in themselves.


2. The Hey Girl Podcast: Best For Listening To Candid Stories From Women

The Hey Girl podcast is created by a great author, Alex Elle. She launched this podcast to tell stories about the sisterhood by inviting women who talk about intimate topics like Olympic fencers, Ayurvedic chefs, illustrators, and many more interesting topics.


The Hey Girl, Women podcast unites women from every corner of the globe through compelling storytelling and sisterhood. Alex Elle is an excellent host who invites random guests from friends, strangers, and family to sit down and have an open conversation about their lives so that viewers can be inspired by their experiences.


This is one of the best podcasts for women who want to listen to discussions about everything from civil rights to sexual health and ancestral guidance. You will find everything related by listening to the candid stories of women because these podcasts show the vulnerability as well as the strength of women through their stories, which can heal your soul through their authenticity and sisterhood.


3. The Broad Experience: The Best Podcast Gor Women In The Workplace

The broad experience podcast was launched by Ashley Milne-Tyte, a British-American journalist and radio reporter based in New York. This is an award-winning podcast about insights into the experience of women at their workplaces. The podcast is unique, with thought-provoking and inspiring discussions that will excite and intrigue the viewers.


The experience of women in their workplaces can be rewarding, challenging, or bad. So much broad experience has led to a candid conversation about women, men, success, and careers. In this podcast, the host Ashley discusses the topics we all think about but do not talk about. The host-Ashley Milne-Tyte is not afraid to talk about the usual issues of working women, like equality in the workplace, bad work breakups, and many more.


This podcast will tell you about the issues and difficulties you face in your workplace and how you can overcome them. So, if you are a woman and need advice for navigating your career or how to stand out in your business, then you must listen to this podcast and learn about workplace insights through the conversation of guests related to the field.


This is one of the best podcasts for women who are at any step of their career because the relevant discussion with the key thought leaders and women will not make you feel alone about the issues you face at your workplace and will give you good ideas to tackle the issues. This podcast will alter your perception of your working relationship and the balance between your work and personal lives.


4. The Player’s Pod Is Best For Women In Sports.

The Player’s Pod is one of the best podcasts for women who are in sports or love sports. Kelley O’Hara hosts this podcast, and she is a two-time World Cup champion and Olympic gold medalist. Kelly O’Hara started this podcast to encourage and appreciate the women in the sporting world by sitting down with them and talking about their life journeys.


Women in sports do not get the spotlight they deserve, so this podcast is a platform that elevates and celebrates the successful journey of women athletes through their stories of how they handled their careers and lives with such success.


The host, Kelly, and her team are talented. They do the research and prep work about their guests very efficiently and engage the guests in direct conversation so the viewers can get more knowledge about sports and their journey. This podcast provides a voice to many women athletes who did not get enough spotlight, and their stories will leave you motivated and inspired to get back to your goals and aspirations.


5. Life, I Swear: Stories And Insights From Black Women

Chloe Dulce Louvouezo hosts the Life I Swear podcast, where she interviews black women and hears their personal stories about their life struggles. This podcast shows the reflections of black women about the different phases of their lives that helped them stand stronger, heal, and connect.


Each episode of this podcast is very heartfelt because the host connects, listens, and is refreshing. This platform provides a safe space for black women where they can engage in conversation and become vulnerable, transparent, and honest about their life experiences.


The host, Chloe, is talented when it comes to inviting guests onto her show; she invites women who you did not even realize you wanted to hear from. Listening to the stories of these black women will make you more emphatic and thankful because their stories are so insightful, alluring, and always relatable.


If you are going through a rough time, then this is one of the best podcasts for women to listen to because the podcast gives a gentle reminder about the importance of who we are and, as women, what we all go through, and reminds you that you are not alone in any phase of grieving, healing, existing, loving, or even just breathing. This podcast will encourage you to embrace yourself and your feminine energy, and eventually, you will get through everything in your life.


6. Unladylike- Be Who You Are.

Unladylike is a podcast hosted by Caroline Ervin and Cristen Conger where they discuss the outcome of what happens in a society if a woman breaks the rules. This podcast is diverse. Each episode is based on a specific question about the rule-breaking of women in this society.


