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From Thrilling Mysteries to Heartwarming Tales: Top Picks for Best Fiction Podcasts

Since the inception of early radio plays, audio drama enriched the lives of individuals. The format of earlier day radio shows may have been changed, but it’s still relevant to evoke human emotion!

If you want to make yourself laugh and cry with the best fiction podcasts, this blog is ready to add some excitement to your regular, mundane tasks. Whether it’s an exciting rom-com or a fast-paced thriller, a list of the best fictional podcasts awaits you.

1. The Sandman

It’s a dark fantasy audio drama adaptation of Neil Gaiman’s popular comic book series. Produced by DC, this show navigates into the gripping tale of the lord of the dreams, Morpheus. This show features a renowned cast of voice actors, including Taron Egerton, James McAvoy and Kat Dennings. Also, this is one of the best fiction podcasts on Spotify due to its intricate storytelling and vivid world-building.

The Sandman Dreamcast

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2. Dust

This science anthology podcast enables listeners to dive into the imaginative world of science fiction. If you’re an ardent lover of science fiction shows, this show is ready to provide you with diverse themes, including artificial intelligence, advanced technology and extra-terrestrial life. With well-curated short stories, listeners are on an overwhelming journey of a constantly evolving technological landscape.

It’s one of the best science fiction podcasts, with each episode presenting a unique tale including high-end themes, thought-provoking actions and innovative approaches. If you’re a fan of fiction and seeking the best science fiction podcasts, “Dust” is worth checking out.

DUST - Gunpowder and Sky

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3. Homecoming

It’s a big-budget psychological thriller audio drama podcast that digs deeper into government agencies and human psychology’s intricacies. Developed by Micah Bloomberg and Eli Horowitz, podcasts like Homecoming are known for their mind-boggling plot, intriguing storytelling and immersive sound design.

This show represents a captivating listening experience with lead star cast Oscar Issac, Catherine Keener, David Schwimmer and Amy Sedaris. Of late, this show has earned critical acclaim, which makes it one of the best fiction podcasts.  

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4. Limetown

Limetown is one of the best thriller podcasts, which follows journalist Lia Haddock and her investigation. Lia investigates the disappearance of 300+ people from a neuroscience research facility in Limetown, Tennessee. The amalgamation of unique storytelling and immersive sound design makes this one of the best thriller podcasts on Spotify.

Limetown’s narrative storytelling and documentary-style interviews are blended, which uncovers conspiracies about the research facility. If you like suspenseful podcasts that drive you insane, Limetown is a must-listen.

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5. The Lovecraft Investigations

This fiction mystery podcast analyzes the supernatural occurrences in Arkham by the detective Daniel Carter. The show hosts are highly passionate and knowledgeable about Lovecraft’s writing. Each episode features a different Lovecraft tale while examining the plots and characters. Also, this show offers insightful analysis, which helps the listeners better understand Lovecraft’s curation. BBC produced this show, one of the best mystery audio drama podcasts. If you’re interested in Lovecraft’s writing, this show won’t disappoint you.   

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6. Wooden Overcoats

It’s a critically acclaimed fictional podcast with a unique blend of drama, humor and mystery. The story is set in the strangely sinister village of Piffing Vale and follows the lives of two funeral directors. Wooden Overcoat features talented voice actors who bring offbeat humor to turn mundane activities into exciting ones. Each episode contains unexpected plot twists to keep you hooked from start to finish. Overall, it’s one of the top fiction podcasts to provide you with a healthy dose of dark humor.

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7. Welcome to The Night Vale

This is a comedic podcast that is set in the mysterious and strange desert town of Night Vale. Being a good audio drama podcast, this show features weather, bizarre news and local events. If you want a touch of supernatural occurrences, this podcast will satisfy you with its blend of horror and humor. The immersive voice and eerie sound setting will take your listening experience to the next level.

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8. 36 Questions

It’s an intriguing show that digs deeper into the intricacies of human relationships. Hosted by Hrishikesh Hirway, guides two strangers through a list of 36 questions curated to elicit meaningful responses. These questions include various topics, from personal aspirations to social insecurities. The participants share their thoughts and feelings to highlight the power of empathy. Of late, this show has gained a solid fan base based on establishing a connection between those who haven’t met yet. If you like storytelling podcasts with simple conversations, this show is worth a listen.

36 Questions – The Podcast Musical

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9. Sandra

Produced by Gimlet Media, this is a fictional audio drama podcast designed to help people with regular tasks. This show digs deeper into the ethical and moral implications of artificial intelligence. Also, this podcast talks about how artificial intelligence can impact human relationships. Loaded with a suspenseful plot, this podcast amalgamates humanity and technology for a solid listening experience.

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