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Political Podcast are podcasts that focus on contemporary politics and current affairs. Most political podcasts maintain a connection to an existing media source such as a newspaper or magazine.


Politics is now the most talked about topic among people all over the world. Americans produce a lot of political podcasts these days and the world is fascinated by American politics. Every weekday, the best political reporters are there to explain the big news coming out of American politics. They just don’t say what happened. They tell you why it matters with a brief description.


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What is a Political Podcast?

First, let’s define what a political podcast is? To understand what political podcast means, it’s helpful to break the phrase down into its component parts:


● “Political” refers to the government or public affairs of a country about politics.


● “Podcast” means a program available in digital format for download over the Internet. For example, an episodic series of digital audio or video files that a user can download to a personal device for listening at their convenience.


So, combining these two concepts: in the most technical sense, it’s an audio file downloaded to a device that talks about politics via an RSS feed.


While there are some conservative podcasts, they generally aim to inform or entertain or advocate for a progressive cause. They are often inexpensive to manufacture, requiring minimal computer technology to operate. Their audience is usually people interested in current events and the programs are usually half an hour to an hour in duration.


Background History

Everything has gone digital these days. The increasing growth of the Internet and new technologies and devices for disseminating information digitally such as laptop computers and smartphones. Podcasts have become very popular these days. Political podcasts have become an “emerging industry,” according to NiemanLab’s Nicholas Koa.


It mostly started in 2005 as a spin off of existing media. First Slate launched the Slate Political Gabfest podcast, with its reporters discussing current events.


Since then, many new programs have been created. For example: Breaking Battlegrounds, NPR Politics Podcast, Pod Save America, etc. Most political podcasts maintain a link to an existing news source. Most political podcasts maintain a link to an existing news source.


The subject of politics is quite confusing at the moment. Everything seems highly charged, with opinions and beliefs clashing with each other from almost every direction. It is becoming increasingly difficult to separate truth from spin, misrepresentation and outright misinformation.


Piole from all over the world are curious about American politics. That’s why political podcasts are so popular. The growth of podcasts was fueled by the 2016 United States presidential election.


What is the purpose of political podcast?

In an age of glossy headlines at home and abroad, political podcasts help a growing number of listeners stay abreast of the fast-paced and often overwhelming news cycle.


But what is the purpose of this podcast?


Political podcasts serve various purposes, such as providing information, making money, and entertaining. But these podcasts don’t always reveal the truth, often with sarcasm and humour.


Some podcasts focus on aspects of election racing Like strategy and which candidates are doing well in the polls, others focus on politics and issues. They typically feature journalists, politicians, academics, authors, pollsters, and others who have established credentials in the public sphere.


Most political podcasts have a liberal or progressive orientation. Analyst Charlie Locke suggests that one reason for this is that many podcasts were started by progressive news outlets like Breaking Battlefield, Slate, The Nation and NPR, and The New Yorker, and that these podcasts started many years ago.


Some podcasts clearly try to represent all parts of the political spectrum, such as KCRW’s Left, Right & Center which features three pundits, understandably, from the left, right and center.


Are Political Podcasts The Future or Just an Echo Chamber?

Part of the success of independent political podcasting is the ability for outsiders to take over a platform without permission. Political podcasts are on the rise, opposing disgruntled government voices. Traditional media has struggled with balance, so in the face of the absurdity of Trump, Johnson and Brexit, these vulnerable and unreliable voices felt not only refreshing but necessary.


Political podcasts became very popular among people all over the world. Future of these podcasts looks promising. When Brexit and Trump sent transatlantic politics into a tailspin in 2016, many searched frantically in the dark for a handrail. The Times demanded new perspectives, and they came in the form of political podcasting. As a medium, the podcast was perfect for adaptation, providing many sharp, original, funny, fringe and independent voices at a time when the political situation was getting weird.


Layout of Podcasts


Podcasts are usually half an hour to an hour long and usually start with an identifying melody or music. These are usually accompanied by links to other social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter. It has feedback buttons to post comments or interact with the host or guests on the show. Most follow an interview format where the host begins by introducing the program, then the guests and their qualifications.


10 Best Political History Podcast to Listen


List of the best political history podcasts compiled from thousands of podcasts on the web and ranked by traffic, social media followers, domain authority and freshness.


Here’s the list –


● This Day in Esoteric Political History

● The Political History of the United States

● The Eleventh

● American Political History

● Political Philosophy-Dr. Laurie M Johnson

● The Podcast for Social Research

● Turn Leftist Podcast

● Left On Red

● Political History: What Could Go Wrong?

● Big Ben History


How to listen to podcasts?


As you noticed above, there are many ways to listen to podcasts. The majority of podcast listening occurs on mobile devices as consumption can be passive. While driving or working outside or cleaning the house. Play podcasts wherever you are But there are more than a few places you can find podcasts So many that picking one can seem overwhelming.


This is a list of our favourite apps and places to listen to podcasts All of them are available on desktop as well as mobile devices :


● Spotify

● Apple Podcasts

● Google Podcasts

● YouTube


● Pocket Casts


Future direction


Political podcasts have grown tremendously over the past few years, but activity may have declined following the 2016 US presidential election.


According to Nicholas Quah, an analyst at Harvard’s Nieman Lab, political podcasts can take one of two paths: either increasing their broadcast frequency to quickly cover new developments, or going more topical in an effort to make each episode “less disposable.”He proposed a hybrid model where content from disposable interview-type podcasts can be used to update an archive of thematic-based content.

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