This podcast provides listeners with heavily researched content filled with facts and stories. Cristen and Caroline, the hosts, pose questions that we can all relate to but are afraid to ask, but the hosts make their guests comfortable and inspire them to engage in healthy conversations.


If you are a woman who wants to burn down the patriarchy in this society, then this is one of the best podcasts for women. You will enjoy listening to this podcast because it offers a deep analysis of a variety of everyday topics like current politics, social movements, sexism, and a deep exploratory study of complex interpersonal and gender dynamics.


Conger and Ervin, hosts of the Unladylike podcast, give viewers of their show an overview of the history of gender roles with the hope of inspiring women to take a stand for themselves and develop into responsible adults. This extensive and thorough topic of podcasts presents many aspects of women’s lives, such as body issues, the workplace, sexual orientation, the fashion world, biassed language, and activism, and tells the viewers that “it’s time to get comfortable with being uncomfortably comfortable.”


This podcast will help you embrace yourself and be who you are. It also brings a sense of building a connection with your fellow women, supporting them in their struggles, and accepting them with their flaws and vulnerabilities.


7. Motherhood Sessions: Best Podcast For Women

A motherhood session is hosted by renowned reproductive psychiatrist Dr. Alexandra Sacks, where she invites mothers to sit down with her and talk about topics that you will not hear outside of the therapist’s office.


Motherhood is challenging, and everyone here is aware of that. However, in motherhood, we only hear about the wakeful hours of the night and diaper changes, and no one talks about the significant personality change that comes when a woman becomes a mother. Being a mother is a psychological shock to women because everything is new to them, yet it is very uncommon to find open discussions about it that are emotionally open.


If you are a mother, about to give birth, or are thinking of adopting a baby, then this is one of the best podcasts for women because the podcast host, Alexandra Sacks, presents the media’s view of parenting and talks about the sentimental journey of women after becoming mothers, having a deep conversation to discuss the psychological toll that parenthood has taken on her, which is certainly not a pleasant or best experience for them.


This podcast will become your favorite, and you can learn about motherhood by listening to the heart-wrenching diversity of every conversation as well as how these courageous women tell their experiences about their anxieties during pregnancy or the postpartum period, which tells the stories of the lonesome inconsistencies, seriously damaging joys, and impossibly high demands that women experience during motherhood.


8. Call Your Girlfriend—The Best Podcasts For Women In Long-Distance Friendships.

Call Your Girlfriend is inspired by two friends, Ann Friedman and Aminatou Sow, who host this podcast where they discuss the friendship between long-distance best friends everywhere. The podcast is a combination of heart-to-heart conversations, funny conversations, and informative interviews with guests.


The two friends, alongside their producer Gina Delvac, talk about everything life, politics, social culture, and pop culture—over weekly phone calls, and they have amassed a following of tens of thousands of listeners. These hosts are sophisticated and lowbrow, fiercely headstrong, and not frightened to have genuine conversations with one another about any difficult topic.


This is the best podcast for women to learn about different views on friendship and to recognize the value of friendship no matter whether someone is with them or far away. The two best friends discuss issues like Instagram anxiety, book recommendations, money, and news, as well as other topics, with slight humor so that the viewers do not get bored.


This podcast will bring a sense of comfort, introspection, and critical thinking to the viewers. You will see women talking about hard-hitting topics and learning important things. Furthermore, you will appreciate how the hosts connect the intelligent conversion of politics, racism, and culture to their reflection on friendships.




Everyone enjoys listening to podcasts to get their mind off stressful things by regularly listening to podcasts to get inspiration, knowledge, and humor while commuting or relaxing in their neighborhood park.


Women particularly enjoy podcasts on subjects that are highly relevant to their daily problems and struggles and that are hosted by and for women. If you are looking for the best podcasts for women to add to your playlist, read on to learn about the outstanding programs hosted by powerful female leaders. Moreover, Every podcast talks about a different range of topics to which you can relate, so there is something for everyone.

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