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Best Podcasts for Road Trips

Best Podcasts for Road Trips – Make Your Trip Memorable

Choosing the perfect podcasts for road trips is a subjective matter, as there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. The ideal podcast for your journey is whatever resonates with your personal preferences and sets the right vibe for your road trip.


For some people in therapy, road trips are an adventure. Highway travel, a love of excellent songs, exploring new places, and having a fantastic chance to come to know oneself. However, long journeys need more time spent behind the wheel, and what could be more helpful in enjoying the pleasant journey moments than some great podcasts?


Many everyday people from all walks of society find podcasts useful, even life-changing or thought-provoking, as they share some of their most private ideas, struggles, and triumphs. Some visitors even have such a terrific sense of humor that it is difficult to contain your laughter as you listen to them. Since some persons do not feel comfortable or are too alone to expound on their situations, such as what is occurring inner of them or how they perceive various things, etc., such road trips podcasts are a form of therapy for listeners who can relate to the guest speaker’s issues or who are seeking explanations for the speaker’s experiences if they are similar to their own.

Podcast can be a great way to pass your time during a road trip. There are thousands of podcasts available for listeners; however, choosing the right podcast for your road trip is very important to enhance your traveling experience. So choose a podcast that aligns with your interests and preferences and can make your road trip more enjoyable, entertaining, and educational.


Whenever you are traveling for long rides it can become boring to drive without any fun continuously. Choosing the right podcast will keep you engaged, and your time will pass quickly. It can set the tone for the trip, providing a fun or relaxing atmosphere that can help make the journey more enjoyable.


Moreover, listening to the podcast when traveling can also become an educational experience because many podcasts offer a wide range of topics, including science and history, politics, and business. Listeners can broaden their knowledge and learn something new by listening to a podcast related to their interests while driving. This might make your trip not only enjoyable but also educational.

28 Best Podcasts for Road Trips in 2024

best podcasts for road trip

Today, Online, you may get podcasts on any topic, including motivational talks, trending political commentary, or reviews of your favorite reality show. Additionally, If you want guidance, either innovative for starting a business, lessons on tackling a particular obstacle, or self-care, simply add it to your playlist and choose any subject you’d want for your vacation.

1. Desert Island Discs:

The Desert Island Discs is the top best podcast for road trips. So, the name “podcast” was not yet coined when “Desert Island Discs” appeared, perhaps even in the next half-century. The everlasting program from the BBC, which has been broadcasting since 1942, features a guest talking about their life while choosing eight songs that have special meaning for people. They also choose the premium product they would bring if abandoned on a fictitious desert island. A straightforward idea has been made into a hit thanks to the shows over the decades, superb presenters, and the exceptional level of visitors, who vary from significant company leaders to notable celebrities. The series are illegitimate podcasts that are smartly made available on Apple and Spotify, with some old editions from the archive tucked next to the newer ones. She guarantees that your road trip will be entertaining by fusing fascinating characters with current music and a huge library.

2. Serial

It is considered one of the best podcast for road trips, and people love to listen. Serial is credited with bringing podcasting into the mainstream. Each season focuses on a different true crime story, exploring it in-depth over several episodes. Whether a murder mystery or an unsolved case, Serial keeps you hooked with its investigative approach, compelling storytelling, and gripping narratives.


3. A Very Fatal Murder:

As part of the A Very Fatal Crime review panel, New York City-based Onion Public Radio (OPR) correspondent David Pascall is sent to the small Nebraskan town of Rock creek to dig into the unexplained death of Hayley Price, a 17-year-old girl. He was a brilliant, popular omnivore with a bright future. Regrettably, each person in the town who had taken her seriously was now suddenly a criminal. Join David when he investigates why the initial investigation into Hayley’s death was ineffective and how a wise and award-winning podcast host can provide fresh insight on the subject. In simple words, The Onion’s hilarious parody of actual crime podcasts is hilarious. Sometimes all it takes to pass the time when traveling is a good laugh. The story revolves around New York City writer David Pascal, who uses an algorithm to choose which little town to travel to find a hot dead girl about whom he can record a prolonged podcast series. Despite only having one season, “A Very Fatal Murder” is a razor-sharp parody of “Serial” and other similar shows that, no matter how much you like real-life crime, should liven up even the most tedious journey.

A Very Fatal Murder

4. Radiolab

This is also one of the best podcast for road trips. If you’re a fan of scientific curiosity and exploration, Radiolab is the perfect choice. This podcast delves into a wide range of topics, from the intricacies of human behaviour to the mysteries of the cosmos. It combines expert interviews, soundscapes, and engaging storytelling to make complex subjects accessible and captivating.


