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Top 10 Highly recommended Funny podcasts That Make You Laugh

Staying in a good mood throughout your day leads to a positive mindset, and laughing helps you maintain mental and physical health. On a day-to-day basis, when you have your dose of happy pill through different entertainment sources like funny podcasts, your temperament changes immensely, keeping you engaged and taking your stress completely away. 

One way to stay in your zone despite being captivated by your busy schedule is to listen to these, which help relieve your pressures and calm your mind. To save you time, here are some of them listed below, which are our favorites, and you can listen to them anywhere at any time. 

10 Best Funny Podcasts of 2024

1. The Bugle

The first one on the list is an intellectually appreciated humorous podcast that has covered the latest political topics and real events that have been popular on the news. As the program focuses on different areas, it is admired by political satire lovers for its diversity and is best known for its cultural critique.

It is a British podcast that has changed its hosts over time; former co-host John Oliver left to focus on his career, and Andy Zaltzman has been the co-host as of 2021’s September.  The flexibility in the organization of hosts has welcomed a variety of new views and has led to the shift in the discussed main topics.  

Some of the episodes that are highly rated, reviewed, and with heavy listeners are Breadgate-4132, Dog Climbs Mountain -4101, and Brexray Specs-44091, and they can be your first picks if you wish to listen to some fresh talks. The Bugle is one of the funniest political podcasts running for over a decade, and we can assure you that investing your time in this will be worth it if you are not allergic to puns. 

2. Wheel of Misfortune

Alison and Fern are comedians who have been hosting the Wheel of Misfortune since it started in 2021 and have been great storytellers, making us laugh until our stomachs hurt. Funniest topics discussed, and stories highlight the most embarrassing and humiliating experiences shared by their listeners:  the audience. Wheel of Misfortune is the best funny podcast to keep you entertained.

All the podcasts up until now have been getting funnier and funnier, one after another, like Aisle of Shame, Messages Gone Wrong, and Back to Nature, etc. You can even share your incidents with them, and we tell you that you’ll enjoy this session the most, but you do have to pray that your voice note gets selected, as it all depends on your luck whether you get selected on the wheel they spin. 

3. Lovett or Leave It

Proper humorous political podcasts are hard to find, but Lovett or Leave It Hosted by Jon Lovett is one of a kind as it covers daily discussion topics worth highlighting. Jon worked formerly for Barack Obama and is a well-known screenwriter and speechwriter with the talent to twist things in the funniest ways; hence, he is the show’s heart.

Lovett or Leave It works like a variety show, which catches the interest of viewers like you who are searching for some light but interesting stuff to watch. It welcomes artists of different industries, like political critics and comedians, to make it more lively and attention worthy, and some of the best podcasts like Democracy or else,  the middle finger on America’s right hand,  not with a wave in a whimper can be your first steps into the world of fans of this comedy podcast.

4. Conan O'Brien Needs a Friend

Conan O’Brien is a famous television celebrity well-known for his funny persona that he elevated on his late-night show. He has been hosting his comedy podcast ‘Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend’ since 2018, about his struggle to find a genuine friend. Heriend, whom he never had until then, usually invites his other celebrity friends like comedians, musicians, and politicians and has chatted with them. 

You bet this is the show that you are looking for if you are twinning with Conan on the fact of not finding a reliable best friend. After listening to the podcasts, you’ll yourself be his long-lost best friend that he has been searching for, and you’ll enjoy it like you are part of the live set.

5. WTF with Mark Maron

You know that a person can learn from the experiences and life stories of people and WTF with Mark Maron is exactly about them as he discusses with his guests their journeys of life.  The conversations are candid and with no editions; hence, listeners enjoy the honesty of the speakers and can relate with them.  

The interviews are so hilarious that you cannot control your laugh as they are unique in style and have their color with every relevant comedy podcast.  You can find your favorite celebs part of this show, too, so tune in to the ‘Conan O’Brien Needs a Friend’ and enjoy listening to your ideals. 

6. Your Mom's house

Are you looking for relationship advice?  ‘Your Mom’s House with Christina P.  And Tom Segura’ is the best comedy podcast. Christina Pazsitsky and Tom Seguro are happily married, so they are talking through experience.

As they highlight talks about their take on married life and such conversation along with other satirical topics, they don’t have certain criteria of what to say when they go live but instead, have a free hand on the choice of discussions.  So enjoy if you wish to improve your personal and healthy life.

7. Fake the Nation with Negin Farsad

Another one making it to the top of Funny podcasts list is Fake the Nation, hosted by Negin Farsad, a Muslim and Iranian-American woman who usually wears red specs and has black hair in a bob.  Her show has it all, from being funny to talking about the most recent global political issues and the weirdness of human beings. 

Satire and intellect combine to carry out the discussions on the show, whether about politics,  culture, or social issues. Negin chats about them all. The quality of the show based on content and physical is all good, and this show can surely be a good watch for some light enjoyment. 

8. The cover-to-cover with Chris

A podcast about pop culture hosted by Chris Franjola,  ‘The Cover to Cover,’ talks about the music industry,  movies, celebrity gossip, hot news,  sports events,  politics,  shows, and all the entertaining things you want to know about. The guests, along with the host, talk about wild stories and things going on lately in their circles or popular on television. 

Episodes relevant to the areas mentioned above of interest lighten up your mood, and the ones with Sarah Colonna, the ones released on New Year, and ones about animals can easily be your favorite. Cover to cover can be the best buddy to brighten your day with its funny arguments and make you feel energized again. 

9. Abe Lincoln's Top Hat with Ben Kissel

Ben, with his co-hosts like Marcus Parks, Fernando Parez, and Travis Irvine, talks about the most recent political,  social, and cultural issues with a proper touch of satire and comedic sessions. Other things discussed during the conversations are historical events, the politics of their country, and issues highlighted on the news.

These chats are very informative and hilarious, and on top of that, the show’s name carries an important meaning as it relates to Abraham Lincoln’s hat that he wore, which shows his relationship with politics, which is the basic topic of discussion of the show. Once you start listening to the talks, you will come back for more. 

10. Off Menu with James and Ed

The last one on our list is off the menu hosted by James Acaster and Ed Gamble, who are comedians, and they present to us a mixture of comedy and food by inviting famous people to have their favorite meals.  As the show starts with choosing a place to have their dream meals and later on carries on with humourous discussions, this show is fun to watch while you are at the gym or having your food.

Other than giving advice and criticism on food, they also focus on the life experiences of the guests, which makes it even more fun to watch.  Episodes with Sam Carter,  Claudia Winkleman, Jamie Oliver,  and the rest will make you laugh so hard, but at the same time, you will be questioning their food choices at some points too, and the overall experience might make you hungry, so do grab some snacks to cause this podcast will keep you hooked.


Funny podcasts, which cover vast areas like politics, food,  career journeys,  new outlooks on life, and current affairs, can be the best way to keep you updated with the things happening in your surroundings. You might learn a few things or start following healthy practices to keep you tension-free.

Off-menu, Your Mom’s house, the wheel of fortune, etc., are peaceful shows to influence your daily life as what you consume is what you implement, hence, our given list can guide you as a beginner.  

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