Best Podcasts for Road Trips

Best Podcasts for Road Trips – Make Your Trip Memorable

When you find it hard to decide on the most suitable podcasts for your long drives and worry about how to find the top podcasts for road tripsno need to think of long journeys and what to listen to. Out of thousands of others, we have come up with the top 24 best podcasts for road trips that are liked by many people. These include the following: They will keep you from being bored during your journey and give various forms of information as well as motivation, good mental health, low levels of stress and anxiety, and a new way of looking at life and entertainment.

Selecting the Top Podcast for Road Trips

One of the best things road trippers can do to pass time is to listen to podcasts. Road trip podcasts are numerous — some are great and others are not but when you choose the right ones, your travel may turn out as an exciting or informative one; or it could be both! ⁤

24 Best Podcasts for Road Trips

It does not matter what you are interested in; motivational speeches, present political analysis, or even reviews of reality TV shows because everything is covered by modern day podcasting. ⁤⁤Just put them under the theme that suits your drive best – whether it be creative ideas for starting a business, methods for overcoming specific challenges or simply self care advice – and go listening to the best podcasts for road trips and flights!

1. Desert Island Discs:

Desert Island Discs is an ageless BBC program that started airing in 1942. Guests tell their life stories and choose eight songs that mean a lot to them, as well as one luxury item they would take to a deserted island with them. The show mixes great storytelling with a varied music library, featuring fascinating people such as business tycoons and stars from various fields. Hosted by Kirsty Young, Desert Island Discs can be streamed on Apple Podcasts or Spotify among other platforms; it guarantees fun-filled hours during your drive while giving you something valuable to think about at the same time.

Desert Island Discs

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2. A Very Fatal Murder:

The Onion Public Radio sends correspondent David Pascall to investigate the mysterious death of a teenage girl named Hayley Price in Rock Creek, Nebraska. But what he finds is a lot more than anyone bargained for. If you’re looking for a true crime podcast parody that’s also legitimately scary, and very very funny, “A Very Fatal Murder” is the show for you. It satirizes all the tropes of “Serial”-style murder mysteries while actually delivering a pretty decent one itself. And through its absurdity and wit, it actually ends up being an incredibly insightful look at the genre as well.

A Very Fatal Murder

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3. The No Sleep Podcast:

If you’re driving late at night and want to keep yourself awake with some good old-fashioned horror stories, there’s no better way than “The NoSleep Podcast”. It’s been running for nine years now and over those years has evolved from just reading stories from Reddit’s /r/nosleep into full fledged audio dramas complete with original music scores and amazing voice actors. With tales of ghosts, monsters, stalkers and everything in between this podcast will keep your eyes pinned open (mostly out of fear) until the sun comes up. So if you ever find yourself on a long dark road in the middle of nowhere let “The NoSleep Podcast” keep you company and remind you that things could always be worse…much much worse.
The NoSleep Podcast

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4. Serial

It is considered one of the best podcast for road trips, and people love to listen. Serial is credited with bringing podcasting into the mainstream. Each season focuses on a different true crime story, exploring it in-depth over several episodes. Whether a murder mystery or an unsolved case, Serial keeps you hooked with its investigative approach, compelling storytelling, and gripping narratives.


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5. Radiolab

This is also one of the best road trip podcast. If you’re into scientific curiosity and exploration, then Radiolab will blow your mind away. The team behind this show tackles all sorts of subjects ranging from human behaviour down here on Earth up until those mysteries found within outer space itself. It brings together experts’ interviews; creative soundscapes combined with some very compelling storytelling techniques which help make complex topics become easier-to-understand whilst still being entertaining enough not to bore listeners who might not have much knowledge in science-related matters either.


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6. Science vs

Want to separate fact from fiction in popular science and health trends? Science vs. does just that, examining the scientific evidence behind controversial topics and myths. Wendy Zukerman takes a sceptical and entertaining approach to debunking or confirming popular beliefs. This can also be the best, worth listening to, and the best podcast for long drives.

science vs

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7. My Brother, My brother and Me:

For a delightful cure to driving boredom, tune into “MBMBaM,” the ultimate advice show hosted by the McElroy brothers: Justin, Travis, and Griffin. They sift through Yahoo Answers and listener-submitted questions, serving up hilariously useless advice with a side of rambling digressions, parody songs, and pop-culture references. With their absurd antics and infectious laughter, “MBMBaM” is guaranteed to bring childlike euphoria to your road trip.