5. The No Sleep Podcast:

This podcast is another excellent cure for boredom when driving and the overwhelming fear that results from hearing terrible stories on a lonely highway in the middle of the night. The NoSleep Podcast is recommended for anyone who thinks that listening to scary stories will make them fall asleep quickly. The program’s host, David Cummings, brings consolation to an otherwise uncomfortable situation with his soothing voice. He is joined by a cast of voice actors that turn every tale into a mini-audio-drama complete with sinister music and background sound effects. The stories are picked from the popular subreddit of the same name, and both new and experienced scary authors submit directly. The stories’ varied topics include ghosts, monsters, stories of stalkers, and ghostly creatures, though creepiness is a common thread. The show is on its 18th season, so there is plenty of content to make you regret driving at night.

6. Science vs

Want to separate fact from fiction in popular science and health trends? Science vs. does just that, examining the scientific evidence behind controversial topics and myths. Wendy Zukerman takes a sceptical and entertaining approach to debunking or confirming popular beliefs. This can also be the best, worth listening to, and best podcast for road trips.

science vs

7. My Brother, My brother and Me:

It is the best podcast player on the web, an advice show for the modern era hosted by the three brothers. Childlike euphoria can occasionally be the sole remedy for driving boredom, so we have included MBMBaM. The show, which is hosted by your oldest brother Justin McElroy, middle brother Travis McElroy, and adorable baby brother Griffin McElroy, is an entertaining look inside the absurd minds of the three brothers and sisters who spend “roughly five-sixths of an hour each week” dispensing advice they have no business dispensing. The show’s structure is straightforward. They select questions from the existential dumpster fire that is Yahoo Answers, combine them with email-submitted questions from listeners, and then spend the next 50 or so minutes turning everything into a tasty concoction of utterly useless advice. The true appeal of the show, however, is in the rambling digressions the three engage in as their comments invariably devolve into rants, oversharing, parody songs, and competitions using pop-culture references.

My Brother, My brother and Me

8. The Dollop

Imagine your history teacher was also a stand-up comedian. That’s the Dollop. Dave and Gareth pick crazy, real-life stories from history and make them hilarious. You’ll learn and laugh at the same time. This is also a good choice as a funny podcast for road trips.

The Dollop

9. Things I Got Wrong At Trivia:

Things I Got Wrong at Trivia, which bills itself as “a pub quiz with friends,” is an innovative yet slick trivia-based quiz podcast in which a group of question-setting friends strives to test one other and, by implication, us, with a series of challenging but never dull questions. Only a few are produced each month, but they are always of the highest caliber and include a variety of intelligent cultural recommendations in addition to the quizzing fun. So if you are traveling in a group, everyone will be entertained with this quiz game show pod. And don’t worry. The questions aren’t based on specific dates or odd facts.

Things I Got Wrong at Trivia

10. My Dad Wrote A Porno

If we want to talk about the list of most funny podcast for road trips, we cannot ignore “My Dad Wrote a Porno”.Have you ever wondered what would happen if your dad wrote an “erotic” novel? Jamie found out when he discovered his father’s steamy writing. He and his friends read it out loud and can’t stop giggling. You’ll be in stitches, too.

My Dad Wrote A Porno

11. Undiscovered:

Science Friday, a renowned science and educational television creator, brings us this fantastic podcast. Undiscovered tells the tale of significant scientific errors, discoveries, and findings and the individuals engaged and impacted. For example, find out why the (false) ether hypothesis was accepted by every 19th-century scientist, how it contributed to genuine advancement, whether the concept of “six degrees of separation” is accurate, and how whales sing. Undiscovered is one of the finest podcasts for road journeys since it’s a fun ride.


12. The TryPod

The TryPod is one of the best choices for funny podcast for road trips. Remember the Try Guys from YouTube? They’ve got a podcast where they talk about life, weird stuff, and hilarious adventures. It’s like hanging out with your goofy friends.

The TryPod

13. Myths and Legends:

Myths & Legends was started in 2015 by English student, host, and writer Jason Weiser. After two years as director and producer, his wife, Carissa Weiser, joined the program. This fantastic couple created one of the best podcasts about mythology and storytelling. New episodes are published every two weeks, featuring stories from all seven continents and various cultural backgrounds. Some are brand-new, while others are well-known; yet, the Weisers constantly seek fresh viewpoints or sources to give their work a new dimension. Each show ends with a “monster of the week,” which is usually humorous. Although Weiser explains at the start of the story’s topics are improper for small kids, this podcast is not just one of the best for car trips.

Myths & Legends

14. Stuff You Should Know

This show is hosted by, Hosted by Josh and Chuck.

If you’re a curious soul who loves learning new things, “Stuff You Should Know” is an ideal podcast for your road trip. Josh and Chuck dive into a wide range of fascinating topics, explaining everything from how black holes work to the history of pizza. It’s like having a mini-education on wheels. It is at the top of the list in the category of good podcasts for road trip.

