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Empowering Voices: The Best 19 Political Podcasts for a Fresh Perspective

Watching the news on TV may limit your notions if you want to dig deeper into the ocean of political debates. Since news channels barely get the time to elaborate on the topics, political podcasts are considered one of the finest resources to accumulate more insights.

Not only that, the best political podcasts can help bridge the divide in today’s climate. These shows feature guests from various political backgrounds to give listeners a diverse view of the most pressing issues.

If you’re an ardent listener of political podcasts due to their presentation, the top political podcasts 2023 will serve you to turn your experience invigorating.

Finding the best political podcasts can be tricky. This blog contains the top 19 podcasts that you should tune into right now! 

Before that, let’s have a brief introduction to political podcasts.

What are Political Podcasts?

These podcasts cover a wide range of political topics from various aspects. Consequently, these shows enable the listeners to access nuanced information related to the political climate. Within these podcasts, you will taste various niches and sub-topics about the latest political happenings. The commentators will represent their views, aligned with particular political viewpoints.

Top 19 Political Podcasts for Informed Listening

Expand the world of political news with the best political podcasts. Dive into the pool of expert analysis anytime at your disposal. Here you go-

1. The Rachel Maddow Show

Hosted by Rachel Maddow, this show covers diverse topics, including international and national political news. The host is known for her investigative reporting, in-depth reporting and engaging commentary.

This show was originally premièred on MSNBC in 2008. Due to the host’s unique presentation power, this show has bagged several awards. If you want a fresh yet essential political view on recent political happenings, this is a must-listen one.

2. Fast Politics with Molly Jong-Fast

This podcast presents a witty approach to political news to the audience. If you like a casual yet informative tone, this show is for you. Each episode features political experts who get straight to the point. Hosted by Molly, this show asks the most happening questions to get real answers from the experts. Moving forward, this podcast breaks all the complex points so that listeners can get clear and understandable insights related to political topics.

3. Breaking Points with Krystal and Saagar

Saagar Enjeti and Krystal Ball host this podcast, which covers a wide range of political topics. Often, it features interviews with prominent figures in this field. By following the anti-establishment approach, this show analyzes the most pressing political issues. Both hosts throw the most significant questions to the guests that address the complex political scenarios.

If you’re looking for a non-partisan approach to political news, this show may cater according to your taste. Engage yourself in the lively debates that fuel your political knowledge.

4. The President’s Daily Brief

This show covers the most discussed political issues faced by the USA. Hosted by Bryan Dean Wright, this podcast picks up the latest political scenarios affecting the common people of America.

Being a former CIA operations officer, the host offers a unique vision of the discussion between political experts. Also, the podcast features a comprehensive approach to the President’s regular briefing.

5. Democracy Now! Audio

It’s an independent daily podcast designer that caters to global political news, along with detailed interviews and investigative reports. This show is hosted by Juan Gonzalez and Amy Goodman, with its motto to focus only on the truth of the news.

Democracy has gained huge followers over the past years due to its commitment to producing critical analysis on underrated topics. Consequently, it also provides a platform for the voices who are marginalized on various news outlets.

If you like an honest and transparent approach to political commentary, this podcast will not disappoint you.

6. Breaking Battlegrounds

This is one of the top political podcasts that provides an unbiased approach to the latest USA politics. Both hosts, Chuck Warren and Sam stone, break down the issues with real-time analysis. Moving forward, this show goes beyond the facts to offer legitimate explanations. Of late, this podcast has gained immense popularity due to the representation of complex political topics in a simplified way.

7. Pantsuit Politics

Hosted by Beth Silvers and Sarah Stewart Holland, this show is designed to discuss recent political developments. This show started its journey in 2015 with a focus on discussing social and political issues. The host of these shows aims to provide constructive conversations in a non-partisan approach.

In each episode, the listeners are invited to gain more insights about the most pressing political issue. They can also ask questions to discover new perspectives. Of late, it has gained a huge following due to its graceful political conversations.

