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Best Theatrical Podcasts

From Broadway to Your Ears: Exploring the Magic of the 15 Best Theatrical Podcasts

If you want to discover the magic of the stage and its early history, then theatrical podcasts will leave you intrigued. You will soon start bingeing the shows irrespective of whenever and wherever you are because of their thought-provoking plots.

A variety of audio drama podcasts are available that will create an immersive and engaging experience once you start listening.

However, choosing the best podcasts can be a daunting task for you. In this blog, we will share the best 15 theatrical podcasts to help you explore the theatre world.

Let’s have a brief introduction to theatrical podcasts.

What are Theatrical Podcasts?

These are the audio recordings of theatrical performances about theatrical themes. It will allow you to experience theatre-like performances from the comfort of your home. Not just the scripted shows, these podcasts also feature interviews with directors, actors, playwrights and other professionals. These podcasts contain various audio effects and soundscapes to create an enthralling experience for the audience.

Perfect Theatrical Podcasts for Your Mood: Top 15 Recommendations

We understand that you must run errands that consume much of the time in a day. To create the theatrical experience at your disposal, here is the list of best audio drama podcasts:

1. The Theatre Podcast with Alan Seales

In the world of theatre podcasts, this podcast stands tall by bagging most of the positive reviews from the listeners. Hosted by Alan Seales, this show features insightful interviews with some of the remarkable theatre talents. From directors to actors to composers and producers- the presence of these brightest minds consistently enriches the show.

Every episode highlights the personal lives and careers of the guests, along with the behind-the-scenes look of live theatre. With a warm hue throughout the show, the host draws out the overwhelming stories from his guests. This makes the shows an entertaining one.

If you’re a theatre buff or want to know more about live performance, this show is a must-listen one.

2. The Ensemble Room

Are you interested in performing arts? If yes, then this podcast can be a trove of knowledge to help you know more about the creative process. This show is hosted by actors, musicians and other artists. From writing and composing to rehearsing and performing, this show highlights meaningful interviews with industry professionals. Either they’re directly related to stage shows or contributing to making a show more entertaining. Irrespective of whether you’re a fan of theaters or a seasoned artist, this podcast is worth a listen.

3. Off Book: The Improvised Musical

It is an innovative and thought-provoking podcast that features comedians Zach Reino and Jess Mckenna. Every episode, they develop a brand-new musical from scratch. With the help of incredibly skilled pianists and special guests, they improvise various themes, styles and genres with ease. It’s one of the best drama podcasts, created with sheer ingenuity and creativity.

The entire team of this show crafts memorable lyrics that will reverberate in your ears even after you turn off the podcast. If you’re seeking a good laugh with a unique musical experience, this podcast will leave you intrigued.

4. Broadwaysted

It is one of the popular theatrical podcasts that digs deeper into musical theatre. Hosted by Kimberly Schmidt, Bryan Plofsky and Kevin Jaeger, this show features interviews with writers, actors, industry professionals and directors. Also, this podcast highlights the show reviews related to the latest trends in the theatre world.

With a delightful mix of wit, insights and behind-the-scenes knowledge, this podcast will take on a journey through the world of theatre. The guests share their aspects about the stage show, which makes this show more special. If you’re ambitious about theatre or a newcomer, this a perfect podcast to keep you entertained, informed and inspired.

5. Behind the Curtain: Broadway's Living Legends

Hosted by Kevin David Thomas and Rob Schneider, this podcast unravels the rich history and culture of Broadway theater. This show highlights meaningful interviews with some of Broadway’s most skilled composers, producers, performers and directors. To focus on the behind-the-scenes stories, this show provides an engaging look at the theatre world in front of common people.

From the initial days of Broadway to the present- this show covers the various journeys to provide the listeners with an insightful perspective. Don’t miss this show if you’re a theatre enthusiast and want to enrich your understanding.

6. The Producer's Perspective

Hosted by Tony Award-nominated Broadway producer Ken Davenport, this show features interviews with theater industry professionals. Also, it highlights advice and insights on producing film, theater and television.