Stuff You Should Know

15. Wild Thing:

This Foxtopus podcast is one of the best based on science and society and is hosted and investigated by journalist, producer, and editor Laura Krantz. The first edition of Wild Thing focused on the cultural phenomenon called the Bigfoot myth by interviewing believers (including eminent scientists) and examining the reasons for the Bigfoot myth’s ongoing popularity. “Space Invaders,” the second season, investigates our curiosity about extraterrestrial life. The possibility of life existing other than on Earth has always fascinated humans, whether astrobiologists who search for bacteria in space to UFO conspiracy theorists. In addition, the movie Wild Thing provides an often amusing, surprisingly emotional, and consistently exciting glimpse at the justifications for our views.

Wild Thing focused

16. The Joe Rogan Experience

The Joe Rogan Experience is one of the good podcast for road trip. This show is hosted by  Hosted by Joe Rogan.


Known for its long-form conversations with diverse guests, “The Joe Rogan Experience” covers everything from science and technology to comedy and philosophy. With episodes often lasting several hours, it’s perfect for those long stretches of highway where you want to dive deep into a conversation.

The Joe Rogan Experience Experience

17. This Is Love

This is Love, another best podcast from Radiotopia is presented by Phoebe Judge, whose very dulcet tones you may remember from Criminal, one of her earlier podcasts. This Is Love is a beautiful accompaniment to every stage of life. From a 72-year-old British man who publishes images of his vegetable garden online to receive love from all over the world to meet a mate later in life, This Is Love tells stories of various forms of love.

18. The Hidden Brain

The Hidden Brain is a good podcast for road trip that delves into the intricacies of human behaviour and the hidden patterns that shape our lives with “The Hidden Brain.” Shankar Vedantam explores topics like decision-making, biases, and the mysteries of the mind, making it a thought-provoking companion for your journey. This show is hosted by Hosted by Shankar Vedantam.

Hidden Brain

19. The Dream:

This fascinating podcast for road trips was produced by This American Life alumna Jane Marie and her partner Dann Gallucci and explored the relationship between the American Dream, popular culture, and economic potential. MLMs, or multilevel advertising agencies (such as Avon or LuLaRoe) that employ regular individuals as salespersons were the focus of The Dream’s first season. The focus of the second season is well-being, that nebulous idea of good health that yet includes jewels that cost $60. When another show would be cynical and harsh, Marie is typically compassionate, focusing on the way people are persuaded into these enterprises than criticizing them for it. Surprisingly tender music is playing.

The Dream's

20. Song Exploder

For music enthusiasts, “Song Exploder” offers a unique peek behind the scenes of your favourite songs. Artists break down their tracks, sharing the stories and creative processes that brought their music to life. Hrishikesh Hirway hosts this amazing show.


 It’s a fantastic way to appreciate better the music you love. Listen to Song Exploder, the best and most good podcast for road trip.

Podcasts for road trips

21. Las Culturistas

The Las Cultistas Hosted by comedians matt rogers and SNL’s Bowen Yang, who explores all aspects of pop culture with fun bickering and criticism. The podcast has more than 300 episodes in which the host delves into all things of culture, from movies and TV shows to music and fashion. 


The hosts invite guests from the entertainment industry to discuss their favorite cultural moments, trends, and icons. If you are a culture enthusiast, you will love to hear the stories and perceptions of experts. The podcast is known for its passionate debates, smart banter, and humorous segments like “I Don’t Think So Honey,” in which the hosts and guests each have one minute to complain about something that irritates them. Las Culturistas has also received praise for its diversity, representation, and support of LGBTQ+ perspectives.

Las Culturistas with Matt Rogers and Bowen Yang

22. Wow, in the World

This is one of the top podcast for family road trips. Looking for a podcast that both kids and adults will love? “Wow in the World” explores the wonders of science, technology, and the natural world in a fun and accessible way. Mindy and Guy’s infectious enthusiasm and humorous storytelling make learning an adventure. This show is hosted by Hosted by Mindy Thomas and Guy Raz.

Wow in the World

23. Amateur Traveler Travel Podcast

Chris Christensen, a seasoned traveler and expert in the travel world, hosts this amazing podcast. Chris has hosted this show since 2005 and discusses travel and exploring different destinations. With over 700 episodes, a destination is available for every kind of traveler, from the most adventurous to the least adventurous. The host covers a wide range of natural beauty to diverse cultures. It covers everything.


The podcast not only explores interesting places to visit but it also offers useful traveling ideas and guidance. Christensen often interviews local experts and travel-related executives to give listeners exclusive information that could help them have a more joyful and stress-free travel experience.

Amateur Traveler Travel Podcast

24. Story Pirates

“Story Pirates” turns kids’ imaginative stories into hilarious, fully produced sketches and songs, which Various Actors and Comedians host. It’s a creative and entertaining way to inspire young storytellers and provide laughter for the whole family. Story Pirates is one of the top podcasts for family road trip from the list of best podcasts.