8. Intelligence Squared U.S.

This is one of the best political podcasts that features discussions and debates on various political topics. This show allows the speakers and moderators to discuss in a thought-provoking way about the political issues. Intelligence Squared enables the listeners to develop new perspectives.

If you want to stay informed about recent political scenarios, this podcast will keep you engaged throughout the show without any distractions.

9. Bombshell

It’s one of the best political podcasts hosted by three women – Loren Dejonge Schulman, Erin Doherty and Radha Iyengar Plumb. This podcast will engage you if you want to know more about the Trump era. Many academicians and political experts join the show to express their views from a national security standpoint. You can gain more knowledge about the latest political issues from this show.

10. The Whistleblowers: Inside the Trump Administration

This podcast shares a behind-the-scenes look at some of the biggest controversies during the Trump Presidency. Also, it features insightful interviews with former government officials, who raised their voices about the misconduct that happened during the Trump administration. This show is eye-opening and provides a unique perspective on the Trump period.

11. Ways to Change the World

If you love the presentation of British politicians, then we will encourage you to listen to Ways to Change the World. The host, Krishnan Guru-Murphy, brings renowned political guests in each episode to address the political issues. In-depth analysis and practical answers from the experts make this podcast unique.

12. Politics War Room with James Carville & Al Hunt

It’s one of the unbiased political podcasts of 2023, hosted by two veteran political strategists- AI Hunt and James Carville. They share their perspectives related to the latest political events. Additionally, listeners can access the behind-the-scenes look at the strategies used by the political campaigns. If you want to stay abreast of the latest political developments, then this podcast will fit your requirements.

13. The Al Franken Podcast

This show features meaningful discussions of AI Franken with renowned politicians, experts and celebrities. Hosted by AI Franken, a former United States Senator, it features the latest developments in political analysis humorously.

This show entertains the audience with its lighthearted aspect of politics. It can be both entertaining and informative for those who are interested in witty political commentary.

14. My History Can Beat Up Your Politics

This show unravels the relationship between politics and history. Hosted by Bruce Carlson, this podcast provides a unique notion on current political events relevant to respective historical events. Insightful commentary and in-depth analysis of this show make it a must-listen for political podcast lovers to understand the complex theory of politics and history.

15. Mueller, She Wrote

This podcast focuses on the investigation of Russian interference (2016) led by Robert Mueller. This podcast is hosted by three women who have backgrounds in politics, law and justice. Primarily, it features the breakdown of complex political concepts while explaining how they relate to the case.

16. The Political Party

It’s one of the most popular podcasts hosted by comedian Matt Forde. Every episode features a renowned guest from the world of politics. The discussions are informative, lively and humorous. From recent policy issues to inner strategies of political campaigns, this show covers a wide variety of political topics. You can check this podcast if you want some lighthearted political discussions.

17. The Bugle

This podcast is hosted by the comedians John Oliver and Andy Zaltzman featuring a mix of news analysis, political commentary and humor. From international political trends to societal issues, both hosts tackle a pool of topics. They can overwhelm the audience anytime with their witty banter and sharp intellect.

18. Can He Do That?

A weekly podcast hosted by Washington Post reporter Allison Michaels. This show digs deeper into the limitations and power of the American presidency while evaluating its power. The host brings guests to discuss more related to the understanding of the presidency and helps them to answer one question- “can he do that”?

19. Americast

Emily Maitlis and Jon Sopel host this political podcast that provides in-depth analysis, discussion and interviews about the latest political news and events in the USA. From their experience in covering American politics, both the hosts present a unique aspect of the USA politics.

Ready to Start Listening to the Best Political Podcasts?

If you have a knack for staying abreast of the latest political happenings, these lists can help you gain more insights. You can start with Breaking Battlegrounds to understand the nuances thoroughly. Afterward, you can listen to other podcasts to get more political notions at your disposal.

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