My Brother, My brother and Me

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8. The Joe Rogan Experience

The Joe Rogan Experience is one of the good podcast for road trips. This show is hosted by  Hosted by Joe Rogan. Known for its long-form conversations with diverse guests, “The Joe Rogan Experience” covers everything from science and technology to comedy and philosophy. With episodes often lasting several hours, This podcast perfect for those road trips where you want to dive deep into a conversation.

The Joe Rogan Experience Experience

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9. The Dollop

Imagine your history teacher was also a stand-up comedian. That’s the Dollop. Dave and Gareth pick crazy, real-life stories from history and make them hilarious. You’ll learn and laugh at the same time. This is also a good choice as a best funny podcast for long trips.

The Dollop

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10. My Dad Wrote A Porno

If we want to talk about the list of most funny podcast for road trips, we cannot ignore “My Dad Wrote a Porno”.Have you ever wondered what would happen if your dad wrote an “erotic” novel? Jamie found out when he discovered his father’s steamy writing. He and his friends read it out loud and can’t stop giggling. You’ll be in stitches, too.

My Dad Wrote A Porno

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11. The TryPod

If you want something funny during your commute, The TryPod is perfect! Remember the Try Guys from YouTube? They have a podcast where they talk about life, weird things happening around them, and ridiculous adventures they’ve been on together. It’s like hanging out with your silly friends.

The TryPod

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12. Myths and Legends:

In 2015 Jason Weiser founded “Myths & Legends,” which Carissa later became a part of too — their episodes come out every two weeks and bring to life stories from cultures and continents all over the world (both well-known and less familiar), ending each installment with a lighthearted look at that week’s “creature of the week.” While this isn’t appropriate for young children, it is perfect for anyone who wants mythic storytelling for their car ride home!

Myths & Legends

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13. Stuff You Should Know

This show is hosted by, Hosted by Josh and Chuck. If you’re a curious soul who loves learning new things, “Stuff You Should Know” is an ideal podcast for your road trip. Josh and Chuck dive into a wide range of fascinating topics, explaining everything from how black holes work to the history of pizza. It’s like having a mini-education on wheels. It is at the top of the list in the category of best podcasts for road trip.

Stuff You Should Know

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14. Wild Thing:

“Wild Thing,” a journalist named Laura Krantz hosts this podcast which is one of the best in its genre and deals with science and society. The first season of “Wild Thing” investigates the myth of Bigfoot from different points of view such as those who claim to have seen it or believers and skeptics alike while interviewing scientists who study cryptozoology among other topics related to this mysterious creature. This fascinating show mixes comedy, pathos, and thrills together in order to reveal more about ourselves through our beliefs.

Wild Thing focused

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15. Call Her Daddy

Alex Cooper’s “Call Her Daddy,” the most listened road trip podcast by women on Spotify, has been igniting conversations since 2018. The topics Cooper touches upon are a myriad and are deliberated upon with other guests who challenge the norms while satisfying your craving for answers to burning questions. You will feel many emotions such as joy, sadness, and all others that fall in between. Every Wednesday, new episodes come out exclusively on Spotify.

Call her Daddy

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16. The Hidden Brain

The Hidden Brain is in the list of best podcasts for road trip that delves into the intricacies of human behaviour and the hidden patterns that shape our lives with “The Hidden Brain.” Shankar Vedantam explores topics like decision-making, biases, and the mysteries of the mind, making it a thought-provoking companion for your journey. This show is hosted by Hosted by Shankar Vedantam.

Hidden Brain

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17. The Dream:

This fascinating podcast for road trips was produced by This American Life alumna Jane Marie and her partner Dann Gallucci and explored the relationship between the American Dream, popular culture, and economic potential. MLMs, or multilevel advertising agencies (such as Avon or LuLaRoe) that employ regular individuals as salespersons were the focus of The Dream’s first season. The focus of the second season is well-being, that nebulous idea of good health that yet includes jewels that cost $60. 