Story Pirates

25. Armchair Explorer

Hosted by Aaron Miller, an award-winning travel writer who explores the world of traveling. Miller has a unique storytelling style; every episode of Armchair Explorer is full of insights and traveling experiences. The host presents the podcast in a documentary style, with music and cinematic effect to give listeners a realistic travel experience 


The Armchair Explorer podcast is full of great adventurers or travelers who tell their best stories from the road. Every story is inspiring, exciting, and action-packed. Aaron has an extraordinary way of bringing out the best in his guests. 


One of the best aspects of the podcast is that it is available to everyone, regardless of their adventure level. If you are an experienced traveler or prefer to stay home, each episode has something for you. The stories of these daring adventurers will inspire you and give you a new appreciation for the world around us.

Armchair Explorer

26. But Why: A Podcast for Curious Kids

As the title suggests, “But Why” is about answering kids’ questions. It’s driven by the curiosity of young listeners who submit questions like, “Why is the sky blue?” and “Why do we have different time zones?” The host, Jane Lindholm, provides straightforward and engaging explanations. “But Why” is considered one of the top podcats for family road trip.

But Why A Podcast for Curious Kids

27. No Shitting In The Toilet

“No Shitting In The Toilet.” sounds weird, but it is hosted by best-selling travel author Peter Moore who covers all sorts of quirky topics in each episode. Each episode has a distinct speaker and covers many themes, from pop politics and culture to personal experiences and ridiculous hypotheticals. The podcast has a devoted following due to its clever banter, shocking humor, and open attitude to discussing taboo topics. If you want to laugh and do not mind some crude humor, No Shitting In The Toilet is a must-listen podcast.


Despite the name, “No Shitting In The Toilet” is not vulgar or offensive. Listeners can hear some obscene jokes here and there, but it is generally a pretty harmless show.

No Shitting In The Toilet

28. JUMP With Traveling Jackie

This podcast, hosted by Jackie Nourse, Formerly known as The Budget-Minded Traveler, is a must-listen for anyone who enjoys exploring new places while having fun. Jackie’s podcast emphasizes the off-the-beaten travel path that explores the insights and hidden gems worldwide.


JUMP With Travelling Jackie will take you to some of the world’s most interesting places. Jackie’s passion for travel shines through in every episode as she shares personal experiences and tips on what to see and do in each place.


Jackie’s podcast serves as more than just a travel guide; it is a platform for connecting with those who love travel. Jackie creates a sense of community and motivates listeners to JUMP into an adventure through talks with fellow travelers. People having travel-related inquiries can also participate in her frequent ‘Ask Jackie’ sessions, which aim to provide detailed responses to her online community.

JUMP with Traveling Jackie

Benefits of Listening to Best Podcasts for Road Trips

The podcasts for road trips have several benefits, and listening to this podcast while traveling o planning to travel can be an excellent way to have insight into what you need. Here are some of the benefits of listening to travel podcasts.

road tips podcast

Inspiration for new destinations

Road trip podcast can motivate you to explore places you are not aware of. Many travel podcasts include conversations with professionals or locals who share their knowledge and expertise about a particular world area. This can help you explore new destinations and learn about unique experiences you may not have known.

Learning about different cultures

Travel podcasts usually focus on distinct cultures. Listening to these podcasts lets you learn about people’s habits, traditions, and daily lives worldwide. This can help you understand and appreciate diverse cultures and prevent cultural faux pas when traveling.


The podcast often features experts and interviews them to learn more about the culture and history of the places they visit. You can get a greater awareness of the diversity of human experience and learn to manage cultural differences politely and meaningfully by listening to these podcasts. Road trip podcasts can be useful not only for travel but also in your personal and professional life.

Practical travel tips

Podcasts are not just limited to telling listeners about visiting new destinations and exploring the world. But it also helps listeners with a great source of information and provides practical advice and tips for travelers. These tips can be incredibly valuable, especially if planning a trip to a new destination, and will improve your overall travel experience.


Travel podcasts are a great source of entertainment that will not bore you. Listening to interesting and adventurous stories of people can be a great way to pass the time on a long flight or during a long drive. Long car rides can be made more enjoyable by listening to podcasts. Traveling for hours can soon become tedious. However, listening to interesting podcasts can help pass the time and keep your mind engaged. You will be intrigued by and engaged for hours on end, whether listening to a true crime podcast, comedy show, or a series about a fascinating topic.


Everyone enjoys regularly listening to podcasts while flying because it helps to keep their minds relaxed and reduces or eliminates work-related stress. And if you listen to podcasts, you realize that these are not simply regular folks chatting. Instead, they help us become more knowledgeable and more perceptive about the world’s affairs.

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