The host’s experience in producing some of the remarkable hits like “Kinky Boots”, “Once on this Island,” and “Spring Awakening” represents a unique blend of creativity and ingenuity in front of the listeners. The show’s informative content and engaging format make it a must-listen for anyone looking to gain a nuanced approach to the creative process of film, theater and television. 

7. The Hamilcast: A Hamilton Podcast

An award-winning podcast show dedicated to uncloaking the various aspects of musical Hamilton. This show highlights insightful interviews with cast members and another expert to provide a nuanced musical-making approach. If you’re a fan of The Hamilcast or want to learn more about the latest musicals, this show is a great one that you should tune in to without having second thoughts.

8. The Maxamoo

Hosted by David Levy and Lindsay Barenz, this is a theater-based podcast. It mainly features interviews with theater professionals about the latest issues and trends in the theater world. You will get a fresh and insightful perspective once you start listening the same. If you want to take your knowledge about podcasts to the next level, then this podcast is a must-listen one for you.

9. The Show People

It is an incredibly intriguing weekly podcast hosted by Andrew Keates, based in London. This show features interviews with various creatives, performers and industry professionals. The Show People aims to provide theatre and entertainment world insights. Each episode highlights experienced guests sharing their perspectives about theater. It will help you to gain the knowledge related to the world of theater. Start listening to the episodes now, leaving you feeling informed and inspired.

10. Little Known Facts with Ilana Levine

Hosted by Broadway veteran and actress IIana Levine, this podcast features interviews of directors, writers, actors and other industry professionals about their careers and personal lives. Some remarkable guests, including Laura Benanti, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Neil Patrick Harris etc, have shared behind-the-scenes stories and insights. This show has been lauded for its engaging conversations and the host’s inviting hosting style.

11. Theatre People

One of the best theatre education podcasts, which features insightful interviews with like-minded theater professionals, directors, designers and other related experts. Hosted by Australian theatre artist Patrick A’Hearn, this podcast provides meaningful insights about the theatre industry. With over 200 episodes, this podcast can be a knowledge resource for theatre enthusiasts.

12. The West End Frame Show

A popular podcast hosted by Andrew Tomlins that offers a behind-the-scenes look at the theatre world. It includes discussions about the reviews, upcoming shows and insights into the creative process. Overall, this show offers a trove of knowledge and expertise, which will delight any theatre enthusiast. Whether you want to discover the magic of the stage or are a seasoned theater-goer, this is a must-listen one.

13. The Stagey Couple Podcast

This podcast talks about all the things about theatre. Hosted by a passionate couple, this podcast covers all the aspects related to West End Shows and Broadway. From the in-depth interviews with the actors to reviews of local productions, this show provides detailed imagery of theatre life. This show will fit into your bill if you’re passionate about theatre and want to stay abreast of the most happening things about it.

14. Broadway Backstory

It’s a documentary-style podcast that delves deeper into the rich history of a few of Broadway’s influential shows. Every episode explores behind-the-scene stories of a specific production that the listeners usually hear through interviews. From the iconic creation of Hamilton and Rent to shows like Cats and The Phantom of the Opera, Broadway backstory creates a unique listening experience that a theatre lover seeks.

15. The Theatre History Podcast

This podcast series uncloaks the rich history of theatre based on diverse topics. From ancient Greek plays to modern art performances, this podcast is a great knowledge base for theatre-enthusiastic people like you. Informative and engaging conversations with artists enable the listeners to understand the theatre world in an accessible and entertaining manner. Learn various things about this timeless art form from The Theatre History Podcast.

Navigate Through the Work of Theatrical Genius

The combination of powerful words and far-fetched visionaries of the stage experts will seep into your brain to help you see theatre shows from a new perspective. If you want to change your taste by listening to some hand-picked investigative podcasts or diving into some political ones, tap into those with a click from your mobile/desktop. 

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