The Dream's

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18. Song Exploder

If you are into music then “Song Exploder” is perfect for you because it lets you see behind the scenes of your favorite songs. Artists go into detail about their songs such as what inspired them or how certain lyrics came together etcetera – everything that went into making that track come alive! Hosted by Hrishikesh Hirway who is not only an amazing person but also really good at hosting shows like this one, too bad there aren’t more podcasts out there like Song Exploder because I could listen all day long during my road trips

Podcasts for road trips

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19. S-Town

“S-Town” is a podcast that was created by Serial and This American Life and hosted by Brian Reed. The podcast follows the story of John, who hates his town in Alabama and asks Brian to look into a murder rumour concerning the son of a wealthy family. However, during this investigation another death occurs which leads to the unravelling of a complex network made up of feuds, treasure hunts and the mysterious life of John B McLemore. It took Brian, an experienced producer on This American Life more than three years from when he received an email titled “John B McLemore lives in Shittown Alabama” till its broadcast date.

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20. Wow, in the World

⁤One of the best podcasts to listen to on a family road trip, this show asks: “Have you ever wondered how your favorite thing works?” Co-hosts Mindy Thomas and Guy Raz take kids (and curious parents) on science-, technology- and nature-based adventures that are educational — but not so educational that it feels like learning. ⁤⁤

Wow in the World

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21. SmartLess

A best road trip podcast “SmartLess” is a podcast with Jason Bateman, Sean Hayes, and Will Arnett. It brings people from different backgrounds together to talk about common experiences in an authentic way filled with constant jokes. What makes each episode special is that one host invites a surprise guest whom the other two don’t know anything about until they appear on stage – this always leads to some great conversation among them all as well as new perspectives for smartless listeners at home!

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22. Normal Gossip

“Ordinary Gossip” is a podcast that provides its audience with various interesting, strange, funny and boring rumors about people they will probably never meet. Kelsey McKinney hosts the podcast which talks about funny rumors that are sent in by fans concerning unknown people. The truth from another person’s lips is sometimes more surprising than any made-up tale could ever be. Alex Sujong Laughlin helped create this podcast that features artwork by Tara Jacoby.

Normal Gossip

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23. But Why: A Podcast for Curious Kids

The title “But Why” explains it all. It’s a show that answers questions from children. The questions are asked by the young listeners themselves who are curious about things like why the sky is blue or why there are time zones. Jane Lindholm, the host of this podcast, gives clear and interesting explanations to these queries. This is one of those shows you can listen to during long car rides with your family.

But Why A Podcast for Curious Kids

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24. JUMP With Traveling Jackie

If you have a sense of adventure, it is a must that you listen to JUMP with Travelling Jackie. It was formerly known as The Budget-Minded Traveler. In her podcast, she shares off-the-beaten-path destinations and personal experiences from around the world. She does not only guide people through their travels but also creates communities among them so they can share their own adventures too. With other travellers or during interactive sessions called “Ask Jackie,” she talks about valuable tips which may inspire someone to try something new.

JUMP with Traveling Jackie

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Benefits of Listening to these Road Trip Podcasts

There are several advantages of listening to podcasts when having a road trip or planning one, this can give you an idea on what are the things you needed for your travel. Here are some benefits why one should listen to car ride podcasts.

Inspiration for new destinations

Road trip podcasts foster exploration by bringing in conversations with experts who talk about different parts of the world based on their knowledge and experience while living there or visiting those places frequently as well as locals who share insights into these areas that may not be commonly known about worldwide.

Realistic Travel Tips

Podcasts aren’t only there to tell you where to go when it comes travelling or how best explore this planet. It also serves as a great information source for listeners by providing handy hints and tips for travelers. These could prove invaluable particularly if visiting someplace new so they will definitely improve overall traveling experience.


To be not boring, road trip podcasts can be a good source of entertainment. During a long flight or drive, you could listen to stories that are interesting and full of adventure told by other people. Podcasts make long car journeys more enjoyable too. Travelling for hours on end becomes tedious pretty quickly though. So, while this may keep your brain active and pass the time, it’s also fascinating. 


Everybody loves listening to podcasts on planes because it helps them relax their minds relieving work related stress but also realize that these are not just ordinary talks among regular folks . They enlighten us so much so that we can understand better what is happening around the world .

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